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X Christmas [edit]
by Various Artists - "X" Series | Genre: Other | Release Date: October 28, 2008

X Christmas features some of BEC Recordings top bands showing their stuff for Christmas. Check out brand new songs from Kutless, Seventh Day Slumber, KJ-52,TFK,Anberlin and many others.

Track Listing
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01. Thousand Foot Krutch - Jingle Bell Rock
02. Hawk Nelson - Gloria
03. The Almost - Little Drummer Boy
04. Switchfoot - Evergreen
05. David Crowder Band - Feliz Navidad
06. Anberlin - Baby Please Come Home
07. Kutless - Mary Did You Know
08. FM Static - Christmas Shoes
09. Jars of Clay - Love Came Down At Christmas
10. Project 86 - This Time of the Year
11. Seventh Day Slumber - Do You Hear What I Hear
12. Sanctus Real - Silent Night
13. August Burns Red - Carol of the Bells
14. KJ-52 - Its Christmas Time
15. Capital Lights - His Favorite Christmas Story
16. Jaymes Reunion - Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree
17. Corey Crowder - Angels We Have Heard on High

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Nathan (188)

The X Christmas has many goods (and bads) in it's stocking | Posted November 28, 2008
Ever since the first of the X Christian rock hits came out in 2003, BEC recordings have put one out every year. Branching off of that was X worship and the newest addition to the X series is X: 17 hits to rock your Christmas. The songs are not necessary recent like Anberlin’s “baby please come home” or Swicthfoot’s “evergreen”, but some are as new as Project 86’s “This Time of the Year” off of This time of year EP, which comes out in November.

There are few bands that can start albums out with a bang as well as Thousand Foot Krutch, but their version of “jingle bell rock” really puts the emphases on the ‘rock’ part. The song features heavy base, lead singer Trevor McNevan’s booming vocals, and a tune that has more than enough rap falls more into the category as loud than a epic. But all is not rock and when there is a lack of rock comes plenty of sophistication from Jars of Clay (“love came down at Christmas”) and Swicthfoot (“evergreen”). The pop/rock on “Gloria” is not one of Hawk Nelson’s best works but mixing in the traditional music in the bridge is clever and well welcomed. However listeners may be disappointed when they here that the treasured holiday lyrics were tweaked in order to fit the lyrics about a girl.

One thing that is nice about X Christmas is it offers a nice verity of original tracks and classical tunes which were tackled by some of today’s Christian rock artists. Kutless pulls off “Mary did you know” well with the help of Jon Micah Sumrall vocals and a up tempo tune which doesn’t stray far from the original melody. It’s sad that the very friendly “Angels we have heard on high” is reserved for the back because Corey Crowder does a great job, but Sanctus Real effort to make “Silent Night” emotional only succeeds in making it forgetful with their insipid music. “do you hear what I hear” (Seventh Day Slumber) might have needed to be less upbeat, but Jaymes Reunion’s “Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree” and Agaust Burns Red electrifying “Carol of the Bells” are very enjoyable.

The collaboration nearly completely falls off the table with desperation to change tracks on “This Time of the Year” which fails in every way to sound Christmassy because the vocals, base, tone, all make the song sound awful and unattractive for the holidays. Another completely misplaced song is “it’s Christmas time” by KJ-52, a techno rap song will have few fans and follow Project 86 in the path of those who probably should not do Christmas music unless they change their style. Unfortunately the saving of the collection of rock songs does not lie in the hands of the David Crowder Band who adds just a little of extra energy on “Feliz Navidad”.

If the before mentioned songs were all that were on X Christmas, then there would be little incentive to acquire it, but there are more songs that do give in more life. “baby Please Come Home” may not have anything useful to say, but the tune, with the exception of the ending, is infectious and probably should be put on repeat. FM Static sacrifices the emotion in “Christmas shoes” for a energy and life with an upbeat pop/punk tune which follows the original tune with the addition of some more guitars and a song which flows much faster. The only draw backs is the beat stays afloat but it seemed like it would tip at some points in the song and the song drags just a little bit too long. The most impressive song that makes the album worth getting by itself is “his favorite Christmas” a improbable and unrealistic snappy song by Capital Lights that lacks nothing and has bags of charm.

One would assume that Relient K, a band who has been on every other X rock compilation would make an appearance, but that is not the case and it is probably the biggest mistake in terms of picking the songs. With all of BEC’s X CD’s there are going to be songs that some will like and others that some will not like and X: 17 hits to rock your Christmas is no different.

