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The Best Night Of Our Lives [edit]
by Everyday Sunday | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: June 16, 2009

Following its hit-filled Inpop Records debut, which produced Radio & Records' 2007 Rock Song of the Year (Wake Up! Wake Up! ) as well as two No. 1 radio singles, Ohio-based Everyday Sunday returns with an all-new offering, Best Night of Our Lives, June 16, 2009. Produced by Mark Lee Townsend (Relient K, Jennifer Knapp, Supertones) and mixed by JR McNeely (Paramore, Jeremy Camp, tobyMac), the project finds Everyday Sunday exploring a more aggressive rock approach with booming sounds, high-energy vocals and bold lyrics. The disc includes title track "Best Night of Our Lives" about life-long friendship, "Breathing for Me, an anthem of surrender, the passionate plea "Where I Ended," and acoustic song, "Here With Me," among others. A festival favorite and Acquire The Fire touring artist, Everyday Sunday will encourage fans to rock across the nation this summer.

Track Listing
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01. The Best Night of Our Lives
02. Under Your Thumb
03. Lies and Fear Go Hand in Hand
04. Breathing For Me
05. Where I Ended
06. Figure It Out
07. Pity the Man Who Falls and Has No One to Help Him Up
08. Come Around
09. Here With Me
10. In the End
11. Reprise

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Two statements are true concerning Everyday Sunday’s latest, Best Night of Our Lives. First, the guys are clearly comfortable and settled in their own artistic skin. Second, they’re having as much fun as ever. These two facets combine to create ES’s best work yet.

The high energy of former releases like Wake Up! Wake Up! is definitely present here on Best Night, so those Relient K and Jimmy Eat World comparisons still hold. Yet there’s a cohesion and lack of “look at me” antics that showcase a band with a solid platform. The songwriting, especially on title track “Where I Ended” and “Figure It Out,” blends mature themes with tight, appropriate musicianship. And speaking of music, there’s plenty to love here.

The frenetic riffs of “Under Your Thumb” immediately catch your attention, while “Lies and Fear Go Hand in Hand” keeps the relentless energy moving through the album’s first four tracks. Trey Pearson’s vocals remain earnest without going overboard, and he really comes into his own on the slower tracks.

“Where I Ended” sounds a tad like Aaron Sprinkle’s band, Fair (especially with the lyrical line, “I was just starting to come unglued”), and even more like Graham Colton. It’s the halfway-point ballad that works best on vinyl and serves as the album’s anchor—a surefire hit on multiple radio formats. Ultimately, it proves Everyday Sunday handles both the fast and the slow with equal precision and skill. —Matt Conner

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Nathan (188)

Tonight might not be the best night of Everyday Sunday's lives | Posted June 22, 2009
An important quality that all great artists must possess is the ability to look at the flaws of a previous album, learn from them, and then improve on the flaws with their next project. Many Christian artists may never get a chance to take the first step, but Everyday Sunday’s skill to rise above a below average album (Their sophomore album with Flicker records Anthems for the Imperfect) to create their great debut with InPop records Wake Up! Wake Up! should have made them stronger and hopefully prevented them from returning to mediocre. Sadly that is not the case with Everyday Sunday’s latest album Best Night of Our Lives.

The three words which best describe Best Night of Our Lives are, good, underwhelming, and unoriginal. Almost every single song on the album is saturated with standard upbeat pop rock songs with very few twists and a lack of complex beats. In some cases the band simply alters the tone slightly to add a more melodic pop edge similar to that of Ruth (“Where I Ended” is the prime example). The fast paced music, which included a punk edge, that reined in Wake Up! Wake Up! and made it an infectious CD is recycled here and reproduced in a laid-back, unmemorable fashion.

The title track contains a good pop rock chorus which is nice but won’t overwhelm fans, while “Under your thumb” is a little catchier as it throws together more up-tempo music which is only used for some head-shaking to the music. The more intense rock song "Lies and Fear Go Hand in Hand" isn’t terribly diverse or original even though lead singer Trey Pearson tries to give the song a shot in the arm and the pop rock used in “Breathing For Me” is progressive but it lacks a cutting edge element for it to stick out. Get the rhythm yet? The rest of the album follows the same path with almost zero strays even though the instrumental finale “Reprise (Where I Ended)” is a nice interlude for those who are not board and take another listen.

Fortunately the lyrics are at the best they have ever been as Everyday Sunday has shown a desire to progress in their song writing skills rather than falling back on clichés. The backsliding of friends causes the singer to consider ‘I see the evidence/And watch you ride the fence/So convincingly/And it is killing me/What happened through the years/To cause this change of gears’ on "Lies and Fear Go Hand in Hand." The idea of making everyday worthwhile is relatively basic concept for the title track but the lyrics do venture out on issues like our depraved state combined with our need for Christ (“Breathing For Me”), and being a persistent friend when the time comes (“Come Around”). Also, Christian should relate well to the biblically inspired songs “Pity The Man Who Falls And Has No One To Help Him Up”, and “Here With Me.”

As a fan of Everyday Sunday, I found it difficult getting into the generic pop rock tunes that made up Best Night of Our Lives. The music wasn’t bad but rather simply bland. Although Anthems for the Imperfect was a very poorly done CD in most areas that CD is more listenable than The Best Night of Our Lives. This time around Everyday Sunday has re-climb the ground they gained from Wake Up! Wake Up! and while that might seem hard, the band has the tools to give fans something fresh and relevant.

