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Something To Say [edit]
by Matthew West | Genre: AC/Inspo | Release Date: January 15, 2008

With several huge radio hits under his belt, Matthew West is one of Christian music’s fastest rising stars. Ubiquitous songs like "Only Grace", "More", and "Next Thing You Know" are proof that Matthew knows how to write massive songs that connect with the Christian music listeners right on the bull’s eye. On his third album, Something To Say, Matthew explodes with even bigger songs of passion and lives lived for Christ. The album’s lead-off single, "You Are Everything", has had major impact at Christian radio, and Something To Say is full of hits destined to keep it a mainstay on the charts.

Track Listing
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01. Intro
02. Something To Say
03. The Motions
04. You Are Everything
05. The Center
06. Save A Place for Me
07. Life Inside You
08. Safe And Sound
09. The Moment Of Truth
10. A Friend In The World
11. All The Broken Pieces
12. Stop The World
13. My Favorite Part (Bonus)

Entry last edited by bjburly on 08.25.08

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Gotta get it | Posted September 02, 2009
After hearing the title track to this album on the Weekend Top 20 Countdown in 2008, and then his smash hit "The Motions" in 2009, I soon realized that I would HAVE to get this CD! By God's amazing providence, I won this CD in a radio contest and have loved it since. Ranging from the sing-a-long provoking title track, to the convicting message of "The Motions," and a few of my personal favorites "The Center" and "A Friend In The World," this album is well worth buying! (Or winning in a contest. ;) )

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You'll Have Something To Say By The End... | Posted August 08, 2009
If you know the story behind this album and the many fires that were walked through to get it out--then you?ll already know that Matthew West has something to say.

Recorded in late 2007 after his vocal surgery, many people (Matthew included), wondered if he would ever be able to sing again. The answer? Yes.

With his previous albums, ?Happy? and ?History?, Matthew had already made a name as one of the top writers in the CCM genera, proving why once again with this album. Starting off with a string arrangement, the album soon shifts into the title track. Matthew again uses his whimsical sense of humor to convey his message and capture the audience, and it never ceases to disappoint.

?The Motions? (the current #1 song on the Christian charts) is next, a passionate cry to God to live a full life for Him, and not just lukewarm and empty. The worshipful ?You Are Everything? and ?The Center? follow. ?Center? (sounding much a like a cross between Jimmy Needham--meets--tobyMac) offers some of the best lyrics on the album. The next few songs, ?Save A Place For Me? and ?Life Inside You? deal with heavier issues of death and heaven and a teenage couple contemplating abortion, and ultimately choosing life.

?Safe And Sound? is a soothing lullaby written for Matthew?s daughter, Lulu. ?The Moment Of Truth?, a though provoking tune on the choices we make in life, is followed up by the comical yet sincere song ?Friend In The World? (with a cameo experience by tobyMac, throwing back to the dc Talk track ?The Hardway?). Very similar to his song ?Next Thing You Know?, it?s sure to leave a smile on your face and a song in your heart. The album closes with the moving ballads ?Al The Broken Pieces? and the standout on the album, ?Stop The World?, about cutting out the noise of the world and getting in tune with our Creator (the little bit at the end of this track with Matthew and Lulu is sure to get you laughing?)

I bought this album on a whim in 2008, and it has since become one of my all time favorites. Matthew?s ability to make you laugh and think at the same time is truly a gift from God. He is an amazing lyricists with a bright future in Christian music. Thinking about buying this album? Stop thinking and do it--take my word for it. :)

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Top 10 Release Of 2008 | Posted December 16, 2008
One of the first albums released this year has ultimately turned out to be one of the best. Close a year after its release, Something To Say remains one of my favorite albums of the year, and the only albums by Matthew West that I?ve been able to embrace. The majority of the album is incredible and songs like ?The Motions,? with its building chord chorus and ?You Are Everything,? with its rich piano lead, gives the album an incredible start.

The album ends with one of the best songs of the year that you haven?t heard, and probably won?t unless you own the album. ?Stop The World? is one of the few songs that prevent me from getting anything done whenever it comes on. I have yet to not sit back, close my eyes, and spend some time reflecting on God?s goodness in this otherwise crazy life we live. No other song has spoken to me as strongly as this one. ?I?m tired and empty/This life is relentless/It?s weakened my knees and it breaks my defenses/It?s wearing me down and I?m desperate to hear from you.? I doubt anyone can reject a message of needing to hear God?s voice ?above the senseless noise? and it?s contained in a song that builds to a beautiful, fully realized chorus that matches the grandness of who God is, with the quietness of His spirit.

Thankfully, it?s a single moment in an album filled with joy. Beyond that, the testimony and story of what Matthew went through during the making of the album brings the messages to life even more. As West says, the album is a ?powerful reminder that God is speaking every day out of the broken places and pieces of our lives.? I encourage you to seek out these songs that God clearly put on Matthew?s heart. You won?t be disappointed.

