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The Light Meets the Dark - an antithesis, but more importantly a reminder of God's open arms of acceptance despite our flawed nature.
Posted June 01, 2012
By koolz94,

The Light Meets The Dark is an album which is a great expression of artistic talent with the focal message of complete surrender to God in everything we do. That, I believe, is the epitome of moving from the Darkness of life into the Light, and these songs have the capacity to touch deeply those hearts which are receptive of the meaningful lyrics.

Healing Begins is one of my particular favourites since the song encompasses the very sentiment of giving our all to God. The healing of our heart, our brokenness and our spirits can only begin when we surrender all to God through His Son Jesus.

Tenth Avenue North is a group of young men dedicated to serving our Almighty God and it is so  encouraging to see that their message is really making an impact ,and The Light Meets The Dark is a true reflection of that.

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