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01 . The One About The Misfit Pt 2
02 . The One Where I Talk To God (feat. Andy Mineo & Tree Giants)
03 . The One Where I Hate You
04 . The One With The Presidential Freestyle
05 . The One With The Emo TRL Sound (feat. Hollyn)
06 . The One With No Discounts (feat. GAWVI & Tommy Royale)
07 . The Last One (feat. Wande)



"The One With The Presidential Freestyle" Lyrics [edit]
by Marty | from the album Marty For President 2 EP

I just, I just came through
I'm a misfit
Looking president

Yeah, somebody call up J.G. Wentworth
Your boy need a couple zeros
In his net worth
Life's a game but who put
This thing on expert
I been fasting for two weeks
And now my head hurt
Your pastor got a new whip
I got the same Toyota
Working hard, so my girl
Ain't selling Fashion Nova
No tummy tea, no freeloading
This ain't baby Yoda
He a real good fella
No Ray Liotta
Nobody cares how you feeling
They just wanna hear some raps
Don't play this in the club
I don't wanna see you dance
They not independent
That's an industry plant
Please don't come around me
If you looking for some daps

My comment section too wild
I just need to repent
It's more like a freestyle
I just needed to vent
Why, 'cause legends never die
Yeah, you see that ribbon in the sky

Wow, I just saw a video
The other day that said
I was apart of the Illuminati
Uh, and I guess
I'm here to clear things up
I am! Hahahahaha
I'm just kidding

Uh, yeah
I got another round left in me
I been working out tryna
Get he pounds off of me
I been stressing out
Tryna run this race called life
Without wrecking now
Not sure how this rap thing going
But it's working out
Neighbors knocking on my door
Why you record in the house for
I been on tour
I'm tryna be in my house more
Wop, Satan waiting
On my downfall
That's when I switch it up
I hit him with the southpaw
Uno, dos, tres
Looking at the board
Only 20 seconds left
If I hit the halfcourt
I'ma need that big check
I'ma cop a pink range
In the name of Dipset
Gotta take my time
I'm always in a rush now
Haters gonna watch from the side
That's a buss down
Black mamba with
The clutch now (R.I.P.)
Mix it with that Tom Brady
That's a touchdown, woo

I just, I just came through
I'm a misfits looking president
President, president
President, president

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TRENDING NEWS STORIES NRT Books Announces Launch | 'Mixtape Theology' Releasing October 2 |More News

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