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Great Album, Top 10 of 2008! | Posted October 09, 2008
Matthew West hit the Christian music scene in a big way back in 2003 with Happy and the hit single More being the most played song of 2004. His 2005 follow-up album History was even more impressive with several hit songs including History, Only Grace, and the cross-over hit The Day Before You, also recorded by country artist Rascal Flatts. A true singer-songwriter in Christian music, Matthew also wrote Only The World, the hit song recorded by Mandisa. So, when Matthew had vocal cord problems and lost his voice and needed surgery, he had to truly rely on God's grace and thankfully recovered to release his third and best album in my opinion.

Something To Say is easily the best-named album of the year considering Matthew's situation and the title song has a great autobiographical style with a strong calling to us as Christians as in the bridge: "Listen up, I got a question here, Would anybody miss you if you disappeared? Well your life is the song that you sing, And the whole wide world is listening". The first single You Are Everything is such a hope-filled anthem of truth and is my favorite song on this great album. The Motions and A Friend In The World are both great upbeat songs similar to Matthew's hit song Next Thing You Know. This album has that perfect balance of upbeat and reflective songs and Save A Place For Me, Life Inside You and Safe And Sound are excellent songs of comfort. The album closes with the stand-out song Stop The World which is a great reminder of something we all need sometimes. Thank you Matthew for opening your heart to us and I really like what you have to say.

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SOMETHING TO SAY | Posted September 29, 2008
Since the time Matthew West burst onto the scene with his record-breaking smash “More,” there have been high expectations for the young singer/songwriter. Of course, much of his polish came from a successful career as a tunesmith; in addition to his career as an artist, West is a much-in-demand songwriter who has penned (and continues to pen) songs for many top names, from Rachael Lampa and Billy Ray Cyrus to, more recently, Rascal Flatts and Mandisa.

West’s strengths as a songwriter–and, now, seasoned performer–come to the fore with his latest, Something to Say. His first album of new material since 2005’s History, West returns with a collection of big, dramatic pop/rock that both reinforces his reputation and expands his craft. Although no fewer than five producers participate–Brown Bannister, Ed Cash, Christopher Stevens, Sam Mizell and Tim Lauer–there is a seamless quality to the album from beginning to end.

The album’s opening notes set the stage, as bittersweet, cinematic strings melt away into the album’s thesis statement, “Something to Say,” an up-tempo jaunt proclaiming that every living person has a God-given contribution to make to the world. From that point, much of the album–including songs like “The Motions” and “The Center”—revolves around the need to live, to breathe, to do. Other songs are first-person and third-person stories dealing with the various stages–and challenges—of life. “Life Inside You” reaches out to the lost and hopeless, “Save a Place For Me” is a tearful farewell to a loved one, and “Safe and Sound” is as lovely a welcome as a baby ever had.

In all, Something to Say is a welcome return for Matthew West. It’s a solid collection of stories, well told, that bring comfort, hope–and food for the soul. -Chris Well

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Nathan (188)

Matthew West has Somthing to Say | Posted April 30, 2008
Matthew West's brand new album Something to say certainly says something. First he says some really good stuff in his songs. Second his music is really awesome in those songs also.

Matthew West's pop/light rock/instrumental is blended nicely throughout all 12 songs in his album. his title track "Something to say" has a great up-beat pop sound and so is the song "the Center". Hit title track "you are everything" is a very nice song, and "the motions" has a nice light rock feel to it.

"Save a place for me" is instrumental, not a great sound, but has a very smooth exit. "Life inside" and "Moment Of Truth" are both fun pop songs, and tobyMac even helps on "Moment of Truth"... for one line. The album wraps up with "All The Broken Pieces" and "stop the world", which are both instrumental songs but the end of the album ends nicely.

The lyrics are a real treat from Matt, as he offers a verity of insight from a biblical worldview. While "you are everything" and "safe and sound" may be the weakest songs on the album, there is still a lot of depth. The messages are very emotional sometimes like on "Something to say really", and "motions" which both sport great messages. "Life inside" doubles as both a pro-life song and an anti-suicide message. "Moment Of Truth " is a fun song that celebrates redemption.

Something to say is a great deal of fun, not just to listen to for it's up-beat pop songs, but for it's very solid lyrics. Matthew West does a brilliant job at both the song writing and the music. This is a real treat.

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This album definitely has something to say. | Posted August 23, 2008
Matthew West's newest album has a lot to say, but West almost didn't have a chance to say it. He lost his voice. And well, he's fine now and his voice is in great shape, but his two months of silence really made West think. And although most of the songs on this album were written before West lost his voice. Many of them took on a new definition for him after that silence. West now has a new appreciation for his talent, and I think we can get a lot out of this album too.

