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This album definitely has something to say.
Posted August 23, 2008
By carrtoondragon,

Matthew West's newest album has a lot to say, but West almost didn't have a chance to say it. He lost his voice. And well, he's fine now and his voice is in great shape, but his two months of silence really made West think. And although most of the songs on this album were written before West lost his voice. Many of them took on a new definition for him after that silence. West now has a new appreciation for his talent, and I think we can get a lot out of this album too.

One reason I think this album has a lot of potential is West covered quite a bit of ground with his songs. "Life Inside You" talks about Abortions, Addictions, and just Broken people in general. And I think it has a great message. Many of his other songs reach out to people. "The Moment Of Truth" will be a song that relates with people Struggling with Marriage, Addiction, and people doubting their faith. I am sure there are other things people could get out of the songs, but those are just what I saw in them.

My personal favorite song on the album is "The Motions" it's just a song that resonates inside of me a lot because I have a tendency to go through the motions. And this song is a very inspirational song for me. "I don't wanna go through the motions/ I don't wanna go one more day/ Without Your all consuming passion inside of me/ I don't wanna spend my whole life asking/ What if I had given everything/ Instead of going through the motions?"

My second favorite song is probably "Stop the World" which talks a lot about getting away from the world and spending time with God, which is also something I need to do more of. Thirdly I like the song "The Center" a lot. Which talks about being in the center of God's will and living for God no matter what. Which I think is very important to our generation. I also don't want to leave off the single "You Are Everything" which is a great song. I just personally have heard it too much. "Something to Say" and "All The Broken Pieces" are also notable songs.

Not every song will resonate with you, but the magic with this album is it is one you can listen to over and over again, and depending where you are in life different things will pop out to you. Matthew West has a great musical style that feels very personal, and is very enjoyable. I think he is among the top christian songwriters right now. This album is just packed with great songs that really make you think while focusing on God. In my book this is a really special album. I hope you will consider getting it.

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