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John Ruben still doesn't have control
Posted October 09, 2007
By Nathan,

John Ruben's The Boy vs. the Cynic is an album that has loose rap tunes and very thoughtful lyrics.

The Boy vs. the Cynic has a mix of par songs that are hard to listen to and easy to forget, and then he has his up-beat rap fused rock songs which really are the bright spots for the album. However there are too many songs that don't have much of a tune (no surprise) or almost none at all ("there's only forgiveness", "sales pitch" and "chapter one").

The single "all I have" is a nice sounding song, as is the title track which could have been better than it was. The best on the album is the up-beat songs like "sunshine", the single "out of control" and the hit "nuisance" with Mathew Thiessen (of Relient K).

After getting past the opening song "out of control" John Ruben wrote the lyrics on The Boy vs. the cynic very well. His lyrics are terrific; His songs contain wisdom, as he tackles some of today's tough issues through a Christian world view. The shallowest of his songs are his singles.

John Ruben's lyrics are great, but his rap is really a drag to listen to. His best is his singles which are not that deep, if he could just mold those to things together, and then we could have a spectacular album.

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