One reason I think this album has a lot of potential is West covered quite a bit of ground with his songs. "Life Inside You" talks about Abortions, Addictions, and just Broken people in general. And I think it has a great message. Many of his other songs reach out to people. "The Moment Of Truth" will be a song that relates with people Struggling with Marriage, Addiction, and people doubting their faith. I am sure there are other things people could get out of the songs, but those are just what I saw in them.

My personal favorite song on the album is "The Motions" it's just a song that resonates inside of me a lot because I have a tendency to go through the motions. And this song is a very inspirational song for me. "I don't wanna go through the motions/ I don't wanna go one more day/ Without Your all consuming passion inside of me/ I don't wanna spend my whole life asking/ What if I had given everything/ Instead of going through the motions?"

My second favorite song is probably "Stop the World" which talks a lot about getting away from the world and spending time with God, which is also something I need to do more of. Thirdly I like the song "The Center" a lot. Which talks about being in the center of God's will and living for God no matter what. Which I think is very important to our generation. I also don't want to leave off the single "You Are Everything" which is a great song. I just personally have heard it too much. "Something to Say" and "All The Broken Pieces" are also notable songs.

Not every song will resonate with you, but the magic with this album is it is one you can listen to over and over again, and depending where you are in life different things will pop out to you. Matthew West has a great musical style that feels very personal, and is very enjoyable. I think he is among the top christian songwriters right now. This album is just packed with great songs that really make you think while focusing on God. In my book this is a really special album. I hope you will consider getting it.

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bjburly (28)

Something To Say | Posted August 23, 2008
Best known for his smash hit singles "Only Grace", "More", and "Next Thing You Know", Sparrow Records singer/songwriter Matthew West returns to the music scene again with more to say than ever before. After having discovered a vascular polyp and hemorrhaged blood vessels on his vocal chords that sidelined him from even speaking at all, West is back with a passion and confidence displayed through his music on his 2008 project, Something To Say.

Songs that deal with real-life issues such as early pregnancies, death, and loneliness are present, but much-needed encouragement can also be found in the lullaby "Safe And Sound" as well as the upbeat title track. "The Center" expresses the longing Christians have to stay grounded in their faith, with Matthew's trademark voice and irresistible melody line shooting it to a must-listen highlight. Background vocals from Dove Award-winning superartist TobyMac plus a catchy chorus are the driving forces behind the uplifting "Friend In The World", sure to be an instant favorite with its eletric guitar-heavy melody. "The Motions" is a huge 5-star standout and will definitely beg to be repeated, due to its unique musical sound as well as its challenge to Christians to live with passion and purpose. Lead-off single "You Are Everything" only makes the album more attractive, sung with an undeniable force that is certain to rub off onto the listener.

All in all, Something To Say could very well be looked upon as one of the top albums of 2008, with a strong tracklisting and a nice balance of upbeat numbers and ballads throughout. Perfect for fans of Mark Schultz or Brandon Heath, this Matthew West masterpiece Something To Say is definitely one to talk about. A gem that should not be overlooked, it's obvious that Matthew West has fully recovered and has said what he wanted to say with no problem at all.

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Great Album | Posted November 01, 2010
I got this album for $5 at a Christian music store. It is amazing. I was blown away by the sound of the album and the quality of the lyrics. Matthew West is one of the artists that you can't not like. He isn't one that will crush the charts with his music. But he has something for everyone. And this album is a great demonstration of that.

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tura8010 (28)

Five Star | Posted October 17, 2010
This is a wonderful album.. Having gone through the tough surgery... Matthew West is back. This album is a great testimony of God's amazing grace. My favourites in this album are "The Motions" and "Save a place for me". All the song are great..

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aylaeh (203)

really speaks to me - pun intended | Posted October 09, 2010
this album truly did (and does) have something to say to me. some of the songs i can really relate to. plus the fact that mr west wasn't able to even speak for quite a while due to his surgery... well, that's very powerful that he can still sing.

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wow... | Posted October 04, 2010
honestly, i've never been much of a fan of Matthew West, but his song The Motions is fantastic! :D definitely his best song ever! :D definitely a song worth buying! :D

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Life changing.. | Posted July 28, 2010
This is a life changing CD.. especially the song "The motions". That song has really had a impact on my life.. It is a true song that there is so much going on in life and that you should follow your plan and destiny for you life not just float right through it. The music video for this song is even better. It shows his journey through a difficult time in his life with his voice. Matthew West truly has talent in everything that he does. His voice is so peaceful but strong. this c.d. is highly recommended to ANYONE and EVERYONE..

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Great album | Posted April 22, 2010
"A friend in the world" is a song about when you can't find God is always there for you.
"Life inside you" is a song about a girl and people telling her to have an abortion.

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