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Posted May 11, 2010
By hebrews1316,

I anticipated this album to be so fantastic that I spent the $30 to pre-order the CD; boy was the wait and the order worth it. For the money, the pre-order package was nice. It included a T-shirt, the CD, an autographed cover, and a journal that covers the heart behind the songs. I tell you I first got excited for this CD when they starting putting out video journals that correlated to the songs on this CD. It is hard to miss the passion and the heart of the band on this album. The album starts off strong with "Healing Begins (one my favorites)," "Strong Enough to Save," "You Are More," and "The Truth is Who You are." While the next songs are great in lyric content, style, and mixing, the strongest and the best songs are "House of Mirrors," and "Empty My Hands." I don't know of other listeners of this CD pick up the call of being transparent and putting the past behind you to the live in Christ theme, because it is all over this album. And I love the concept. If the summer keeps going this way (MercyMe last week, this Cd this week), I am going to go broke. I suggest buying this album, and I will tell you that you won't be disappointed.

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