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"Letter from the Grave" Lyrics [edit]
by Shai Linne | from the album Storiez

Shaking my fist at the heavens- my lifetime pastime
But now no more natural light shines- flat line
Just as I was dissing his name
Iím hit with the flames as my soul left my physical frame
Frightened, my senses heightened
Defenseless against this relentless lightning
A stampede of thunder claps, I canít breathe
Itís like Iím running laps with my lung collapsed
I canít leave- Iím stuck and trapped
Meanwhile, I am no longer senile
The life I lived in the body- that feels like the dream now
And Iíve awakened to a real life nightmare
Itís quite clear- no use putting up a fight here
My destiny is sealed; a true catastrophe
With future agonies that have yet to be revealed
And that thought alone is such a blow to me- itís terrible
Because what Iím feeling right now is totally unbearable
Iím disembodied, met my worst feat mentally
Every second like a year, every year a century
No one that I can call, Iím crushed under a wall
Of holy fury, amazed by the justice of it all
Getting what I deserve, in fact my soul is burning black
Iíve crossed over the threshold- never to be saved
Eternal is the furnace and it ainít no turning back
Oh God, just let me send my fam a letter from the grave!


My conscience is killing me
Like a worm that never dies (repeat)

Scene 2

To my parent, my sisters, my cousins, my nieces
Friend, co-workers- everybody needs to read this
You probably thinking Iím in heaven smiling down upon you
But thatís not true- Iím writing this now to warn you
Iím serious- wish I could put a gun to your face
Whatever it takes to make you listen- donít come to this place
I made tons of mistakes when I was there with yíall certainly
The worst by far was not preparing for eternity
Itís crazy- I donít even know how to tell yíall
But Iím in hell, yíall
And I know itís upsetting to hear- itís upsetting to be here
But I write so youíd get it and see clear
I donít have all the answers- I grope for more
But there are a couple of things that I know for sure
Re-incarnation is a lie- thereís no such thing as Satan- lie
Getting to heaven through meditation- thatís a lie
Homicidal I feel, but itís vital we build
Your pride will be killed- the God of the Bible is real
Yíall know- I ainít read the Bible a day in my life
But Heís the one whoís inflicting all my pain and my strife
So get a Bible and read it- whatever you read- believe it
And after reading, eat it, sleep it and breathe it
Thereís much more to this man Jesus- observe the story
And I can tell you that thereís no such thing as purgatory
What I wouldnít give to have your opportunity
I see my pride has ruined me, ignoring God is lunacy
Thereís no comfort, all shame, no peace
No slumber, all pain, it donít cease
So donít be lax when attacked with distractions
The fashions and attractions had me relaxing
Now Iím awake for the first time ever
But from the goodness of Godís works Iím severed

Regretting all the tracts that I threw in the trash
Regretting moving fast in pursuit of the cash
Regretting spending all my life trusting myself
Regretting not reading the Bible up on my shelf
Regretting all the things in life that had me caught up
Regretting switching the subject when Christ was brought up
Regretting not going to church when my friends invited me
Regretting believing my college profs who lied to me
Regretting dismissing all believers as lame
Regretting not examining Jesusí claims

+ Entry lasted edited by soad_Simon94 on 11.10.13


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TRENDING NRT NEWS: Staff Voices: A Journey Through Sound | Sarah Reeves Essentials | Narnia Coming To Life

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