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Fight The Tide [edit]
by Sanctus Real | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: June 15, 2004

With their relentless touring, their intense fan-following, and their aggressive yet accessible rock, Sanctus Real has established themselves as one of Christian Music's most compelling and diversified Rock and Roll bands. Affectively communicating to fans their faith in Christ, the band challenges the youth of today with a positive message blended with rock guitars and pop vigilance. Now, Sanctus Real returns with their sophomore release Fight The Tide, divulging the band's welcoming progression both lyrically and sonically. Features "Everything About You" and "Everyone's Everything."

Track Listing
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01. Everything About You
02. The Fight Song
03. Alone
04. Things Like You (Everyone's Everything)
05. Closer
06. Change Me
07. The Show
08. Message
09. Deeds
10. You Can't Hide
11. Where Will They Go
12. Say Goodbye

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Sanctus Real Offers Some Great Rock | Posted May 14, 2010
Sanctus Real's national sophmore release shot them into Christian Rock fame, and rightfully so. The album is a nonstop fun ride.

It kicks off with the exciting riffs of the energetic and praising single, "Everything About You" and proceeds to go into hit after hit, with awesome rock songs like "The Fight Song," "Alone," "Things Like You," and "Closer." Sanctus Real really has a winner on their hands.

The rest of the album is great too, providing musical gems like "Change Me," and "The Show," as well as the thought provoking "Deeds." Every song is good, even if not all measure up to the highlights.

It's easy to see why people started to notice Sanctus Real after this album. It was just that good.

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Nathan (188)

Sanctus real | Posted February 06, 2008
Sanctus Reals' second album, Fight the Tide, consists of 12 songs plus an alternate version of "everything about you", and a whole lot of fun. The music is pretty much rock but what makes this album stand out is the lyrics.

The rock is nothing that has not been done before, and it does not get that heavy. The First song is the single "everything about you" is about as hard as it gets, but the single "closer" is about as hard, both have good sounds. Some of the songs are a little quirky musical wise such as "Deeds" and the single "the fight song" both a best of the album. "Alone", Message, and "you can't hide" are all up-paced songs which are all solid.

Sanctus Real does a tremendous job with the chorus of the songs, and while some start out dull they pick up and songs like awesome "the show" will have the phrase "you stole the show" stuck in heads. The hit single "Things like you" is a funs song to listen to. "say goodbye" is the best among the softer songs on the album ("where will they go", and "change me"). The alternate version on "everything about you" is only an acoustic version and takes something away from the song.

The lyrics make the songs all the more fun to listen to. Clever writing goes with clever song in the case of "deeds" and "the fight song" which have spectacular lyrics". When it comes to the singles "Closer" and "everything about you" are nice but a little shallow, but "things like you" is a treasure. "Message is also good, and for the most part the entire album is the same way.

A real treat, and while Sanctus Real doesn't have the best doesn't have the best music the lyrics over comes that aspect. Fight the Tide is an album that is an album that has a lot of good singles, but is even better as a whole.

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Awesome Album!!! | Posted October 14, 2010
Even after a couple of years, I still love to listen to this album daily. It is such an inspiring work and such an encouragement to me in my walk with Christ!

The song "Change Me" really speaks to our ability to allow God to work in our lives to accomplish His will. It addresses our need to search our own lives to look for places where we are not measuring up to God's plan for our lives.

The song "The Show" just amazes me. It really gives you a new way of looking at the Day of Pentecost. Wow, I would've loved to be there to see that!!!

Altogether, it's an awesome album!

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Good | Posted March 02, 2010
Sanctus Real will never be able to reach the skill in Say It Loud but they can come close like in this album which has some good songs and does make you want more of there melodic rock pop sound.

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username2 (375)

Amazing | Posted December 27, 2008
This follow up to their debut album is steller. The sound that was in the last album carries over to this album with even more energy thrown in. Even more of the classic Sanctus Real songs come from this album like "The Fight Song," "Alone," and "Everything About You." Definatly worth a purchase.

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Sanctus Real | Posted November 02, 2008
This is definitely my favorite cd that Sanctus Real has released! I know I'm reviewing this after the release of 2 newer records,but it's still my favorite! They rocked more on this record than any of the others!:-) My favorite songs are Alone,Deeds,The Fight Song,and The Show.This is a stellar cd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Leah (12)

fight the tide | Posted July 27, 2008
All of Sanctus Real`s albums are really good, but this is definitely my favorite!!!
I can`t even choose my favorite songs, I love every single one!

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Awesome CD | Posted February 15, 2008
This is the first album of theirs I bought, and I have to say when I think of Sanctus Real I think of "Alone", it's such an AWESOME song. Since then I've bought all of their other "label" records to date, "We Need Each Other" being the newest.(I can't find their 3 independent records for sale). But their going to have a hard time beating "Alone", although they have come close with some songs, maybe surpassed I don't know, they just have so many good songs, on this CD and others. Buy this CD, and their other ones!!!!

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jruss (2)

Freakin Amazing | Posted January 23, 2008
This band i had never heard of untill one day i decided to look up new bands. After listening to two songs bought this album and Face of love. Bes decision of my life. Amazing riffs and just to drool over drumming. Every song well crafted and all worshipping the saviour. good stuff

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:] | Posted January 06, 2008
i love sanctus real.
always have.
have all the cds.
and all autographed plus a couple of other things.

but this cd is definitely great.

the lyrics in this cd are totally solid and uplifting.

everything about you is one of my favorites for sure.

it's very upbeat and happy.

love it!

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Fight The Tide | Posted December 12, 2007
Sanctus Real has become one of my favorite bands lately with songs like "I'm Not Alright" and so many others. "Fight The Tide" is a very strong record. My personal favorite on the album is "Message", which encourages Christians to stand up before the world makes our faith against the law. Another great song is the #1 hit "Everything About You". Two more favorites of mine are "Things Like You" and "The Show".

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