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All Gas. No Brake. [edit]
by Stellar Kart | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: February 15, 2005

Power pop-punk band Stellar Kart began in a Phoenix-based youth group as a worship band.

The band's affinity for the youth setting is easily heard in "Gone Fishin'" and "Student Driver." Songs written on location, they're full of catchy music with simple messages that are easily understood.

Track Listing
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01. Student Driver
02. Second Chances
03. Come Back Home
04. Spending Time
05. Livin' On A Prayer
06. A Love Song
07. Superstar
08. Life Is Good
09. Tree Climber
10. Gone Fishin'
11. Finish Last

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art10 (115)

They Didn't Invent The Wheel, But At Least It Spins | Posted August 08, 2007
Well, at the second half of the CD. "Love Song" and "Finish Last" aren't exactly the best worship songs in the world, but they're still pretty good. In fact I used one for a Bible Study. "Life Is Good" is good. Wow! Who knew that?

The rest of the songs are the poor man's Relient K. Yeah, they're better than some of the lame excuses in music nowadays. The album is short, fast, and will leave you wanting more, of that. They didn't provide that with the second CD. You see what you get, what it looks like, is what it looks like, that's Stellar Kart. Take them or leave them.

Oh, to address the lyrics. "Superstar" is a song about teen suicide. Whoa, I wouldn't have guessed that. No really, I wouldn't' have guessed that, no sarcasm. Whoa! What did you expect, the poor man's Releint K for your little sister to a explicit song about teen suicide?

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Nathan (188)

All gas. No depth. | Posted July 16, 2007
Stellar Karts first CD "all gas. No brake." Has 11 pop/punk songs that contain shallow lyrics and incomplete messages.

Stellar Kart gave listeners a taste of their album with the singles "spending time", "life is good", and "finish last", unfortunately that's as good as it gets. Most of the tracks are short ("tree climber" does not reach thirty seconds), and "life is good" is snappy, but is overly repetitive and still doesn't' break three minutes.

Also Stellar Kart fails to impress anyone with their lyrics and in some cases ("life is good" and "second chances") are incomplete. While they are not bad they presume that eternal life is good foe everyone. And "Livin' on a prayer" is not very original.

The messages are mostly lame, the music while snappy, begins to wear on the listener after a few spins. "all gas. no brake." Is a rough debut which has potential but, the wise buyer will skip the CD.

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Pretty Good | Posted August 09, 2013
Nothing groundbreaking but still a solid debut by one of my all time favourite bands. Stellar Kart brigns all their energy and jam packs it with awesomeness and an pretty good cover of Bon Jovi's Livin' On a Prayer!!

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username2 (378)

3.5/5 | Posted May 29, 2012
Stellar Kart's debut album All Gas, No Brake is pretty good.  The band's sound is not all that original or unique but that doesn't stop them from creating some great defining songs like "Life Is Better" and "Finish Last."  All Gas, No Brake sounds like a Relient K clone circa 2004 but it does feature some memoriable songs that make this album good but not great.

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pacemaker (324)

great album | Posted March 21, 2011
 all gas. no brake. is a wonderful album. life is good is my favorite song on it.

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All Brake. No Gas. | Posted February 09, 2010
I am very disappointed that I paid 22$ for this import CD. It is simply terrible. There's nothing good on it. Don't buy it! It's a waste of money!

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All gas. No brake | Posted October 10, 2009
This is a pretty good debut cd. I think they're better now, but they were still really good. My favorite song is Life is Good. I also like student driver and finish last. This is a good all around cd. I would recommend this if you're looking to get all of stellar kart's cd's.

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good cd ! | Posted December 30, 2008
very good cd.. i love the song "life is good"
it is a great song with a catchy tune! can't wait for more of their music.... God bless them!

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All Gas,No Brake | Posted November 02, 2008
My mom bought me this cd for my birthday a few yrs ago and I didn't even know who SK was! After the first listen I thought,"WHAT A BUST!" But then I listened again and I loved it!...leave it to me :-) I think this was a pretty good debut for these guys....Not the most original or creative,but decent.The gems are:Life Is Good,Second Chances,Living On A Prayer(Bon Jovi cover),and Spending Time.

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Rockin music | Posted October 28, 2008
This cd totally rocks. They're songs are totally about God and you can tell that. It's nice to listen to a cd that's so uplifting. "Life is Good" is one of my favorite songs. It's sp catchy, you'll find yourself singing it days after you've listened to it. There's also fun songs such as "Tree Climber" although short, it's totally fun. All in all, this cd rocks and I love it!

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