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Dawn Escapes [edit]
by Falling Up | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: October 25, 2005

Track Listing
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01. Searchlights
02. Exhibition
03. Flights
04. Exit Calypsan (Only In My Dreams)
05. Contact
06. Moonlit
07. Cascades
08. Meridians
09. Lights Of Reedsport
10. Marathons
11. Fearless
12. Intro The Gravity

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An Album That Definitely Grew On Me | Posted May 14, 2010
I didn't like it much at first but now I definitely think quite highly of Falling Up's sophmore release. With great melodic and rock tunes, what's not to love? Not every track is golden but what is golden more than makes up for it.

"Expedition," is definitely a favorite of mine and is one of the strongest tracks on the album. "Fearless," "Flights," and "Cascades" follow a similar formula, and it works.

"Exit Calyspan" is also a highlight of the album, giving some nice rock energy into the mix. "Contact" is a slower ambient tune that has a unique enjoyable quality to it.

Dawn Escapes is definitely a worthy album for Falling Up. I had initial reservations but I love it now.

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Nathan (188)

Falling Up is still a bit rough | Posted August 13, 2007
Dawn escapes is the second CD from Falling Up, an alternative rock album with a more refined style of music than their first CD, Crashing.

Falling Up drifted away from the traditional Christian rock to a more instrumental rock sound, which the vocals have also adapted. The music is well done, but like on crashing, most of their songs sound like the song you just heard. Verity is one thing falling up is still after, it's nice though that more songs stick out on this album than on Crashing. To start things off is the song "search lights", the song that made the CD.

The lyrics also drifted away from their first album as well, using a more cryptic style of song writing. It's difficult to get much out of their songs. And the chorus is, for the most part, the only thing that makes sense in their songs.

Falling Up improved their style since crashing, but they still need to add more clarity between songs.

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High Expectations | Posted September 29, 2008
It's different from Crashings but I still like it. I had high expectations for this CD and I think Falling Up delivered in most areas.I really like this CD.My favorite songs are Cascades and Exhibitions.

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djgreen (15)

AMAZING!!!!!!!!! | Posted May 20, 2008
Dawn Escapes is an amazing album! Every song is great and Falling Up is truly a great artist! I love Falling Up and this album is septacular! I would recommend everyone give Falling Up a chance because they are a great band.

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irocketh (90)

Worst but still good | Posted March 24, 2008
This is the worst Falling Up album. Even though Jessy sounds better then he did on Crashings some of the beats were overdone. But it's still worth a spin or two in your CD player.

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RossMan (134)

best album | Posted March 10, 2008
my favorite album by falling up it shows their full potential

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Dawn Escapes | Posted March 04, 2008
This album is great!! In a race for the best Falling Up album, "Dawn Escapes" grabs the silver. The tracks on this song are amazing and I love the guitar on "Flights." Definately worth the money.

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username2 (378)

A Rip-Roaring Rock Adventure | Posted January 27, 2008
Falling Up's sophomore album is way different than their debut, except that the awesome guitars still stay intact. The songs on this album are better and put together well. If you want to check these guys out buy this album.

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Love it! | Posted November 18, 2007
I absolutely love falling up! this was my fist album of theirs and at first all the songs sort of merged together and i couldn't really tell one song from another, but as i kept listening to it it grew more and more on me, and now it's definately one of my most favourite albums ever!
Falling Up are also really really awesome live! they came to New Zealand for our greatest ever music festival - Parachute! they were the best band there - in my opinion!
i so totally love this cd

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Falling Up is the best! | Posted October 03, 2007
I absolutely love falling up! I listen to the CD almost daily at work. If I need to take a minute to relax, I definitely listen to this album!

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Dawn Escapes- Falling Up | Posted September 23, 2007
I didn't really like this one. The first time you listen to it, it sounds pretty amazing, but hten after a few listens, you realize that every single song basically sounds the same. I'd be fine with a couple of those songs on one CD,b ut they really needed to expand their horizons and try some new stuff. It really got tiring hearing the same things over and over.

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