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  • "Anarchy!" from Cancer
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  • "I Never Liked Anyone And I'm Afraid Of People" from Who Can Know It?
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  • "I Think I'm Going To See You" from The Fear Of God
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  • "Lost Connection With The Head" from The Fear Of God
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  • "Mouth Like A Magazine" from No Sir, Nihilism Is Not Practical
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  • "Oh! Emetophobia!" from Age Of Reptiles
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  • "The Journey" from Nervosa
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  • "The Pig" from Nervosa
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  • "The Pig" from Anorexia
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  • "Vehement" from The Fear Of God
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  • "You're Like A Taxi" from Who Can Know It?
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    It’s probably both ironic and oddly fitting that what began in 1997 as a contemporary Christian cover act became one of the strangest and most unique bands you’ve never heard of. Showbread was founded by two brothers in southeast Georgia on the premise that it would be fun to have a band that could play at their local church services. When the Southern Baptists they had grown up with recoiled at the notion of loud rock music in their sanctuary, the teenage band members found themselves with no home base and decided it was time to take their art (and their faith) more seriously.

    Signed to independent giant Tooth & Nail records in 2004, Showbread released their label debut No Sir, Nihilism Is Not Practical -- an unflinchingly chaotic spasm of an album -- to instant fan adoration. How did Showbread celebrate their newfound popularity? By purposefully destroying it with their sophomore release Age Of Reptiles; a deliberate antithesis of the previous record…you know, the one that won them their fanbase. What does a band with severely divided listeners do after venturing from the outlandishly abstract to the world of pop rock? They release a double disc concept record called Anorexia Nervosa that requires the listener to simultaneously read along with a short story as the music acts as a sort of literary soundtrack, said music being a ruthless take on gothic industrial, of course. Now a fixture of cult fandom and largely dismissed by critics, Showbread fulfilled it’s contract with Tooth & Nail records with the swan song to the first wave of their creative endeavors: The Fear Of God.

    In 2010, Showbread continued to step further away from the ordinary by leaving their record label to partner with non-profit organization Come&Live! with intentions to give away their sixth album, Who Can Know It? -- their biggest (and best) musical departure to date -- and the supporting tour both as free gifts. When asked why in the world Showbread had done all these strange things, they responded by crediting their actions to the same force that motivated the formation of their band: Their belief in Jesus.

    In 2012, Showbread released Cancer, a science fiction rock opera and their second album to be released through Come&Live!. Their final album, Showbread Is Showdead, was released in 2016. with the original lineup from No Sir, Nihilism Is Not Practical. Along with the album release, Showbread also released a documentary entitled The Music Is Dead and the Cancer movie.

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    RT @LowerTheBellJar: The Bell Jar's "Toxic Shock Syndrome" is now available to stream or purchase from all digital retailers.
    Posted by @Showbread on 05.18.18 | View Tweet
    @JakeJams_Vol3 The song? Do you mean the ending, or what?
    Posted by @Showbread on 05.15.18 | View Tweet
    The new album from the post-Showbread collective, The Bell Jar, is nearly complete. Pre-order now (or destroy it fo…
    Posted by @Showbread on 05.15.18 | View Tweet
    RT @josh_dies: If you happen to have any interest in a lot of detailed rambling about the history of my old band Showbread (and some new st…
    Posted by @Showbread on 04.18.18 | View Tweet
    Life is often a series of disappointments. Merry Christmas. Showbread is showdead.
    Posted by @Showbread on 12.05.17 | View Tweet

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    Xavier (30)
    Insane (literally) | Posted March 07, 2011
    You guys are insane, in the best way possible. I love listening to you're music and how it changes each album

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    BEST SO FAR | Posted January 07, 2011
    Love this album and it's cost. FREE! Come and rocks!

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    2bethere (10)
    rock on | Posted April 12, 2010
    you guys rock hard love you

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    Nice and RAW! | Posted March 09, 2010
    You guys are one of my favourite bands!! I honestly cannot get enough of this raw rock. Best kind out there!

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    Ahh, Showbread | Posted October 27, 2009
    This is quite possibly the most under rated band in the world. They constantly make some of the best music out there but are far to often overlooked.

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