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Love At The Core [edit]
by Run Kid Run | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: April 29, 2008

Hailing from the state of Illinois, Run Kid Run is a four-piece pop rock band with huge hooks, infectious melodies, and uplifting lyrics. After winning over thousands of people nationwide with their debut release, This Is Who We Are, Run Kid Run returned in 2008 with Love At The Core. Produced by James Paul Wisner (Dashboard Confessional, Further Seems Forever, New Found Glory), Love At The Core explores the idea that love binds all, the willing and the unwilling. While on the outside everyone has their own unique and defining characteristics, on the inside we are all linked with one ever-present commonality...the constant search for love.

The band explains, "With Love At The Core, we have set out to find what love really entails and the many different aspects therein. On this record we continuously return to the idea that in all situations the true CORE of love is God Himself, and the love that He provides daily on a personal level. We feel God's love is love's greatest definition! In the beginning, He created love by making us in His image, and we should reflect that image with everything we are, as lights unto this dark world!"

Track Listing
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01. Rescue Me
02. Captives Come Home
03. Fall Into The Light
04. One In A Million
05. Love At The Core
06. Sure Shot
07. My Sweet Escape
08. The Emergency
09. Set The Dial
10. Freedom

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Nathan (188)

Love at the Core hits the target | Posted May 09, 2008
After a pretty mediocre debut album, This is Who we are, it was clear that Run Kid Run had some problems with disguising one song from another, However their sophomore album Love at the core looked to be a step in the right direction for this punk/rock band.

From the very first electric guitar strings it was clear that it was Run Kid Run, but the first song, "rescue me" was not predictable, and was a highlight already. The first single "Captives come Home" starts well and is a solid rock song, and by the time the fast paced punk song "fall into the light" came around musical diversity was not an issue. The album slows a little with "one in a million" which halts the albums speed but keeps a good flow of songs up, but it is a mite plain.

The title track "Love at the Core" is a excellent punk rock song, that is very ear friendly. "Sure shot" is pretty simple but it's snappy and has a great bridge and "My Sweet Escape" starts slow and has a lighter more melodic tune that some of the other songs lack. A pretty good electric guitar start fuels the good rock tune "The Emergency" and on "set the dial" it's the end that makes the song unforgettable. The best song Run Kid Run saved for the finish, as "freedom" is an excellent ballad which balances the album out wonderfully.

The lyrics are never really the strong spots for Run Kid Run, examples are "Sure Shot", which does celebrate everyone's potential to do good today, and "one in a million". But the singer in "Rescue me" puts his faith in God ('As I take the fall/Catch me'), the song Freedom holds a similar message. "Captives come home" embraces those who have lost their way, but on "the emergency" it only elaborates on fighting for the right and the light, but it doesn't go much deeper.

Still not their yet lyrically, but musically Run Kid Run cannot be ignored after this. The Punk/rock is great and the songs are much more distinguished. Although Love at the Core is short, it's defiantly sweet.

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GOODNESS AT THE CORE | Posted September 29, 2008
After listening to the first few tracks from Run Kid Run’s sophomore release, it would be easy to dismiss the group as nothing more than a typical pop/rock band, the likes of which have been saturating the musical landscape for far too long. Seemingly devoid of anything original or inspirational—especially where the vocals are concerned—the casual listener may be tempted to take an apathetic approach to this offering. However, the momentum of the album is such that it gradually takes hold of your senses, and you will eventually find yourself singing along.

Songs such as “Fall Into the Light,” “One in a Million” and “Sure Shot” are infused with the trademark hooks and melodies that garnered the band acclaim on its first release. Along with the help of producer James Paul Wisner (Underoath, Dashboard Confessional), the band also manages to create some intricate arrangements for this new disc that show a sense of maturity in its songwriting skills. Lyrically, RKR is as steadfast as ever, always returning to the “core” of Truth that God is from whom all love flows.

Although not a perfect album, there is still a lot to love about Love at the Core. –Paul Durham

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Great CD! | Posted June 24, 2009
"Love At The Core" is the sophomore release from the Tooth and Nail pop/rock band Run Kid Run. I think that it is better than "This Is Who We Are" for having better lyrics in the sense that they contain more of a clear Christian message. There is only one love song on "Love At The Core", which is the song "One In A Million" which is very catchy and memorable. Other songs talk about letting your old self die (in "Fall Into The Light), "Need to learn to let go, let the old die" and life for Christ instead of following the world (in "Sure Shot"), "Why can't we just stop echoing the world?" "Captives Come Home" talks about helping pull your brother in Christ out of a struggle or sin that they might be experiencing, "I'm pulling captives by the hand, come home, come home".

In closing, I think this is a awesome CD. Run Kid Run really has a great sound from David Josiah Curtis's vocals to the guitars. I would highly recommend that you get this CD today!

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soild good! | Posted July 15, 2008
Awesome cd!! didnt really like the first album but cant get enough of this one, great sound with songs where they not afraid to show their spiritual side. Witch is geting hard to find in "christian rock" these days. Cant wait to see what they have next...

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username2 (375)

A great punk rock addition | Posted June 24, 2008
I fell in love with this band when I heard We've Only Just Begun from their debut album. Now when I bought this album I was expecting more of the same sounding stuff and they did not disappoint. Love At the Core has more of the same sound that you all know and love from their debut album. This album is mostly one big headbanger. Skip the last song and you still get over 30 minutes of quality Run Kid Run for 2008.

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Love at the Whoa! | Posted June 20, 2008
This album is the first I heard of Run Kid Run. And I must say that I really liked what I heard. This album has a very upbeat sound and the lyrics to the songs are really spiritual. The songs "Freedom" and the beginning track "Rescue Me" are my two favorites.

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Love At The Core | Posted May 04, 2008
This is one of the better cd's to come out of Tooth and Nail records. I wasn't expecting this much from the cd but bought it anyways, and boy was I impressed. The lyrics caught me right away with all the meaning behind them and the voice was just right for them. The music was terrific, not all of the songs sounded the same kinda like on the other album. I would highly recommend this album to anyone who has doubts about they're faith, it helped me a lot.

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Frenzy20 (38)

Step us from the first CD | Posted May 02, 2008
This CD is a great new CD by Run Kid Run. Heard this CD on this website and liked it enough to buy it. I own their first CD "This Is Who We Are" and this CD is a step up from their last CD. The locals are sharper and the music is great. It is catchy rock music with great lyrics. The band has done a great job on this new CD.

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Slater (5)

:) | Posted May 01, 2008
My most fav song was freedom :)!!! I had a few others "Rescue Me", "Sure Shot", and the "The Emergency".

plz ignore this bottom part. Apparantely they have like a 150 character limit. So I am trying to reach it

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SO cool | Posted May 01, 2008
I love this it's so cool i'm so happy it's out and i went to a concert and it was so cool they were with hawk nelson! i'm so happy by the way you guys need to chek out side walk slam they don't make CD's any more cuz now they are RUN KID RUN!

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