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Sunrise To Sunset [edit]
by Paul Wright | Genre: Rap/Urban | Release Date: July 19, 2005

Paul Wright returns with his second album, Sunrise to Sunset. The hip hop flavored singer/songwriter offers more soon-to-be hits including "Heaven", "Come Around", "Spirit Move", and more.

Track Listing
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01. Heaven
02. From Sunrise to Sunset
03. Take This Life
04. Come Around
05. I Can Feel Your Love
06. Spirit Move
07. Resurrection
08. Walking on Water (Surfah Girl)
09. Acoustic Rhymes
10. Thank You

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art10 (115)

Mr. Wright Does It Right | Posted August 16, 2007
After Mr. Wright's stellar debut album, his sophomore had high expectations. However, there are some changes. Mainly the limiting of genres. The debut had a colorful cornucopia of genres, half of the genres, or more, have been cut. Another interesting thing is there's not many songs you can compare to the debut, totally different. There's no songs like "Rock The Show" "You're Beautiful", or "Brighter".

The first five songs really take off on the beach theme introduced in the debut, and incorporate them in worship tracks, rap tracks, and in fact, the whole album would play nice at the beach. "Heaven" is the first, and one of the best tracks off the album. The song is catchy, great musically, and a real winner for Mr. Wright. I don't quite get the meaning of "Come Around", but it's a fast paced song sure to keep you tapping your feet.

Tracks 5-7 are some unique tracks in that I've never heard anything like them before. "Resurrection" is by far the weirdest, with a just plain weird. It's hard to tell if it works, but it's not one of those songs that isn't going to make you feel rosy. I'm not saying it's a bad song, it's just very different. In this section is also a great hidden track, "Burrito Boy". Think it sounds rude? Well, if you eat at Taco Bell with any regularity, then you'll love the song.

The last three songs lean more to the style of the first few tracks, and "Surfah Girl" is easily one of the highlights of the album. "Thank You" is also a great worship song, improving from the worship song he did on the debut.

Overall, besides tracks 5-7, this album is pretty darn good. A little short, and a little weird in the middle, but Mr. Wright still knows how to make music. I just wish he could've had more songs with other types of music.

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[= [= [= [= | Posted February 03, 2009
This CD was amazing.
It is one of my favorites....


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skyve (56)

Amazing | Posted October 05, 2008
This album, I think, is one of the best from Paul.
I enjoyed listening to every song.
My fav song was 'From Sunrise To Sunset"
the meaning of the song is so true and pure.

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Yep, I really liked this one!... | Posted December 25, 2007
I actually listened to this one I think it was like 3 times in a row! I especially loved the song, "Take This Life". It is awesome! YAY! Paul Wright! Some of you may have even heard some of these wonderful songs on the radio! I think I've even heard "Walking on Water(surfah girl)" somewhere before. I liked it too! God bless ya Paul Wright in all your next endeavors! :)

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dreambig (120)

Sunrise to Sunset | Posted September 10, 2007
oh my goodness! I love this album soo much! Paul's got a great voice. and catchy tunes. it's awesome!

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