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Pure Hit After Hit
Posted June 12, 2007
By KevinMcNeese_NRT, Staff Reviewer

For those that struggle with their music being peppered with originality, humor and words like "snap," "peeps" and "crunk," the debut album from the Atlanta group Family Force 5 is something you can snub on your way to safer tunes. Formed two years ago, Family Force 5 features three brothers, a couple of their friends and some of most mind-blowing combinations of punk, rock, funk and mind-altering grooves that's guaranteed to get you moving no matter where you are at. Business Up Front, Party in the Back is pure hit after hit with the album peaking in the center with "Love Addict" and "Earthquake."

One of the first things you'll notice when going through the album is the complete absence of ballads. Every track gains speed with energy unmatched by any other release I've listened to in years. The only thing missing from the equation is the extreme lack of Christian content from this Gotee/Virgin Records release. There's an acknowledgement that love's "sent from above" and the song "Replace Me" is pretty blatant in its message of renewal through Christ, but other than that, it's all about girlfriends, breakups and having fun. There's nothing wrong with that, and of course every song is done without question to taste, but some may take an issue with this. I actually enjoy seeing guys put out some decent music without "Christianizing" of every other line. I'd rather have the pop radio filled with believers singing about every day issues we all face as humans (not Christians) than the trash that's current polluting the airwaves.

Bottom line: is you're a fan of pop, rock or hip-hop, you're not going to be able to put this one away. Give is a few spins, prepare to hear something near and unique and then "get crunk."

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