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Born Again Special Preview EP [edit]
by Newsboys | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: January 05, 2010

This special preview EP gives people who go the Winter Jam '10 tour (which Newsboys is in) 5 songs from Newsboys' upcoming June 8th release Born Again. This is the first album with Tait (new lead singer after Furler quits), so it's sure to be exciting!

Produced by The Write Brothers (Juan Otero & Seth Mosley).

Track Listing
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01. Born Again
02. On Your Knees
03. (When the Boys) Light Up
04. I'll Be
05. One Shot

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Good for it's time | Posted March 30, 2011
A release that was good for it's time but would prefer to pick up the full release at this point.

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pacemaker (319)

great album | Posted March 29, 2011
 born again and light up are probably the best two songs on this prelease ep. it's great.

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pacemaker (319)

great album | Posted March 19, 2011
 i downloaded this album online over 2 months before it was released. it gives you a great taste for the full album.

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:D | Posted March 10, 2011
Love this! Awesome songs. The Newsboys ROCK!

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Missing Peter but still good | Posted April 05, 2010
So like alot of artists over the years Newsboys have devloped a certin sound that has rocked the Christian music scene. When i got the new EP i was both excited and dissapointed. As far as music goes its great! Simple yet catchy which is a good way to intraduce the new member Michael Tait. But there in lies the problem, Michael Tait. Dont get me wrong i love Michael and have since DC Talk days and i was excited to get to hear him again. But without the Austrailian sound from Peter the album was lacking a little. Its good music, and a very good way to transfer over with simple music to get people jucies flowing but anyone expecting a old Newsboys sound will be outta luck.

Born Again 4/5- Great lyrics yet it has a theme that has been repeated to death in Christian music, however the instramental and vocal aspects of it make up for the worn out theme.

On Your Knees 4/5- A great ballad slow and with a great messege but i just couldnt get into this one that much still good though.

When The Boys Light Up 3/5- Odd lyrics and a beat that they've aready used to many times but the fact that it's about Tait joining them makes up for that.

I'll Be 3.5/5- It was good but slow and once again a worn out theme with simple lyrics. However Taits incredible range on this one makes up for the other stuff.

One Shot 4.5/5- Possibly my favorite track on the whole thing, once agian a worn out theme but made freash by lyrics that i havent seen before and a great way to refresh the theme. Also the beat is great.

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Great | Posted February 25, 2010
The Born Again ep released by the Newsboys is a great taste of whats to come! Even though I already loved the first single released with Tait as lead singer ("Glorius") I was still very curios to how the new music would sound with Tait lyrics as well and I was blown away. From the first track "Born Again" I could already tell I was gonna like it,and the next track "On Your Knees" proved my feelings even more! The ep also comes with three other songs including "When the Boys Light Up" which makes you just wanna get up and dance to it. I highly recommend the Born Again ep release,a release that builds up alot of anticipation for the full length release coming in June.

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Addicted | Posted February 21, 2010
I got the EP yesterday and I think it's awesome. I can't stop listening to it. I am gonna miss Peter Furler, but Michael Tait is not a downgrade. He's an upgrade. My favorites are Born Again and Light Up. Light Up speaks out light vs dark. I love the lyrics, When we walk in His footsteps, It's a brighter day, When we follow His word, He lights the way, When we lift up His banner and raise it high, We light up the sky. The entire EP is awesome. Tait makes a great transition. I can't wait for their full album!

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ted (1)

"new" Newsboys as Good as Ever | Posted February 01, 2010
Ever since Michael Tait joined Newsboys, there has been much anticipation to hear what the new Newsboys would sound like. That time has come with the Born Again EP which has 5 songs off the upcoming full release of the same title. The EP kicks off with the title track which is boldly named pronouncing not only the status of a Christ follower's life, but the rebirth of Newsboys themselves. Born Again is a classic pop/rock anthem featuring the unmistakable driving guitar of Jody Davis that dominates the song and never lets up. Tait's vocals boldly proclaim 'This is what it is/This is who I am/This is where I finally take my stand/I didn't want to fall/but I don't have to crawl/I met the one with two scarred hands/Givin' Him the best of/Everything that's left of/The life inside this man.' "One Shot" is stylistically similar to "Born Again," and is also forefronted by a raw guitar sound but backs off in the verses and the bridge where keys and synths take over. Davis' voice harmonize well with Tait and it's nice to finally hear Jody's backing vocals prominently for the first time since Love Liberty Disco. Lyrically "One Shot" reminds us that everyone just has 'one shot/to prove what they're all about.' Both "Born Again" and "One Shot" are songs that are clearly Newsboys with their full sound and in-your-face lyrics that beg to be sung along to.

