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The Light Meets The Dark [edit]
by Tenth Avenue North | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: May 11, 2010

Rarely has a new band delivered an album with more emotional punch than Tenth Avenue North’s 2008 debut Over and Underneath. Musically inventive and lyrically compelling, the collection helped earn the band the New Artist of the Year accolade at the 2009 Dove Awards. Needless to say their 2010 sophomore album is one of the most highly anticipated albums of the year. With one listen to The Light Meets The Dark, it becomes obvious the band has taken a bold next step on their musical journey. Once again the songs are poignant and powerful, and in recording the new tunes, the band brings a more seasoned level of musicianship and intensity, honed from relentless touring.

“It’s been kind of crazy I guess when you think about it,” Mike says with a smile. “In a lot of ways, we don’t feel like anything has changed. When we get up on a stage, more people are there to see us play and more people are familiar with the songs, but the objective really hasn’t changed. The objective is for people to encounter truth and be changed.”

Track Listing
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01. Healing Begins
02. Strong Enough To Save
03. You Are More
04. The Truth Is Who You Are
05. All The Pretty Things
06. Any Other Way
07. On And On
08. Heart's Safe (A Better Way)
09. House Of Mirrors
10. Empty My Hands
11. Oh My Dear

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Tenth Avenue North [The Light Meets The Dark] | Posted May 11, 2010
In the two years since its national label debut with Over And Underneath, Tenth Avenue North has become a radio fixture with back to back hit songs ?Love Is Here? and ?By Your Side? and back to back Dove Awards for New Artist of the year and Song of the year. Tenth Avenue North?s anticipated sophomore project, The Light Meets the Dark, is a great collection of confessional and authentic expressions of faith. It appears that the success of the band has allowed them to creatively express themselves and for me that has really paid off with an improved second album. The album?s themes are brokenness, healing and mercy. Once again the songs are poignant and powerful, and in recording the new tunes, the band brings a more seasoned level of musicianship and intensity, reminding me of Robbie Seay Band, Coldplay and Seabird lyrically and musically.

The first single ?Healing Begins? encapsulates the theme of the new album. It?s where the title of the record comes from. It?s basically about confession -- confessing your sins to one another that you might be healed, which is a scary thing to do. You can believe in God and love God, but confessing the things that you keep secret and hold on to -- that keep you tied to your past and weigh you down --confessing those things is not easy. The opening four tracks, all released as singles already, are all among the best songs I?ve heard on any album in the past few years. ?Strong Enough To Save? and ?You Are More? kept me hooked lyrically as Mike?s vocals are very engaging and I was able to relate to every theme. ?The Truth Is Who You Are? really grabbed me musically as the guitar part at the end of the song reminds me of ?Fix You? by Coldplay, one of my all-time favorite songs. ?Empty My Hands? is a gorgeous ballad and the closing track ?Oh My Dear? is a story-song written from Mike to his wife about her confession to him.

Lead singer Mike Donehey describes The Light Meets the Dark this way: ?We wanted it to be a collision between our hearts and God?s truth. Sparks will fly. His grace collides with the dark inside of us. His blood can cover us and I?m trying to call people out and say ?Look, please do not hide your darkness. Expose that to the light.? I know that?s the scariest thought, but it?s where freedom and healing start to take place. It?s where it all starts to happen.?

The Light Meets the Dark is a great second album from a band that continues to improve. It will be hard to not rank this album in my top 10 albums of 2010. For me the stand-out songs are ?Healing Begins,? ?Strong Enough To Save,? ?You Are More,? ?The Truth Is Who You Are? and ?Empty My Hands.? With one listen to The Light Meets The Dark it is obvious Mike Donehey, Jeff Owen and Jason Jamison are taking a bold step forward on their musical journey.

