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Marty For President 2 EP [edit]
by Marty | Genre: Rap/Urban | Release Date: June 12, 2020

Track Listing
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01. The One About The Misfit Pt 2
02. The One Where I Talk To God (feat. Andy Mineo & Tree Giants)
03. The One Where I Hate You
04. The One With The Presidential Freestyle
05. The One With The Emo TRL Sound (feat. Hollyn)
06. The One With No Discounts (feat. GAWVI & Tommy Royale)
07. The Last One (feat. Wande)

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The One With Artistic Tracks | Posted June 08, 2020
What You Need To Know  
Martin Lorenzo Santiago goes by the stage moniker “Marty” or “Marty Mar.” He's a member of the hip-hop duo Social Club Misfits. He began his career in Christian Hip-Hop (CHH) in 2011, dropping two solo mixtapes, Please Don’t Make Me Look Bad and When Darkness Falls. Afterward, Marty hooked up with his close friend, Fernando Miranda (FERN), forming the duo Social Club Misfits--a group, I might add, who is still going strong nearly a decade later. In-between releasing a dozen projects as the dynamic duo, Marty took a pit stop in 2015 to release his first solo EP, Marty For President. Fast forward five years later, and the singer is ready to drop a sequel, Marty For President 2. Summarizing his recent statements, Marty meant for the two EPs to mend as one complete album.  

What it Sounds Like
The soundscape is quite eclectic on Marty's new EP. He leaned on mainstream artists, such as Mac Miller, Kid Cudi, Tyler the Creator, and Joji, for impact and inspiration. Marty experiments with confidence using sounds from various genres, extending his dominance of the mic. Listeners will hear that classic Marty vibe, a harmonizing, mellow version, comedic bars, and a pop-driven, perky vibe extending Marty’s talents. Oh, and he’s a fantastic whistler, too.
“The One with the Presidential Freestyle” showcases Marty’s lyricism. “The One with the Emo TRL Sound,” featuring singer Hollyn, presents a unique sound from Marty, yet sounds like something he’s previously perfected. “The Last One,” featuring WANDE, is a great summer anthem. I call it "relaxing happy music."
Marty knows a thing or two about production. And, for this EP, he teamed up with production superheroes Derek Minor, JuiceBangers, Ray Rock, Tee Wyla, and others to solidify the EP's amazing sound.

Spiritual Highlights
We could stand on the fact that Jesus is a part of the cover art, so there’s that. In all seriousness, Marty never eludes from being bold in his faith on and off the mic. Throughout the opening track, “The One About The Misfit Pt. 2,” Marty weighs his faith experiences with how God has blessed him, as well as singing about a few trials from life as a Christian and Christian stereotype.
On “The One Where I talk to God,” featuring hip-hop superstar Andy Mineo and indie pop band Tree Giants, Marty speaks with transparency as he praises God for what He does--even when believers are not always 100 percent faithful in return.
As with any Social Club Misfits project, faith is at the forefront. No worries with this solo effort from Marty either, as listeners get a decent dose of his faith and devotion to God.
Best Song on the Record
After a small inner debate, I settled on “The One with the Presidential Freestyle,” as my EP song favorite. It’s raw, unrestricted Marty just spitting bar for bar in freestyle mode. That, and the classic comedian within shines as Marty interjects humor within the lyricism. The word play is phenomenal, as multiple listens are required to catch all the rhyming mastery.

For Fans Of
Social Club Misfits | Derek Minor | Andy Mineo       

Final Word
Marty For President 2 feels complete as a separate project or when combined with the 2015 original release as intended by Marty as a collective album. No two tracks sound alike. The versatility doesn’t feel awkward, as each record fits seamlessly like a puzzle piece. Marty remains in a comfort zone with his flow, voice, and everything in-between. If Marty was on the 2020 Presidential ballot in November, he’d secure my vote without a second thought.

Stream on Spotify or purchase on iTunes.

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BPence (154)

Solo EP from Marty of Social Club Misfits | Posted June 24, 2020
Marty takes a break from the Social Club Misfits for a solo outing. Marty For President 2 is the follow-up to his 2015 EP Marty for President. The seven song EP features a number of guest artists, song writers and producers, and will be enjoyed by fans of Social Club Misfits.  
Below are a few comments on each song:    
The One about the Misfit, Pt. 2 – This song was written by Dave James, DJ Pez and Marty. It was produced by Dave James and DJ Pez. The song starts with a slow pace, a talk-rap over synth, and then builds slightly with percussion and guitar. He states that during the Misfits best year he was depressed the whole time and that sometimes you’ve gotta go through hell on the way to heaven. The song includes a mild “adult language” word that I’m disappointed hearing on a faith-based project. Leave the language to the mainstream rappers.
The One Where I Talk to God – This song about needing to talk to God during difficult times, was written by Daniel Chrisman, Israel Hindman, Juice Bangers, Andy Mineo and Marty. It was produced by Marty and Juice Bangers. The song has an easygoing beat and features Andy Mineo and Tree Giants. The song is driven by percussion, synth and bass.
The One Where I Hate You - This song was written by Joshua Toala, Marty, Jung Youth, Ray Castro and Luis Calderon. It was produced by Luis Calderon and Ray Castro. The song, has an easygoing beat, and features drums, bass and keys. It’s about dating someone who is wrong for you. He’s so happy that she’s gone.
The One with the Presidential Freestyle - This song was written by Israel Steven Mercedes, Derek Minor and Marty. It was produced by Chino Dollaz and Derek Minor. The confident song has a hard driving beat driven by synth, percussion and bass. He’s trying to run the race of life without wrecking, while Satan is waiting for his downfall.
The One with the Emo TRL Sound – This song was written by Dave James, Hollyn and Marty. It was produced by Dave James and Marty. The song, which is very different from the others on the EP, features Hollyn. The song is driven by acoustic guitar and is about missing a loved on.   
Key lyric:
What does it really mean to be in love?
It's a choice you make every day even when you've had enough
The One with No Discounts – This song was written by DJ Pez, Israel Steven Mercedes, Gravez, Dmitry Lavender, GAWVI, Marty and Tommy Royale. It was produced by Dmitry Lavender and DJ Pez. The song, driven by percussion, synth and bass, features GAWVI and Tommy Royale. God’s everlasting grace is on him and he can’t waste any time.  
The Last One – This song was written by Luis Calderon, Ray Castro, Marty and Wande. It was produced by Marty, Luis Calderon and Ray Castro. The upbeat song, with a memorable chorus, features Wande and is driven by drums and guitar. He just wants to shine his light, play his part, sing his songs because the talent he has he received from God.
Key lyric:   
Your work is not in vain, it’s only preparation
It’s about the journey not the destination
Best songs
The One Where I Talk to God
The One with the Presidential Freestyle
The Last One

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