10 Songs for Teen Girls from Female Artists
NRTís Selena Schulz and Grace Chaves share music from female artists thatíll help remind you of your identity in Christ

AN NRT EXCLUSIVE EDITORIAL, 10 Songs for Teen Girls from Female Artists
Posted: April 22, 2021 | By: SelenaSchulz_NRT
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Teenagers fight a lot. But, some would say that's normal. Unfortunately, what's also normal is many teenagers battle with depression and anxiety. From insecurities to fears, a lot goes on in the teen years that goes unseen. That's why we want to remind them of their worth and identity in Christ.

We, Selena Schulz and Grace Chaves, NRT's youngest talented writers (and teenagers), have combined our efforts to list songs from female artists that will encourage you as teenage girls to know you're worthy and loved. Life can get tough, but we want to remind you of the hope that we all have in Jesus.

"Mean Girls" by Leanna Crawford

Selena: One of the hardest obstacles we face as teenagers is the constant comparisons. We're presented with images of who we should be, and, based on that standard, we convince ourselves that we aren't enough. Add on the negativity from other girls and the toxicity can quickly become overwhelming. Up-and-coming artist Leanna Crawford addresses this struggle in her single, "Mean Girls." The beautiful song acknowledges the pain, but also offers hope. The solution she provides is the perfect one: turn to the Lord for it is in Him that our true identity is found.

Moving lyric: "Lord, find me and remind me that my worth/Is worth so much more than their words."


"The Anchor" by Vaughn Owens

Grace: Emerging artist Vaughn Owens is an awesome role model for teen girls. She's crushing it in the Christian music industry as an independent artist. All her songs have a great message--especially her song, "The Anchor." It's an encouraging track that we teenage girls need to hear. It's a reminder that God will be strong even when we're not. And, that He'll be an anchor in our lives. He's our sure foundation; our anchor in the storm.

Moving lyric: "You won't let go, I'll never be alone/Any storm I'm going through, the anchor never moves"


"Heart for Me" by Grace Graber

Selena: Talented musician Grace Graber is an amazing artist paving a way for herself in the Christian music industry. I discovered her music last year--and haven't stopped listening to it since. "Heart for Me" has a powerful message of seeking out God's heart. Although the truth often gets fuzzy in this world, God provides clarity. He has a unique love for every one of us. The most rewarding decision we could ever make is to seek His love with all our strength.

Moving lyric: "Cause I'm sick and tired/Living like I'm fine/I need you tonight/Show me how far, how deep"


"Who We Are" by MDSN

Grace: Our worth is not defined by our insecurities and fears. Our worth is found in Jesus. He's the only one who can define us. Psalm 139:14 says that we're fearfully and wonderfully made. Despite what people may say about us, or what we say to ourselves, our true worth is found in Jesus alone. In Him, we have a brand new identity. We're children of God. That's what MDSN's song, "Who We Are" is all about. This fun pop song has powerful lyrics. It's one that you should add to your playlist.

Moving lyric: "We are royalty, God created us fearfully and wonderfully/We are breathed from dust/His kingdom is our destiny/We are born to be more than conquerors"


"Remember" by Riley Clemmons

Selena: Lies come from all directions, telling us we aren't pretty enough, aren't good enough, aren't strong enough; the list goes on and on. Our brains can be the worst fuel for negativity just by overthinking every action we make (Something I especially struggle with is the lies coming from myself). Riley Clemmons' song, "Remember," addresses these harsh realities. But, she also sings that there's so much more to us than what others say. We have a deeper identity and it's rooted in our Heavenly Father. He's the stable rock that won't fail you--no matter what. Enjoy this song, but meditate on its lyrics. And, to mirror Riley's invaluable advice: accept your uniqueness today.

Moving lyric: "You're more than what they say/You're beautiful and brave/Remember who you are"


"Normal" by Jamie Grace

Grace: Have you ever been told that you're not normal? I think we've all had an encounter before with someone who flat-out says that we're weird. I've been told that before--especially growing up. But, Christian mainstay Jamie Grace makes it clear in her song, "Normal," that, well, there's 'no such thing as normal.' We're all unique and different. We don't have to follow the trends to fit in. We just need to be ourselves. Jamie has been inspiring teen girls since the start of her career. And, she continues to do so today--especially with this quality song to the ears.

Moving lyric: "There's no such thing as normal/Be who you are, there's no such thing as normal"


"Recover" by Caitie Hurst

Selena: There's a lie I've heard before: I'm not perfect so God won't want me. That's not true. It's impossible to be perfect; only Jesus is perfect. You can try but all you'll find is a discouraging cycle of inadequateness. Caitie Hurst outlines this fact in her song, "Recover." But, God wants our pain and our scars. We can't change the past, but we can ask for forgiveness. When we do, God will grant us a clean slate. Caitie reminds us that we get second chances. Sure, we'll mess up again, but He won't give up on us. He will always make us whole. Accompanying this truth, I found a glorious joy. I hope you will also accept God into your heart and find a reason to rejoice. Don't forget to add Caitie's song to your playlist.

Moving lyric: "You give it all back/Over and over/There's nothing that You can't, You can't recover"


"Sanctuary" by Abby Robertson

Grace: I love Abby Robertson's song "Sanctuary," because it's all about finding refuge in Jesus. He is our sanctuary and our shelter. So often we look for rest and strength in people. But people tend to fail us. Thankfully, we can find true rest in Jesus. In His arms, we can find peace and strength. That's something that we all need to be reminded of--especially as teenagers. We try to look for love in people when true love is found in Jesus alone.

Moving lyric: "Wherever I am, there you are/Whenever I fall, it's into your arms/When clouds around me gather, you are my shelter/Even in the waves of a raging sea, You're the calm where I find peace"


"This Girl" by Lauren Daigle

Selena: Speaking from experience, I can tell you there's nothing better than God. Nothing. Lauren Daigle perfectly portrays God's greatness in her song, "This Girl." You may not be as familiar with it compared to her other songs, but I promise it's just as good. I have come to the conclusion that God loving me is the best thing that could ever happen to me. Why would I want to be anywhere else? I can confidently say "This girl ain't going anywhere." Can you?

Moving lyric: "I've searched the world to find my heart is Yours/Oh, my heart is Yours/This girl ain't going anywhere"


"Brand New" by Holly Halliwell

Grace: We're ending on a high note with Holly Halliwell's song, "Brand New." This fun pop song is about how Jesus has made our brand new. In Him, we're a new creation. Like it says in 2 Corinthians 5:17, "If anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here." We don't have to live in the past anymore. We can walk in freedom with Jesus.

Moving lyric: "I'll never be the same/I'm dancing cause You made me/I'm dancing cause You made me/Made me so brand new, so brand new"


Selena Schulz is NRTís youngest staff contributor. She loves God, music, reading, and writing. Grace Chaves has been a fan of all things Christian music since 2016. She is one of NRT's youngest writers. Homeschooled, Grace is an author, loves Jesus, concerts, and road trips.

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