"On Your Knees" and "I'll Be" are more mid-tempo pop/rock ballads. "On Your Knees" reminds me of classic Newsboys ballads such as "Million Pieces," "Believe," or "Beautiful Sound." While musically it is slightly generic in the verses, Michael Tait's vocal work carries the song to an amazing bridge where the song really shines and more distinctive sounds come out. "I'll Be" is a song sung from God to the listener with strong encouragement of 'You will find me at the point of your breaking/behind all the noise/when your world is darkest I can still see/'cause when there's nothing left/I'll be.' Musically "I'll Be" is beautiful with prominent string work that is reminiscent of Jeff Frankenstein's string arrangements on Love Liberty Disco and multiple Newsboys remixes, amazing vocals from Tait, and perfectly placed backing vocals, that unfortunately are Tait's and not Jody Davis'. Both of these songs feel like they would fit onto an album of Michael Tait's short-lived band "Tait," but at the same time are not at all out of place on a Newsboys record.

The weakest song from the Born Again EP is certainly "When the Boys Light Up." Musically the song is an interesting mix of hip-hop and pop/rock and it somehow works pretty well. It would fit right in on a TobyMac album and it is hard not to want sing along with and bob your head with the beat. The issue with ""Light Up" is in the lyrics. The second verse directly references Tait's entry into the band and how the 'boys are back for the second act.' I have never been a big fan of artists that write songs that are about their own success as "Light Up" does. The song is clear that their success if from God and that the band is only the 'conduit,' but it still takes little creativity to write songs like this and listeners do not relate to having the success of a major recording artist. This problem is magnified that Newsboys last two albums have featured songs with similar messages in "Wherever We Go," and "The Way We Roll." Also, while some of the lyrics of the song are pretty clever (I suspect Steve Taylor had a hand in them) others fall flat such as 'up and down like a yo-yo, mama."

Overall the Born Again EP is an excellent collection of music. The music and production is top notch and offers a good mix of harder in-your-face songs as well as more encouraging pop songs and even some hip-hop thrown in. Lyrically the EP is not quite as strong as it is musically as it at times lacks some creativity, but overall the lyrics are still quite good with both strong proclamations of what it means to be Christians as well as thoughtful and inspiring encouragements. If the rest of Born Again is as good as the songs on the EP, it should be an album that is hard not to select on your digital media player.

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Born Again | Posted February 01, 2010
This Born Again special EP is amazing! I can't wait for the whole album! Michael Tait brings so much energy and a slightly new sound to an old and beloved group; it's almost like a new beginning! These songs are full of great messages for Christians everywhere! The Title track has so much energy and great lyrics. This is a CD anyone would enjoy; and I would highly recommend adding to your collection!

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justink (115)

Wow. | Posted January 21, 2010
This transition has not produced what I thought it would produce: good music. Tait no doubt is a great and versatile vocalist. but you can't make poor lyrics sound good with mediocre music.

Born Again- sounds like a B-side from High School Musical: The Redeemed years. Seriously, I could hear Zac Efron singing this song.

On Your knees- no new message. mediocre music. a story about a girl

Light Up- I got excited about it because I thought they may promoting smoking
(sarcasm- CCM needs scandal sometimes- just to spice up life)
I just like the "Where My Boys- Light Up Light UP! part. But it sounds like they stole this from Toby-Mac seriously. and you all know how i feel about tobymac

One Shot- Same thing- Ripped it from Tobymac. and there is a reference to twitter and facebook in the first minute. I couldn't listen to the rest of the song
horrible rhymes.

I'll Be- meh...

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