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Excellent CD | Posted December 10, 2009
X Christmas is a relatively new Christmas CD that is known for its variety in song selection and sound. It is known for the variety of artists that are on the CD, ranging from Kutless, Thousand Foot Krutch, FM Static, Sanctus Real, KJ-52, and more. Several of the songs are new, refreshing twists on older, more familiar songs, while several of them are original songs created by the artists themselves. If you want a new twist on Christmas, this is the CD for you!

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Ok | Posted March 22, 2009
i thought the cd was ok the only really good songs were Jingle bells rock and chorus of the bells!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the rest weren't that good but some people might like them.

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ruthw7 (55)

X Christmas | Posted December 30, 2008
I liked the traditional and familiar Christmas carols. I did not like some of the new Christmas songs that included rap that were included on this album. I would not spend money on this album.

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A few stocking stuffers among a large lump of coal | Posted December 22, 2008
I've never really liked the X series because usually it's made up of songs I either already have or don't want and this album is no exception. I already have most of the good songs (P86, Jars of Clay, and ABR) and aside from the not terrible but not good songs by Sanctus Real and Seventh Day Slumber, this album isn't very good at all. Kutless's version of Mary Did You Know is alright but lacks in anything memorable. Anberlins song is good but I've heard it quite a few times before and think I might even own it. Switchfoot's Evergreen has been put on far too many christmas cd's and isn't very good after being so overplayed. The rest of the tracks range from so-so to truly terrible, so-so tracks being the Capital Lights and truly terrible being the FM Static and TFK songs. Not to sound mean but the FM Static is probably the worst song they've ever done and one of the worst christmas songs I've ever heard.

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X Christmas | Posted December 20, 2008
X Christmas is an awesome Christmas CD. I like the way all the songs are done. They are fresh, new, and the artists have made great improvements to the songs(not saying there was anything wrong with the original versions).

Favorite Song: David Crowder's "Feliz Navidad". I just like it and I can't get the tune outta my head! :) Buy the Cd today!

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X Christmas Rocks | Posted December 19, 2008
I love the X series and it rocks! TFK gets things started by rocking all the ornaments off the tree with 'Jingle Bell Rock' which has to be a favorite just because there aren't many Christmas songs that use that heavy of guitar. 'Gloria' rocks but is really just about a girl- the Gloria chorus at the end is pretty lame. 'Christmas Shoes' is indeed a lovely addition and is way better than the Newsong version. That's right I said it, it's better! Next is Jars of Clay which is enjoyable but not very rocking, that is followed up by the one track that freaks out everybody who listening to the CD with me in my car. I love 'This time of Year' because it's not your typical Christmas song. August Burns Red's version of 'Carol of the bells' is great and I'm super glad they didn't scream anything because that would have probably ruined the song. KJ-52's song is one of my favorites even though nobody else seems to like it. How can you not bob your head to that crazy beat? Capital Lights knocks the whole CD out of the park with their song 'His favorite Christmas story' which is by far the best song on the CD because it has such a touching story tied with a simple melody and solid chord progression. The last two songs are nothing special but they are a fine ending to a great Xmas CD. My only questions are where was Stellar Kart's and Eleventyseven's Christmas songs? No relient K either? I also have to admit that it is sort of lame to include "evergreen" because they're just trying to capitalize on Switchfoot's success in the mainstream and that song is like 10 years old. Whatever. Overall great Xmas songs that you won't find on most radio stations!

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'X'ed off my list | Posted December 17, 2008
Noooooo! First impressions last and, if the first song is anything to go by, forget it. I fastforwarded to some other songs and still was not convinced. I'm sorry - No good at all :-(

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X Christmas is pretty good! | Posted December 17, 2008
I love Christian artists and Christmas music, so this CD is so worth buying!
I love Thousand Foot Krutch, but I wasnt too fond of their version of "Jingle Bell Rock". Dont get me wrong, I love them, but they just changed the song so much.
I still say buy the CD though! =]

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Fresh Sound | Posted December 16, 2008
I wasn't planning on listening to the entire review but found myself at the end of the album and wanted more.
It's fresh and contemporary sound, as well as new material, will be greatly appreciated by all ages...except maybe great-grandma.
I plan on buying this CD!!

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