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Satellites & Sirens [edit]
by Satellites & Sirens | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: March 02, 2010

After two successful digital EPs, Satellites & Sirens made their national full-length Word Records debut on March 2, 2010. Their sound is a modern take on the popular synth-pop of the 80’s, blending synthesizers with rock guitars overtop of interesting grooves. The meaning behind the band’s name is symbolic of their ministry: SATELLITES - heavenly bodies that circle the world, observing and advising it; and SIRENS - emanators of loud warnings and calls to action. Satellites & Sirens’ goal is to hear God’s message and loudly proclaim it to the kids of today’s generation.

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Track Listing
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01. Breaking The Noise
02. Come On
03. Take Me Back
04. Anchor
05. Light The Night
06. All The Same
07. All We Need Is Sound
08. Escape
09. Vaudevillian
10. Hello, Don't Go

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piano89 (45)

Satellites & Sirens | Posted March 09, 2010
Newcomers to the Christian music scene, Satellites & Sirens came together in quite an unconventional way, via Craigslist. Not only can you find a house, a job, and various other things on Craigslist, but apparently you can form a band too. Despite the band’s unorthodox beginnings, Satellites & Siren’s debut album fits right in with the current synth-infused rock fad.

Satellites & Sirens moves through an array of topics on its debut. The ethereal “Breaking the Noise” struggles to discern God’s voice above the noise of this world. “All The Same” emphasizes that fame won’t “matter when we’re in the grave.” “Light The Night” stresses the importance of unity and reaching out to others. The fast-paced “All We Need Is Sound” urges listeners to stand up for their beliefs because “time is burning out.” While the messages presented are positive, a few songs are somewhat left open to interpretation with the constant, vague use of “You.” Although, there are subtle hints as to whom “You” is. “Take Me Back” could very well be describing a romantic relationship until the line “Now I’m falling at your feet/And now you’re reaching to rescue me.” It’s not explicit, but probably implies that the “You” in the song is God.

Musically, Satellites & Sirens should appeal to a wide audience. There is a distinctive 80’s synth influence, but it’s not so overwhelming as to overshadow the band’s rock edge. Each song is instantly likeable, with hook-laden and anthemic-driven melodies.

Satellites & Sirens will certainly start some noise with this debut. While there are a few indistinct spots message-wise, overall the album is uplifting.

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username2 (376)

4/5 | Posted December 18, 2011
At first listen you could compare the sound of Satellites & Sirens to that of Eleventyseven.  Both bands contain those catchy pop rock/synth songs but even though Eleventyseven sticks to what works, Satellites & Sirens is not afraid to branch out a bit.  The first half of their debut album sounds like Eleventyseven and, in turn, comes off a bit too generic.  The second half is where things really pick up as they incorporate some more rock driven sounds amist their synths.  The musical diversity found here gives me a sense that the band is able to create something really unique but is still trying to work towards it.  This self-titled debut album is more of a test for them to see if we want more.  After listening, I know I do.

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Two Words: Epic Win! | Posted March 25, 2010
This album is an amazing combination of beautiful sounds and clever lyrics. My favorite songs have got to be "Come On" and "Anchor". I don't think their songs will ever come out of my head now...and I don't think I want them to :)

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Impressive!! | Posted February 05, 2010
Since there hasn't really been much new music in a while, I decided to take a chance and get this off itunes. And I'm really glad I did!
I didn't know much about this band, but I had heard the songs Breaking The Noise and Anchor before and liked them so I took the notion to get the whole album.
The first thing that came to mind to compare the electronic-fused pop/punk sound of this album was eleventyseven's "Galactic Conquest" album...which I absolutely LOVE. So naturally I would like this :)

Most songs keep the same kind of sound. This means that if the album were any more than 10 tracks, it would probably get boring pretty fast. Usually, I like albums with 13-ish songs, but I think this one actually benefits from having less tracks.
The songs on here are VERY catchy and will get stuck in your head! All of the highlights come on the second half of the disc...All We Need Is Sound, All The Same, Vaudevillain, and Hello Don't Go.
The only real misstep on here is the song Take Me Back. It's the average ballad that every pop/punk band thinks they absolutely HAVE to include on their album. Here, it's by far the weakest track of the 10.

Keep your eyes and ears out, 'cause 2010 is Satellites & Sirens' year!

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