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"Dreams" Lyrics [edit]
by Manafest | from the album Glory

Dreams are still alive
They don't ever die
Close your eyes and imagine it right now
We got to keep dreaming we giving life meaning
Staying clear of the lies

I wasn't suppose to be here, compose and flow here
Perform for your ears saying ah yeah's
My dream was to skate, Cali calling my name
Who'd a thought my foot would break, me limping in pain?
I ate my own pride, when I started to rhyme
Mamma told me ye got to grow up can't skate all your life
Picture me history is shaping me sifting me,
Changing me to a man, Xing out all my plans
Not what I wanted my dreams was so different
I deal with what I'm giving not trying to be him or him

Dreams are still alive
They don't ever die
Close your eyes and imagine it right now
We got to keep dreaming we giving life meaning
Staying clear of the lies

I used to fantasize a lot about what I don't got
Chick on my arm even a necklace with a cross
I didn't have money, No dad and only mommy
To raise two kids, even my toes looked funny
I thought I missed out when really I'm on clouds
I did my work while all my friends went out
I didn't party much I think I touched drugs once
My buddies all laughing at me about that Christ Jesus stuff
Now if you seen us how the cards of switched hands
They sleep at their parents while I'm living in first class
Every night I'd always pray to God for tomorrow
Who'd thought I'd be married lying next to a model
Crazy how I elevated everyday celebrating
Dreams do come true exercise patience

Life is kind a bitter ain't it, it's full a pain and changes
Parking tickets that tick us off and leave you tainted
Heart pumping, your thinking of jumping
Devils hunting don't do it cousin
You don't know what is forth coming
Brighter days a higher raise
Light the fire play the game
Regroup or hide ye face
That's why I'm authentic that's why ye need effort
Credit is deserved, I re-worked my world
If everything worked out the way I first wanted
I'd a married the wrong chick and I'd been stuck think
Life's embarrassed ye, laughed and stared at ye
In the end it only builds up your character

You know what I'm saying man,
everybody's got an opinion in this industry
You got to just do what you know,
don't let know one tell you nothing, hold on to your dreams and feel it go for it

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