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3 Out Of 4 Ain't Bad Box Set Disc 1&2 [edit]
by FM Static | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: November 23, 2010

New collection includes FM Static's previous three releases:

What Are You Waiting For? (2003)
Combining influences of Good Charlotte to the Beach Boys, FM Static holds all the essentials of a hit with their brand of sunny-faced power pop with punk rock flair. Their debut album, What Are You Waiting For? is packed with teenage power anthems of monster melodies used to conger glowing, heartfelt affirmation in trials, loves, losses and simply growing up.

Critically Ashamed (2006)
Coming hot of the heels of their 2004 sleeper hit record, FM Static has just wrapped up work on their sophomore release Critically Ashamed. This 11 track release finds the band exploring pop culture, growing up, and an old Vanilla Ice song, all the with trademark hooks and infectious melodies that made the debut release such a hit among fans.

Dear Diary (2009)
FM Static (composed of Thousand Foot Krutch singer Trevor McNevan, and drummer Steve Augustine) returned with Dear Diary, a concept album where every lyric is the innermost thought of a soul-searching teenager. “This is the first concept album I’ve worked on, and it was a ton of fun,” says McNevan. “It felt theatrical from the start. I imagined this high school boy, new in town, writing through life’s big questions about faith and fitting in as he grows up toward college. He’s also falling in love for the first time with a girl from across the street and dealing with how crazy that can be. It’s been a while since I was in high school, but I’m still enthralled with all of those politics.” No doubt FM Static listeners—by and large a student audience—will also be enthralled with the spot-on relatable happenings and character confessions of Dear Diary, a project whose special story can only be unlocked as it happens, from song one to song ten. Although Dear Diary is a work of fiction, Trevor McNevan says, “the songs reflect thoughts me and my friends all had growing up. And there’s a lot of me in the more serious songs toward the end.” What listeners can ultimately expect is a rocking, melodically-charged coming-of-age story that somehow combines the creative vibe of independent films like Juno and Napoleon Dynamite, a dash of High School Musical charm, and the altogether rare element of uncensored faith.

Tracks 1-11 Disc 1 "What Are You Waiting For?"
Tracks 12-23 is Disc 2 "Critically Ashamed"

Track Listing
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0. (2-12) Moment Of Truth
01. (Disc 1) Three Days Later
02. Crazy Mary
03. Something To Believe In
04. Definitely Maybe
05. Donna
06. All The Days
07. Hold Me Twice
08. The Notion
09. October
10. My First Stereo
11. Hey Now
12. (Disc 2-1) Hope The Rock Show Goes Good
13. (2-2) Flop Culture
14. (2-3) Six Candles
15. (2-4) The Next Big Thing
16. (2-5) America's Next Freak
17. (2-6) Tonight
18. (2-7) The Video Store
19. (2-8) Girl Of The Year
20. (2-9) Nice Piece Of Art
21. (2-10) What It Feels Like
23. (2-11) Waste Of Time

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Awesome for FM Static fans | Posted September 05, 2012
This album is actually a discography of the first three FM Static albums, What are You Waiting For?, Critically Ashamed, and Dear Diary.  If you don't have these albums, then you definitely have to buy this album!  Plus, there's a really cute three legged dog on the cover! Come on!

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So So | Posted May 04, 2011

This is a great three-disc anthology collecting the bands first three albums. I think this would be a good starting point for any fan that wants to connect with the bands original releases and likes their punk rock sound. Musically I didn't care for this release as much as the bands later work.

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Pretty Good. | Posted April 16, 2011
The cover alone can get you interested in this group. I got a laugh out of it. The music is really up-beat and keeps me coming back. Just recently found them, but I'm very glad that I did. Their stuff is great.

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:D | Posted April 10, 2011
Sweet album! Has all their work, which is awesome. All awesome. My favorite, however, is the "Dear Diary" disk. Love that record. :) Can't wait to hear more from these guys - They're totally awesome! :D

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epic | Posted April 05, 2011

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pacemaker (324)

great album | Posted April 02, 2011
 three out of four ain't bad is a really good album. i'm really impressed by fm static.

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