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art10 (115)

Did They Take A Sunday Afternoon Nap? | Posted June 16, 2009
Everyday Sunday has stayed remarkably consistent throughout their lineup changes, but if you look closer, they've been on the decline since their debut, with "Wake Up! Wake Up!" not holding up nearly as well as when it was first released. So, is "Best Night of Our Lives" the best night or album of their lives? Unfortunately, no.

Highlights Include:
Under Your Thumb
Where I Ended
Here With Me

It seems that with this album Everyday Sunday is just going through the radio-friendly motions that made them so popular the last time around. And of course, going through the motions is rarely remembered, lest good. But that doesn't mean the album isn't good, because the songs have the recipe down. The problem is that it just doesn't feel the same, and something's missing. In fact, even a few hours after I had listened to the album, I had forgotten most of the songs.

Maybe I'm too critical, or maybe I just need it to grow on me, but I'm just not feeling the songs or the energy this time around. Whether or not you buy this album is really a hit or miss decision. It's not bad, it's not great, it's just ok this Sunday, or any other day for that matter.

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piano89 (45)

Best Night Of Our Lives | Posted June 09, 2009
After a rather successful release on Inpop Records and a line-up change of every
member but the lead singer, Everyday Sunday presses on with their fourth major release,
Best Night Of Our Lives. Adding a little more rock edge than their previous effort, Best
Night Of Our Lives is a punk/rock record of sing-a-long lyrics and hook-laden melodies.

The album opens with the infectious, energetic title-track, which is perhaps the catchiest
song Everyday Sunday has ever penned. “Best Night Of Our Lives” reminds listeners to
make the most of a moment because change is inevitable.

The three following tracks maintain the same spunk and tempo as the first. However, all
fail to really stand out, offering generic and predictable guitar riffs.

“Where I Ended” slows down the pace, changing it up a bit by incorporating a little
piano. “This song is about seeing God come through, blessing us, and changing our lives
when we don’t deserve it. Everything we have has nothing to do with us or what we’ve
done, but God choosing to save us in spite of all our shortcomings,” says lead vocalist,
Trey Pearson.

“Pity the Man Who Falls And Has No One To Help Him Up” demonstrates the
importance of friendships in the Christian walk. The song title comes straight out of
Ecclesiastes 4:10 – “If one falls down, his friend can help him up. But pity the man who
falls and has no one to help him up!”

“Here With Me” was born out of the book of Job. Although Job was a righteous man, he
endured many trials; his children were killed, he lost his wealth, and he was plagued with
sores covering his body. Through his suffering, Job perseveres and learns how to put his
complete trust in the Lord. The song conveys that we should put our trust in the Lord no
matter what trials we endure.

The final musical venture on the album, “Reprise,” is an instrumental variation of “Where
I Ended.” The instrumental seems to be used as a cop out to extend the skimpy 35-
minute album, which might be excusable if the rest of the album didn’t already contain
several filler tracks.

While Best Night Of Our Lives may lack creativity and the quality production that Ian
Eskelin brought to Wake Up! Wake Up!, the album delves more into spiritual themes than
their previous effort. For those who were hoping for Everyday Sunday to show a little
more maturity in their lyricism, they will not be disappointed.

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New sound, same good music!! | Posted August 05, 2009
Everyday Sunday's new cd "The Best Night Of Our Lives" came out with a bang!! There title song came was free. Making there newest cd even more desirable and drawing a large range of people! Overall Everyday Sunday's newest cd was a smash hit that is enjoyable for everyone!!

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Different, but great sound | Posted July 11, 2009
After "Wake Up! Wake Up!" I knew I was hooked to Everyday Sunday. They had a unique sound and tons of energy. When I found out that they were Christian, I was even more stoked! While this album doesn't live up to their past releases, it is still a very good album. I was a bit disappointed at first, but after a while their catchy hooks grow on you. After about two listens, I was in love. It is just one of those albums you have to give a chance, even if it is different than the artist's earlier work.

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username2 (378)

On Par With Wake Up! Wake Up! | Posted June 30, 2009
Everyone knows that when band's release their breakout album it would be a tough act to release something better than that. That would be the case for this new release from Everyday Sunday. I wasn't expecting anything better from these guys and that is probably why I enjoyed this album a lot. The only difference compared from this album and their last is that the guitars are more aggresive sounding and I like that a lot. Trey Pearson's lyrics are always spot on. People who have heard Wake Up! Wake Up! and have that album in mind as they listen to this one will probably be disappointed but if you have heard Wake Up! Wake Up! and think about the aftermath of a breakout success will probably enjoy this album wholeheartedly as I did. Also, to people who haven't heard this band I would recommend picking this album up as it has a bunch of great songs that will surely get stuck in your head and will never leave.

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Jcorkum (17)

Another Solid Release... | Posted June 18, 2009
Following up Wake Up! Wake Up! is no easy task, I gave this CD a full listen through today and the song Where I Ended has been stuck in my head for hours.

There are multiple solid songs on here but also a couple forgettable ones.

Solid release by one of the better acts out there.

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This Album Rocks | Posted June 12, 2009
Everyday Sunday is back again. This time, more rockin' than before. With upbeat, power-driven guitars, and catchy lyrics, this new album is a solid piece of work. Definitely an improvement.

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