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Posted February 05, 2010
By singersmartguy17,

Since there hasn't really been much new music in a while, I decided to take a chance and get this off itunes. And I'm really glad I did!
I didn't know much about this band, but I had heard the songs Breaking The Noise and Anchor before and liked them so I took the notion to get the whole album.
The first thing that came to mind to compare the electronic-fused pop/punk sound of this album was eleventyseven's "Galactic Conquest" album...which I absolutely LOVE. So naturally I would like this :)

Most songs keep the same kind of sound. This means that if the album were any more than 10 tracks, it would probably get boring pretty fast. Usually, I like albums with 13-ish songs, but I think this one actually benefits from having less tracks.
The songs on here are VERY catchy and will get stuck in your head! All of the highlights come on the second half of the disc...All We Need Is Sound, All The Same, Vaudevillain, and Hello Don't Go.
The only real misstep on here is the song Take Me Back. It's the average ballad that every pop/punk band thinks they absolutely HAVE to include on their album. Here, it's by far the weakest track of the 10.

Keep your eyes and ears out, 'cause 2010 is Satellites & Sirens' year!

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