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"I Got It I Got It" Lyrics [edit]
by KJ-52 | from the album The Missing Pages

I, I've got got it I, I've got got it

He got it got it that's right He got it got it
Canít you see? What you need man; He got it got it
He got it got it that's right He got it got it
Its plain to me, its plain to see that He got it got it!

I got my peace I got my joy I got this lease on life, its plain to see you can't avoid on what I'm speaking I
Been changed and freed and now for me well see the reasons why
His grace and peace is all I need, He's all I seeks to find.

He came to me and took my place upon the tree and died; He took the blame for me and all the shame and sin and pride
And all the way since Adam and Eve just had the Tree of Life, we turned away just from His face to find a place to hide

Since that day we've been infected with this thing inside, its like a cancer been detected up in the nick of time
But see the answer well I checked it then it freed my mind, I got a mansion that be standing upon the other side

One day He's landing so understand when He crack the skies, there was a canyon between me and God a great divide
But now I'm standing on this Rock with His hand in mine and what I gots a whole lot more than what I left behind; come on!

[Repeat Hook]

So you can go and knock it, when I say I got it, got it. But when I goes to drop it you should know to go and cop it!
Cause now I show and promise and when I flows Iím honest, I got a hope that's timeless to help you cope when times is hard as coal in diamonds but God will go and find them

No matter how far you scattered up on this road you climbing
So why donít you go rewind it you can go and find it? Your whole life and time is searching for golden linings
My whole assignment is to open closing eyelids
Those who knows who God is but live they live with blinders
I didnít go and rhyme this so I could flow the finest
See I chose to shine this for those that go in blindness
I was lost in darkness I went from plus to minus
I was lost and heartless and I was crushed and lifeless
Your love and kindness took all my wrong desires
And since I got it, got it, ya can't quench the fires!

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