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The Boy Vs. The Cynic [edit]
by John Reuben | Genre: Rap/Urban | Release Date: June 26, 2005

Track Listing
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01. Out Of Control
02. Nuisance
03. Chapter 1
04. Follow Your Leader
05. Sales Pitch
06. Sunshine
07. So Glad
08. What About Them?
09. There's Only Forgiveness
10. All I Have
11. Cooperate
12. The Boy Vs. The Cynic

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Nathan (188)

John Ruben still doesn't have control | Posted October 09, 2007
John Ruben's The Boy vs. the Cynic is an album that has loose rap tunes and very thoughtful lyrics.

The Boy vs. the Cynic has a mix of par songs that are hard to listen to and easy to forget, and then he has his up-beat rap fused rock songs which really are the bright spots for the album. However there are too many songs that don't have much of a tune (no surprise) or almost none at all ("there's only forgiveness", "sales pitch" and "chapter one").

The single "all I have" is a nice sounding song, as is the title track which could have been better than it was. The best on the album is the up-beat songs like "sunshine", the single "out of control" and the hit "nuisance" with Mathew Thiessen (of Relient K).

After getting past the opening song "out of control" John Ruben wrote the lyrics on The Boy vs. the cynic very well. His lyrics are terrific; His songs contain wisdom, as he tackles some of today's tough issues through a Christian world view. The shallowest of his songs are his singles.

John Ruben's lyrics are great, but his rap is really a drag to listen to. His best is his singles which are not that deep, if he could just mold those to things together, and then we could have a spectacular album.

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username2 (378)

4.5/5 | Posted August 26, 2011
The Boy vs. The Cynic shows a level of maturity and growth from John Reuben that we haven't seen before.  In this album, there are virtually little to no loops or beats, everything is organic insturments.  The album manages to balance out fun childish songs (the boy part of the album title,) and darker, mature, and harder songs to listen to.  (The Cynic.) 

It's a very daring step that John Reuben is taking his music in this album but it's a very good step to take.  After 3 albums of fun hip hop beats, something more down to earth is a welcome change to me.

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Tanel (9)

The Boy vs. The Cynic | Posted September 19, 2010
Yet another example of Johns brilliance. The lyrics on this album are the best he has written. The only songs that aren't that good are the "happy songs" specially "So Glad". But the serious songs, darker songs carry such great meaning to them that nobody who listens to these songs with heart can really say that they didn't start to think about lifes situations in a new way.

The best songs are "There's Only Forgiveness", "Chapter I" and "The Boy vs. The Cynic"

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raptastic | Posted November 01, 2009
"The Boy vs the Cynic" is one John Reuben's best albums.This album,the first cd I bought of his,is full of great upbeat songs including "Sunshine" and "Nuisance" which are two of the best on the album. The album also features songs that delve into more serious subjects such as how people try to sell there ideas onto us ( "Sales Pitch") and how we as Christians somtimes don't follow God but rather other influnences ( "Follow your Leader"). All in all this album is a great piece of work to listen to.

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RossMan (134)

nice | Posted March 15, 2008
im lovin johns style of Christian rap with a little rock thrown in hes pretty dang awsum i gotta say

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enjoyable | Posted March 01, 2008
Nuisance is such a great song to listen to.

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dreambig (120)

The Boy vs The Cynic | Posted August 28, 2007
I really loved this album. I love John's rap style. He has some funny lyrics, along with serious. and it's just awesome. I've been really wanting to get his other albums, but I havn't been able to. but hopefully I can get some of his other CD's soon.

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Woot!! | Posted August 28, 2007
I absolute love this CD. It is so awesome. His lyrics are sometimes funny,sometimes serious, and always have a message.

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