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Strong Tower [edit]
by Kutless | Genre: Praise & Worship | Release Date: March 01, 2005

Following two strong rock showings, Kutless returned with an album dedicated to the praise & worship genre. Strong Tower mixes together original cuts, classic hymns, and modern praise & worship songs to form a solid production. Several fresh slants include the old classic "Take Me In" and the more modern "Draw Me Close." Throughout the disc several renditions take on a fresh slant as the band excels musically with guitar-driven instrumentation. Of the disc's few originals, the title track is notable and has the makings of a praise & worship classic itself. Strong Tower is a passionate and deeply personal project for Kutless. It's a disc that praises their Creator with a rock slant that the band speaks eloquently.

(re-released as a deluxe edition in 2007, with a bonus disk and 3 more tracks)

Track Listing
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01. We Fall Down
02. Finding Who You Are
03. Take Me In
04. Ready For You
05. Draw Me Close
06. All Who Are Thirsty
07. Better Is One Day
08. All Of The Words
09. Strong Tower
10. Jesus Lord of Heaven
11. I Lift My Eyes Up
12. Word Of God Speak
13. Arms Of Love

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art10 (115)

The Best Modern Worship Album | Posted July 31, 2007
This is a great release by Kutless, their best by far. In a world where the worship genre has the depth of the kiddie pool, this is a great breadth of fresh air. The original songs aren't that great, so the Kutless written part still isn't that good. But the covers are moving to say the least. When I listened to their version of "Word Of God Speak" I fell to the floor in adoration. Now I've never done that before with any worship song, ever! So this CD is very powerful.

"Take Me In" is also very powerful, and one I would like to see integrated into worship services in churche. However this version is great until the forth go-around, then it gets repetitive. "We Fall Down" is another great worship song.

Overall, underrated. Most people didn't like it because there wasn't enough original material, when I actually think that that's a good thing. A very powerful worship album, and definitely one worth buying.

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Epilogue (19)

Excellent Rocking Worship | Posted August 16, 2007
Kutless' has a variety of styles to say the least. First, they were total grunge rock, next, they were total hard rock, now they are total normal rock. There's no signs of the grunginess or heaviness of their past albums on this. But, like their last album proved, it is still marvelously good.

The first song 'We Fall Down' opens with a bristling riff, leading to the powerful 'We Cry Holy' chorus. The more upbeat 'Finding Who We Are' is nice, fast paced worshiper. One of the best songs on the album is the third, the intriguing 'Take Me In' which features a great intro riff and great Old Testament descriptions.

'Ready For You', my favorite song on the album, is a heart felt cry to God to come near, as the man implores, 'I am ready for You; take my heart and make me new now.' This is followed by the catchy 'Draw Me Close' and its energetic guitars. The slower rockers, 'All Who Are Thirsty' and 'Better Is One Day' are both great songs. The albums' best rocker is, of course, 'Strong Tower', which has some driving electric guitars to back up Jon's powerful vocals.

The beautifully done 'Jesus, Lord of Heaven' moves from beautiful acoustics in the verse to roaring electrics in the chorus to make for an excellent song. 'I Lift My Eyes Up' is all of my friends' favorite song, but it seems a little too repetitive for me. The former MercyMe song 'Word of God Speak' is done even better than the original here, and the album closes with the strings soaked 'Arms of Love' which sounds a lot like 'Grace and Love' - that's a good thing.

Excellent worship. I recommend it to everyone.

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Love it! | Posted November 15, 2012
 My friend had just recently introduced me to the band Kutless and I was instantly hooked. I love this album a lot. Strong Tower, What Faith can Do, and all their other songs are just the greatest.

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Kutless | Posted November 22, 2011
As i've said in other Kutless reviews, Kutless is one of my favorite worship bands. But this Album always brings me back to God. if im going through anything at all, all i need to do is pull out Strong Tower and my mood is immediatly lightened. it helps me realize that God is greater than anything that im going through and that He is always there no matter what, and even though i dont feel Him and i cant see the good in a situation i hold tight to the fact that God is always beside me and what doesnt kill me only makes me stronger.

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One of the best. | Posted April 17, 2011
Strong Tower is simply a freat album. It is the first Kutless record that I bought, and I have gotten the rest since. The music is really up-lifting and fun to listen to. I highly recommend this cd, and the rest of theirs as we.

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pacemaker (324)

great album | Posted March 20, 2011
 this is my second favorite album by these guys. they keep getting better and better as time passes. i love the song strong tower.

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Awesome! | Posted March 11, 2011
I actually just recently bought this album, and I totally love it! Kutless is one of my fave's. Rock on!

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LauraCC (256)

Only heard 2 songs from this | Posted October 27, 2009
Strong Tower- have it on WOW Hits 2006...great song!

Better Is One Day - Charles McVety's show uses it as the theme song for the ad for Canada Christian College. Great rendition!

I bet the rest are awesome too!

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Strong Tower Album Review | Posted October 01, 2009
This is a great worship album from Kutless. Kutless did their own versions of popular worship songs like Better Is One Day, We Fall Down, Arms Of Love, and many more. They also put on their own worship songs like Strong Tower and Ready For You. I loved every single song on this album as it is a awesome worship album from Kutless. It is a must buy album for fans of Kutless. Be sure to check it out real soon.

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Fantastic Album | Posted March 13, 2009
Kutless is a great Christian group and their album "Strong Tower" is an awesome one. The track "Strong Tower" was one of the first songs I have heard from Kutless and I loved it. This CD has great worship songs like "Draw Me Close" and "We Fall Down" where you can use them in praise and worship/adoration. Then there are tracks on the record that are lyrically awesome such as "Strong Tower" and "Ready for You". It is an all-around great CD with songs that you can really relate to. It's a must get.

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