#48 - Bumps INF, Derek Minor, Ty Brasel, & More...
NRT's CHH contributor Joshua Galla collects what's new in Christian Hip-Hop and Urban Soul for the week of Friday, April 30, 2021. (Photo: Bumps INF)

THE CHH DROP WITH JOSHUA GALLA, #48 - Bumps INF, Derek Minor, Ty Brasel, & More...
Posted: April 30, 2021 | By: JoshuaGalla_NRT
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Each week, dozens of singles and a handful of projects are released in the Christian Hip-Hop (CHH) and Urban Soul spaces. Below, we listen to a few highlights and list the rest for your own discovery. As always, follow our New Christian Rap & Hip Hop playlist on Spotify and Apple Music to listen to all the latest.
The Chaos is Beautiful by Bumps INF
God Over Money’s (GOM) Bumps INF returns after two years away with a gem of an album. Merging metaphors like chaos and beautiful is just a taste of the spitfire wordplay on blast throughout the 17-track transparent journal. He brought most of his label mates with him on the journey including Datin, Bizzle, and Jered Sanders. One of the best male vocalists in the urban space, Evan Ford, jumped on several tracks providing a particular elegance and grace. Bumps reminds the industry of what the core of Christian Hip-Hop (CHH) is crafted after. Calling out sin, reminding listeners of biblical principles, and exemplifying what God expects of us as men of God called to His war for Kingdom rights.
Favorites stick out like “Trauma” featuring Fern of Social Club Misfits, “God Tho” featuring Jered Sanders, and “Words to Remember” featuring Evan Ford. Although, each track possesses its own authenticity worthy of praise and respect. Something else to keep a keen ear to is the fantastic wordplay regardless of the track. Bumps goes crazy with the art of words in playful mannerisms.
End to end, The Chaos is Beautiful holds steady as one of the best releases of 2021. With the incredible reception A.I. the Anomaly’s Soul’s Acrylic received already in GOM’s arsenal, the label is not playing games in 2021. Listen to the album on Spotify here.

Derek Minor - "Fair"
Reflection Music Group's (RMG) Derek Minor returns with his second single released in 2021. "Fair" speaks to how life isn't always equal from one individual to the next. Some discover to be more successful than others. However, that doesn't provide the groundwork for one person to hate on another for their hard work and determination that paid off in success. Minor has been involved in this space for nearly 15 years and has earned every flower received. Also, most forget how talented a producer he is. Minor destroyed this beat on both sides of the talent scale. The bars provided in both verses remind us Minor still goes as hard as some of the newcomers to the space. For example, "Young Minor whippin' through your city in a old school / Peanut Butter leather, you can't get in here with dirty shoes / In the kitchen cookin' up a smash like I'm supposed to do / Y'all been trying to steal the recipe, Ohh I'm watching you." Simply nasty! Listen to "Fair" on Spotify here.
Ty Brasel feat. Lecrae & Melodie Wagner  - "Paid in Full Remix"
It's uncanny simply how near identical the harmonies are between the original vocalist Brianna Catrice and Melodie Wagner. A job well done indeed. The second verse originally provided from label mate Jay-Way opposed to Reach Records' Lecrae shine bright in their own unique manner. I believe it's trust that with age, refinement follows. Lately, 'Crae's features have been on point, so of his best content to date. He rides so smoothly in the rhyme pocket as if the beat was made for him. The track does the one-year anniversary of The Divine Storm justice in celebrating how creatively beautiful the album was, esp. this highlighted track. Listen to the "Paid in Full Remix" on Spotify here

Other CHH & Urban Soul EPs or Albums
Listen to these on our CHH Spotify Playlist
  • Water EP by Kody Free
  • DHBTS EP: Deluxe Edition by Dre Murray x Billy Wiginton
  • Trust EP by Levi Mitchell
  • Unforgettable EP by Sonny Oh! (Deraj x Quentin Coblentz)
  • Awake Me EP by L. Dejuan
  • The Worship EP by Koryn Hawthorne
  • Dreaming Wide Awake: Act 1 by The Dream Sequence x Sareem Poems x Ess Be
  • Speak of Tomorrow EP by BRM x SNDZ by SHEL
  • Catching Time by Rel McCoy
  • Wising Up by A.B. Da Disciple
  • Missions & Convictions by Apex Frazier
More CHH and Urban Soul Singles
  • Aha Gazelle feat. D. Tall – “Brand New”
  • Joey Vantes – “Mascarpone”
  • Sarah Reeves – “Not My Style (R3HAB Remix)”
  • Rhyan Lamarr feat. Caleb Taylor & KC Wavey – “Tonight”
  • Angie Rose feat. Niko Eme & Chris Liggio - "Not a Monster (Spanish Remix)"
  • Phil J. – “Revelation Song Remix”
  • seni. – “Draft Day Freestyle”
  • Eric Heron – “Target Practice”                
  • Japhia Life – “Attributes of Mercy”
  • Lord Badu - "No Hook Freestyle"
  • Jae Houston x Cade – “LONERIDER”
  • Maddie Rey – “Glory” & “So Good”
  • Swaizy - "GO GO GADGET"
  • J-Heir - "Reverse"
  • TC feat. Hugh Holla – “Barabbas”
  • Jeremiah Paltan - "Water"
  • Uzuhan - "Rest"
  • The Dream Sequence feat. Sareem Poems x Ess Be - "Good 'N Fine"
  • NXTMike x Kip Wolfe – “Boss” & “Her”
  • DJ EMD feat. Parris Chariz – “Firestick”
  • Phaino x Ezzo – “Vibes Like This”
  • GS – Big Purpose Freestyle”
  • Chase Cullum – “Empty”
  • Nameless Saint – “Interference”
  • BryannT - "Santos"
  • JUDE. x Vic Sage – “Necklace”
  • IMRSQD – “Mango Sorbet”
  • Paul the Messenger - "when you're addicted"
  • Da Rich 1 x RI – “Points”
  • J Vessel feat. CASS - "What It Is (123)"
  • Natalie J. feat. Mod G & J Torah - “Can’t Tell Me Nothing”
  • Microphone – “If the Shoe Fits…”
  • Xavier Sorrow – “POPSTAR!”
  • Tre’Gadd – “WYA”
  • KAMBAN – “Hard Life”

Joshua Galla is an avid hip-hop head always hip to the latest releases while enjoying the classics. Music is his passion and escape from the mundane.

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