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"Do Yo Thang Remix (ft. B. Reith)" Lyrics [edit]
by KJ-52 | from the album The Missing Pages

I'm gone do my thang gone still gone do my thang (uh huh)
Gone do my thang gone still gone do my thang (hey)

(Repeat 2x)

I'm gone do my thang gone still gone do my thang (man I keep saying)
I'm gone do my thang gone still gone do my thang (can you hear me say)
I'm gone do my thang gone still gone do my thang (cause I keep saying)
I'm gone do my thang gone still gone do my thang

[Vs. 1:]
Who's idea was this?
Well it shouldn't been mine cause I think I'm gone quit.
Cause what I've seen is the thing I don't get
Well since a teen well I think I don't fit
Now what I mean when I'm thinking on it
Well it kind of seems I'm a little off bit
Cause what I seen is the older I get
I'm a never grow up still a little old kid.

And even when I'm old and I'm balding
I'm a still stay balling making crank calls and
Hauling crawling up down the halls and
While I'm in my wheelchair while I'm bumping Phil Collins

And I'll be leaning on the wall and with
Medicare and a bunch of Geritol and
Gray hairs won't even be a problem
I do my thing so keep talking come on


[Vs. 2] (B.Reith)
Hold up guess who just stepped in the room
Here to answer a couple of questions
Or better yet make a suggestion
To those who donít know me, listen up class is in session.

Let the cameras click on let the press in
I try my best to make a good first impression
They trying to box me in like a full court press me
I been around the block now I ain't no freshman.

Stay fresher than breath mints and even if I lose my swag; I got to let my testament direct attention to the Risen King.
So I'm a keep a doing a doing a doing my thang.

I got a message for the young and restless:
A new definition of what a true success is
So you can loosen the grip of Satan's death wish,
Keep doing ya thing the way God meant it.

(Repeat Hook)

[Vs. 3]
And so I'm rocking the rhyme
To see you transformed like Optimus Prime
Its up to y'all you can all fall in line
You can stop and rewind and get chance now to find

Real peace that will open you mind
So you can cope when the times gets hopeless and blind
I got a hope that I'm hoping ya find
So ya dont fall behind when He opens the sky

And if you're broken in life
Well I've spoken tonight just to focus the Light
On the hope that I know is in Christ
Cause the moment you hold it you know you arrived
And if you came to get live
Well its safe you can bet in the place here tonight
What I got it will change up ya life
And I'm a do my thing one change at a time


I'm gone do my thang
Gone still gone do my thang (uh huh)
Gone do my thang
Gone still gone do my thang (hey)

This is how I sing because I can't sing
They put this effect on my voice because I can't sing.
But if you want to sing and you can't sing.
Then put this effect on your voice and they gone think you sing.

+ Entry lasted edited by on 03.07.20


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