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Business Up Front/Party In The Back [edit]
by FF5 (formerly Family Force 5) | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: March 21, 2006

Family Force 5's Business Up Front, Party In The Back captures every bit of energy this quintet has radiated since their shows began dropping jaws of newfound fans last year. Few acts seen in recent years have matched the hype surrounding this band's live performance and few have had such energetic and fun shows since the likes of the O.C. Supertones, Reality Check, or dc Talk.

Powering stereos with a dozen tracks, Business Up Front, Party In The Back never quits from start to finish. Mixing fuzzy guitars, groove-laced rhythms, rap breakdowns, synth effects and often silly lyrics into nearly each song, Family Force 5 is a party band plain and simple. Much of the band's songs put fun first, as displayed in such tracks as "Cadillac Phunque," "Kountry Gentlemen," "X-Girlfriend," "Numb," and "Put Ur Hands Up," poking fun at pop culture and relationships wrapped up into club-friendly packages. Only tracks like the deliciously over-the-top "Love Addict" and the aggressive "Replace Me" really show hints of spiritual content. "Addict" talks about a hopeless addiction to spiritual love and truth while "Replace Me" is a blatant, desperate cry for God's intervention in our lives. "Peachy" tackles a discussion of faith between a believer and a non-Christian within the confines of a bubbly pop anthem. The spirituality of the record ends there, but what remains is one unashamedly lighthearted and fun assortment of songs.

Familiarity runs amuck on Business Up Front, Party In The Back, drawing comparisons to a tripped-out Rage Against The Machine on the raucous "Kountry Gentlemen," and even borrowing a little effect from Usher on the delightfully silly "Supersonic." This never feels too problematic, however, as the band keeps their sound varied per song and interesting throughout. And since Family Force 5 clearly doesn't take themselves too seriously, the silly never feels unbearably cheesy, urging the listener to let loose and join in on the fun.

When all is said and done, Business Up Front, Party In The Back is a ferociously catchy and infectious crunk rock release from the ATL's most promising new act. Although it may be all party with very little business, Family Force 5 is good clean fun that I can recommend to anyone who doesn't mind getting in touch with their inner 'kountry gentleman.'

Track Listing
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01. Cadillac Phunque
02. Kountry Gentleman
03. X-Girlfriend
04. Drama Queen
05. Put Ur Hands Up
06. Love Addict
07. Earthquake
08. Replace Me
09. Lose Urself
10. Peachy
11. Supersonic
12. Numb
13. Colour Of Water (only on Pre-Release)
14. God In Beast Mode (only on European Special Editon)
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Entry last edited by FamilyForce5Freak on 10.25.09

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Pure Hit After Hit | Posted June 12, 2007
For those that struggle with their music being peppered with originality, humor and words like "snap," "peeps" and "crunk," the debut album from the Atlanta group Family Force 5 is something you can snub on your way to safer tunes. Formed two years ago, Family Force 5 features three brothers, a couple of their friends and some of most mind-blowing combinations of punk, rock, funk and mind-altering grooves that's guaranteed to get you moving no matter where you are at. Business Up Front, Party in the Back is pure hit after hit with the album peaking in the center with "Love Addict" and "Earthquake."

One of the first things you'll notice when going through the album is the complete absence of ballads. Every track gains speed with energy unmatched by any other release I've listened to in years. The only thing missing from the equation is the extreme lack of Christian content from this Gotee/Virgin Records release. There's an acknowledgement that love's "sent from above" and the song "Replace Me" is pretty blatant in its message of renewal through Christ, but other than that, it's all about girlfriends, breakups and having fun. There's nothing wrong with that, and of course every song is done without question to taste, but some may take an issue with this. I actually enjoy seeing guys put out some decent music without "Christianizing" of every other line. I'd rather have the pop radio filled with believers singing about every day issues we all face as humans (not Christians) than the trash that's current polluting the airwaves.

Bottom line: is you're a fan of pop, rock or hip-hop, you're not going to be able to put this one away. Give is a few spins, prepare to hear something near and unique and then "get crunk."

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art10 (114)

CRANK EM' UP! | Posted July 12, 2007
Try this: put this CD in your car, and CRANK IT UP! This is the type of CD you actually want you non-Christian friends to hear. This music invites you to loosen up, and lose your mind in dancing. The beats and raps are nothing short of incredible. And these guys are not afraid to be different, just look at their names! Now, this music might stun you at first, but after a few listens you will be singing the praises to Krunk Rock. ROCK ON!

By the way, get the special edition, it's the icing on this delicious cake.

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LOVE "EM | Posted November 14, 2009
As a long-time FF5 lover, reviewing this album is a piece of cake:

it is GREAT.

Full of songs that can make you laugh and want to dance, Family Force 5's first album is probably their best. With instant favorites like "Earthquake" and "Supersonic" this album will probably be loved by people who listen to any genre of music.

so: go buy it. now.

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Ground Breaking | Posted October 13, 2009
The first time I listened to Family Force 5, it was in New Zealand when my friend won the CD in a break-dancing contest. A year and a half later, I can see that it was truly destined for him to win that CD, because now Family Force 5 is one of my ALL TIME favorite bands. This album is nothing short of amazing. Every song makes you want to move, even if you can't dance too well! And the songs that have Biblical references and metaphorical references to God show off the faith these guys have in the midst of their bass- pounding music. Family Force 5 set the standard of a Christian group that reached into Christian and secular media with success through this CD. This is an album your collection can't be complete without; trust me.

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WOW. | Posted September 26, 2009
This band is KRAZY with a capital K. Their music is upbeat, party-ish, and fun. The first song that got me hooked was "Love Addict". Their songs are unique from any other Christian music I've heard because they actually make me want to dance.

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Fun and Inspiring | Posted July 13, 2009
No, their music won't change your life, but it will show you a good time. That is what this album is all about, having fun, but in a good way. FF5 do a very good job at inspiring young people to be better. This album is fun, inspiring, and completely awesome. Listen to this album, NOW!

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amazing! | Posted July 13, 2009
If you like upbeat music that you can dance to, this cd is for you. FF5's songs are verrrrry catchy and fun. Perfect for anyone who's trying to get their friends into Christian music; it's totally clean, but not boring in the least. Business Up Front takes rock, some rapping, and even a little synth and mixes in together into a masterpiece. You won't regret getting this cd.

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Awsome!!!! | Posted March 22, 2009
Family Force 5 is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! almost all of their songs are good buy this Cd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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good album! | Posted September 09, 2008
this is a good album overall ! it has catchy beats and funny lyrics. It would be nice it they were more serious, but oh well. I love their Song "Supersonic" .. great cd!!!

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Craziness | Posted August 15, 2008
The energy that this band puts out in every single song is absolutely amazing, and it makes the album alot of fun to listen to. Definately the type of music that you want to put on full blast in your cd player.

However, I found it disappointing lyrically. Overall, the lyrics rarely seemed to go to anything that was really worthwhile, as all they did was focus on dancing, dancing, dancing except for in one or two songs.

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crunked up. | Posted June 22, 2008
one of my all-time favorite albums, family force 5 is a fresh sound that anyone who enjoys music will love. their new album will be coming out soon; if you enjoy this one, i recommend it highly.

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