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No Far Away [edit]
by Chris August | Genre: AC/Inspo | Release Date: August 24, 2010

A self-taught pianist, guitarist and producer, Chris August has played with and opened for some of the biggest names in pop music, including Ashlee Simpson. Now focused on his solo career, Chris offers songs about his faith, relationships, hope and heartache. Standout tracks include "Starry Night," "Want to Be Real" and "Canyons."

Track Listing
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01. You And I
02. Battle
03. Starry Night
04. 7x70
05. Want To Be Real
06. No Far Away
07. Loving You Is Easy
08. I'm Gonna Sing
09. It's Always Been You
10. Winter Time
11. Canyons
12. Battle (Part II) (Bonus Track)

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#2 Album Of 2010 | Posted December 21, 2010
Rarely does a new artist capture my attention as quickly as Chris August did. I had the opportunity to meet him before hearing any of his music, and was instantly inspired by his character, his humbleness and his willingness to be used however God would have him. Of course, I've met many artists who haven't inspired me as much musically as they have in person, but thankfully, Chris was one of the few exceptions that captured me with both.

Not new to music, (Chris has had many opportunities in the general market), Chris comes to Christian music polished and ready to roll. Helped along with big production by Ed Cash, who has worked with artists like Third Day, Chris Tomlin and Bebo Norman among others, No Far Away is packed with great hooks, challenging and hope filled lyrics and Chris' voice just shines

Listening to No Far Away is like an riding an emotional rollercoaster. Chris tackles topics of love, faithfulness, hope, struggles, battles, personal pain and through it all, awe in God's plan and creations. The lyrics are all rooted in spiritual truths and you get a sense that there was actual growth and spiritual discovery as these songs were being written. It's that connection that Chris makes through an audio recording, as well as face to face, that gets me more excited about Chris August than any other new artist this year.

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No Far Away | Posted October 24, 2013
I love all of Chris August's songs, they're e all amazing and this album is not an exception. With his beautiful voice and such peaceful melodie, "No Far Away" is another 5 stars album from Chris August.

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Beanie17 (52)

Great CD | Posted June 04, 2012
I first heard of Chris August when I heard his song "Stary Night." I loved and was really excited when I saw him with David Crowder*Band. He was amazing live and so I bought his CD. I have really enjoyed it. I also love "7x70" and his hilarious song about candy. I heard that live and it was so funny.

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Well Done | Posted May 16, 2011
This is one of those releases where I instantly enjoyed all the songs upon first listen. All of the songs were exceptionally well crafted with a lot of variety, rhythm, and almost instantly singable. It's great to have an album that is Christ centered that you can pop in and just enjoy listening to know matter what you are doing. There doesn't seem to be a weak song/filler moment on this release.

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chaiann (21)

Go check it out!! | Posted May 16, 2011
I had never heard of Chris August until I heard Starry Night and decided to check out what other stuff he had. I just recently bought both of his albums and I LOVE THEM!!!!

He is an extremely talented artist and has made some really amazing music. Go buy his music!! You won't be disappointed!!  :)

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Awesome album! | Posted March 29, 2011
I totally love this album. Probably the best first-album (from the artist) I've ever heard. Each song has such an intricate, yet powerful message. I love every song dearly. ;P My favorite's are "Starry Night" and "7x70". Chris is also awesome getting to hear live - Got to see him at Winter Jam. It was really awesome. He has a wonderful vibe (if you know what I mean.). Over all awesome album. Highly recommended!

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Loving Chris August is Easy :) | Posted January 26, 2011
My cousin posted a video on facebook of him singing The Candy Song, and I thought it was funny and that he had a really good voice so...I looked him up on iTunes and I'm glad I did!! This whole album is so calming and I just love listing to it. I love the lyrics in Starry Night and Battle, and Loving You Is Easy and You and I are such sweet songs. For being his first album he did a really good job and I can't wait to hear more form him!

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Awesome album | Posted January 21, 2011
Although Chris' genre of music isn't necessarily my "go to" style of music I got his Album after meeting him and really being impressed with how down to earth he was. Most of the artists that I've met are personable but he really seemed to just want to meet people and relate to any one he could.

That being said let's actually get to the review of "No Far Away". The album is a good mix of songs that are smooth and easy to listen to and seem to come from personal experiences and are very relate-able. One prime example of this on this album is my personal favorite "Battle" which talks about the battle inside all of us between good and evil. The lyrics are deep and don't leave you feeling like there is something to be wanted but not so complex that you need a degree just to figure out what he is talking about. The best way I can sum this album up is this - this guy really knows how to write some good music.

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awesome! | Posted January 15, 2011
this album is truly awesome! it has spoken to me on so many different levels. i saw him at WinterJam. he is really good live and is very creative and musically talented. God has given him a great gift of ministry through song. my favorite song by him is a song entitled "want to be real" it has challenged me to be real in my life and christian walk with Christ! his album is really awesome!

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great music | Posted December 28, 2010
Great album man! also its awesome that i can get it on Zune Market. The music of this album comes together sweetly and perfectly. It is gelled and flows in a smooth and relaxing way that excites the spirit! great job

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Blown Away! | Posted December 14, 2010
I'm listening to this album on his website as I type this, I am ABSOLUTELY blown away. His music is so good, and he is so so talented! He is sending amazing messages of faith through his music. I just want to keep listening! It's amazing, if you can't afford to get the album, listen to it from his site like I'm doing, I'm pretty sure anyone that listens to it will love it!

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