#7 - Reverie, Zahna, Pure Rock Report, Phinehas, Death Therapy
Ryan Adams, NRT's new resident rock reporter, walks us through the latest news, releases, tours and more in this ongoing series.

THE ROCK REPORT WITH RYAN ADAMS, #7 - Reverie, Zahna, Pure Rock Report, Phinehas, Death Therapy
Posted: February 20, 2020 | By: RyanAdams_NRT
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Spring is around the corner and we're seeing tons of exciting news, and great new music in the rock and metal scene. Many talented artists and bands are lining up awesome tours and releasing killer singles. Stay tuned to The Rock Report for some of my favorites, along with all the news covered by NewReleaseToday, as a whole. Huge thanks for the band, Reverie, and Death Therapy for partnering with me on this to bring you direct messages from them.

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Reverie is an upcoming, and impressively talented, faith-based, melodic hardcore band from Ohio. They partnered with my good friends in KingdomCore on social media to premiere their killer single, "Create Erase," in early 2020. I fully anticipate a great album from these sincere guys. You don't need to just take my word for it, they wanted to share this message with you. Regarding their new album, Jacob Grimmett says, "With our first full-length, we wanted to take what we built with The Prodigal, and stretch ourselves even further to mature both musically and lyrically. We want to go deeper than ever before, addressing subjects ranging from depression to our failure as stewards of the Earth. As always, our ultimate goal is to point all glory to Christ, and that the only hope for our darkness and failure is in Him, which is an overarching theme throughout this record." The band says a late summer release is their goal. And, I couldn't be more excited for them. 

New Tour: Zahna's "Drown The Tour"

Zahna is going on tour with special guest Raviner on March 13-23, 2020. The tour, Drown the Tour, is most likely to accompany the fact that both have recently released a single called, "Drown." Zahna is a Rockfest Records frontliner, who has seen tremendous growth, both musically and numerically. Her stage presence is incredible and any show of hers is a must-see. Reflecting on her record-setting numbers in 2020, she says, "Growth is so encouraging. Most of these numbers have doubled or tripled. Thanks for streaming my music. And, 2020 is going to be very exciting." I've been a fan since her time in ILIA. Her solo album, Red For War, has cemented me as a long-term fan. With such few dates, if you can make it to one of her shows, you better make plans for it now. Check out the dates.


News Headline: The Pure Rock Report

Out of the many beginnings formed in the new decade of 2020, The Pure Rock Report is one of the most promising. They were previously known as the Progressive Airplay Journal, if that rings a bell. The Report has entered into a partnership with RockOnPurpose, the brain-child of former NRT rock contributor Mary Nikkel. They also have partnered with Rick Welke, from BigBigHit. The Pure Rock Report offers up-to-date, weekly magazine-style articles highlighting top news and cultural updates in rock and hip-hop culture. They expertly cover both mainstream and Christian-based bands in the magazine. And, I love the culture they watch closely and share passionately. You can view them for great, free content. Consider supporting them if you think they deserve it.

Get more info in RockOnPurpose's introductory article
Read RockOnPurpose's first issue article

A Throwback Album: Phinehas' Thegodmachine
When you hear the furious blasts of the double-kick drums, leading into an intense flurry of guitar rifts, you should know it's a signature sound of the metalcore beasts, Phinehas. Their intense music, paired with bold, faith-based lyrics, makes them one of my personal favorites. They sound like As I Lay Dying, August Burns Red, and Killswitch Engage, to name a few. Their debut album, Thegodmachine, presents some of the best work Phinehas has created. Melodic ballads and empowering messages are found on this album. The record has received many positive reviews, and rightly so. Thegodmachine has captivating lyrics, shredding music, and impressive vocals, surely to surpass any expectations for a debut album. Even though some line-up changes over time have led to slight musical style variations, each album they have created is solid. My favorite tracks on Thegodmachine are "I Am The Lion," "A Pattern In Pain," and "Crowns."
A Song Devotional: Death Therapy "It's Okay (feat. Matt Biard)"
The signature power-duo, Death Therapy, caught wide attention with their debut groove metal album, The Storm Before the Calm, in 2017. Voices, their 2019 follow-up, continued to bring unique and creative music that is driven by faith. On the song, "It's Okay", the band says: "Our song, "It's Okay," is all about how Jesus doesn't ask us to get our act together before we can come to him. In fact, he came and shed his blood, specifically for those who are 'not okay.' That doesn't mean he leaves us where we are. But, it means that we can come to him just as we are." Let this song be an encouragement to you that, even with your struggles and addictions, Christ calls you to him. He loves you and tells you it is okay to not be okay, that's what His grace and mercy are for. 

Ryan Adams grew up in Boise, Idaho for most of his life. He fell in love with rock and metal music through his high school best friend. He currently lives in Ohio and loves sharing his passion of music with NewReleaseToday.

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