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Attention [edit]
by Philmont | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: August 25, 2009

What happens when you fuse pop punk music with melodious vocals and lyrics that drive to the heart? Philmont’s debut full-length album, Attention. This North Carolina-based band found a way to mix these dangerous songwriting elements into a masterpiece of sound that is both complex and simple.

Yet, it’s their love for God that set them apart. Talking about the song “My Hippocratic Oath,” frontman Scott Taube said, “The song begins with someone who is very sick, but the good news is they can be easily and completely healed. Who wouldn’t say yes to that option? That’s how it is with Jesus. He offers to save us. We just have to enter into that relationship.”

Track Listing
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01. Hello, Jack
02. To Say They Hit It Off Would Be An Understatement
03. I Can't Stand To Fall
04. Another Name
05. The Difference
06. Back Down
07. Setting Off
08. Letter To The Editor
09. My Hippocratic Oath
10. Photosynthetic
11. Where To Start
12. The Terminal

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Nathan (188)

The Skinney | Posted September 16, 2009
After screwing around with EPs for most of the their career, Philmont’s has finally released their first full-length album. However five tracks on Attention were previously released on the 2008 Oh Snap! EP, and the band’s best punk rock song “Hello Jack” first debuted in 2007 on the Photosynthetic EP. So the up-and-coming punk band’s first big album turns out to be a half-original disappointment from a track listing stand point.

Sadly the project doesn’t sport any ground breaking tunes either. From the peppy electronically fueled “Back Down” to the poppy, corny “Setting Off” the musical merit falls somewhere between Stellar Kart and Everyday Sunday. However a few of the new tracks manage balance the disc with their soft, piano driven approaches as both the “Letter To The Editor” and the final ballad “The Terminal” are solid.

The best that Philmont has to offer was mainly in the Oh Snap! EP even when it came down to the lyrics. From the doctor/patient analogy of salvation in “My Hippocratic Oath” to the call to stand out as believer in “The Difference” (‘If You're really inside changing my life/You would shine, You would be evident’) the older songs easily overshadow the newer songs weaker songwriting. Although Attention is a fun, upbeat, album, the band has some distance to cover before they can be categorized with Hawk Nelson or even touch Relient K level.

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Attention | Posted April 05, 2011
The first time I heard this band was about 2 years ago, I heard their song 'The Difference' on this Music Video Channel called SteelRoots. Thought it was pretty good so my bro bought this album. Loved it! ( and still do.) They start this album out with 'Hello Jack' an upbeat song that lets you know what this band is all about. This song fades out with the guitar that eventually leads up to 'To Say They Hit it Off Would Be An Understatement' I personally like how the guitar sounds in this track. The next song is 'I Can't Stand to Fall Without You' think that song has great lyrics and I love the part where it's just the acoustic playin by itself. After that comes 'Another Name', I'm not too fond of that one, but we never know the stories behind these songs so who am I to judge...
Afterwards, we got 'The Difference' and 'Back Down' now these two are my personal favorites, I don't know if it's how well the songs were put together or the super creative music videos or even both, but either way LOVE EM! :) Soon after, we have 'Setting Off' I like these lyrics and they get stuck in  my head at times. Then we have 'Letter to the Editor'. Now that song I like! When I first came to the Lord I asked Him to "tear out these pages and rewrite my story" and that's what He did, so this song is a constant reminder to that day. This song then leads to 'My Hippocratic Oath'! OH MY GOSH!!! I honestly can't point out what it is about this song that makes it my favorite from this album, but I just LOVE it and everything about it! Track 10 is 'Photosynthetic', now this song, I don't really know what to say, I mean it's good, lyrics, instruments (gazoos, I was suprised they put that in here too) I just don't really have a thing for on going songs, I think that's what happened there. I actually like the lyrics in 'Where to Start'. That song used to always get stuck in my head. This album closes with 'The Terminal' I actually like this song cause Scott sings high pitched.

I also recommend this band cause of their very creative music videos. Truely amazing what imagination can do! :)

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username2 (378)

4.5/5 | Posted July 07, 2010
In my mind Philmont is another one of those bands that seemed to come out of nowhere and wow me with their musical style. Their debut EP Oh Snap really got me excited for a full length album. Well now that full length album is here and it continues the amazing style that was introduced on the Oh Snap EP. Every song that was on that EP is on this album and they are placed well in amongst the 7 brand new songs. Some people would probably be put off by the fact that Philmont sounds just like any other pop punk band, and I agree with that, but this album has everything that makes that kind of album enjoyable to listen to. It's got catchy melodies, fast guitar riffs, and generally feels like you are in a party like atmosphere. If you enjoyed the Oh Snap EP you need to find a copy of this album immediately. You'll love it even more. I know I did.

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sixer (7)

A Great debut full-length cd | Posted January 25, 2010
This is a great start to their full-length career. They give you even more great and catchy songs to sing along with and enjoy. They add seven new songs to their previously loved songs. I love this band!

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AMAZING! | Posted January 08, 2010
This cd is an amazing one! All the songs are great[which is rare for a cd], and I've haven't stopped listening to it since I got it! My favorite songs are: Hello Jack, I Can't Stand to Fall, The Difference, and Back Down :D They're music reminds me of a mix of Relient K, Run Kid Run, and Capital Lights. It's a great buy[usually only $7.99 in stores and on itunes{on itunes it includes the videos}] Check it out!

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