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No Slump Here | Posted May 11, 2010
I anticipated this album to be so fantastic that I spent the $30 to pre-order the CD; boy was the wait and the order worth it. For the money, the pre-order package was nice. It included a T-shirt, the CD, an autographed cover, and a journal that covers the heart behind the songs. I tell you I first got excited for this CD when they starting putting out video journals that correlated to the songs on this CD. It is hard to miss the passion and the heart of the band on this album. The album starts off strong with "Healing Begins (one my favorites)," "Strong Enough to Save," "You Are More," and "The Truth is Who You are." While the next songs are great in lyric content, style, and mixing, the strongest and the best songs are "House of Mirrors," and "Empty My Hands." I don't know of other listeners of this CD pick up the call of being transparent and putting the past behind you to the live in Christ theme, because it is all over this album. And I love the concept. If the summer keeps going this way (MercyMe last week, this Cd this week), I am going to go broke. I suggest buying this album, and I will tell you that you won't be disappointed.

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Wonderful | Posted January 03, 2014
"The Light Meets the Dark" entered my music listening with a bang. Combined with the album "Over and Underneath", my play list was unchanging for weeks. Over all, this album is amazing and it can speak wonders into people's life.

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Tenth Avenue North <3 | Posted August 31, 2012
I love love love Tenth Avenue North!! Their song writing abilities and their amazing talent never cease to amaze me! I love this album and have been enjoying it as I wait for their newest album to be released! 

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The Light Meets the Dark - an antithesis, but more importantly a reminder of God's open arms of acceptance despite our flawed nature. | Posted June 01, 2012
The Light Meets The Dark is an album which is a great expression of artistic talent with the focal message of complete surrender to God in everything we do. That, I believe, is the epitome of moving from the Darkness of life into the Light, and these songs have the capacity to touch deeply those hearts which are receptive of the meaningful lyrics.

Healing Begins is one of my particular favourites since the song encompasses the very sentiment of giving our all to God. The healing of our heart, our brokenness and our spirits can only begin when we surrender all to God through His Son Jesus.

Tenth Avenue North is a group of young men dedicated to serving our Almighty God and it is so  encouraging to see that their message is really making an impact ,and The Light Meets The Dark is a true reflection of that.

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pacemaker (319)

great album | Posted March 17, 2011
 the light meets the dark...the best second album any group has ever come out with. i love the heart of these guys.

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Tenth Avenue North | Posted January 20, 2011
This CD was the best I've heard. It has awesome songs, and I could listen to it over and over and over. Tenth Avenue North did well on this CD and I would be glad to listen to other CD's of theirs.

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amazing album | Posted August 01, 2010
Tenth avenue north's first album seemed to be packed full of worshipful songs that were loud like love is here and by your side. This album is different. There's a quieter, more subtle feel to the songs on this album. Lyrically, they have greatly improved and input incredible messages into songs like You are More and Oh my Dear. The messages are amazing and the sound is incredible. If you are expecting Over and Underneath then don't buy it. But if you want an incredible album, then do.

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Great CD | Posted June 04, 2010
I'll start off by stating that I am not one to pass judgment on music. To me, I either like them or not, and I usually can not explain why I do or don't. So, if you're looking for a review as to how the music is... this isn't it. What this review is will be my take on the cd.

This is the first time I've listened to an album or a song by Tenth Avenue North. Initially, listening to Healing Begins, I felt that it was just alright. Nothing special. Just another good, decent Christian song out there. Nothing worth keeping or even checking out.

But listening to it a few more times, the lyrics started drawing me in. The music, combined with the lyrics was what pushed the song beyond just another decent song. So, I felt that it earned a check out at the local Christian bookstore. And again, the music was decent. Nothing special. Nothing that automatically drew me in. But it was the lyrics that empowered each song, and ultimately the album. "You Are More" was the clincher for me.

I definitely recommend this cd as I feel it'll be one cd that I'll end up grabbing every so often for years to come.

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LauraCC (255)

Follow up | Posted May 22, 2010
The title track seems a little too fast-paced, but there's no mistaking the lyrical depth of these songs. "All The Pretty Things" "The Truth Is Who You Are" "You Are More" and "Empty My Hands" are my favorites. I love the worshipful songs TAN does best, and was hoping for more like their debut. :) Mike's voice is emotional.

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Awesome Return | Posted May 15, 2010
When I first got to hear Tenth Avenue North I was blown away. Their music was like no other in my mind. They have a truly fantastic way of showing their love for god. The Light Meets the Dark is another hit. I love every single song on the album. It is hard just to choose one song. Thank you guys for this great new music.

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