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Winter EP [edit]
by Jon Foreman | Genre: Country/Southern Gospel | Release Date: January 15, 2008

The Winter EP is Jon Foreman's second solo project in a series of four named after the seasons. This EP is digital-only, but is available in physical form packaged with the Fall EP.

Track Listing
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01. Learning How To Die
02. Behind Your Eyes
03. Somebody's Baby
04. White As Snow
05. I Am Still Running
06. In Love

Entry last edited by Consumed on 01.15.08

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wow.... | Posted November 12, 2008
....this was a great cd by jon.

i loved all of the songs.

when i was listening to IN LOVE i thought i was listening to something else....
but i wasnt.

thats my favorite song, too [[=

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WOW | Posted May 28, 2008
Jon Foreman is simply amazing. This EP (Winter) is probably my favorite of the three that he has currently released. The versatility that he excercises on this EP is phenominal! He uses lots of fun and different instruments in his solo music. It's so engaging and very lovable right from the start. Nothing like Switchfoot. So Switchfoot lovers: ready to have your socks knocked off by Foreman but in a very different way. Good work here. Very talented, still quite young musician.

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RossMan (134)

very nice jon | Posted March 08, 2008
im really excited that switchfoot has been able to go independent and that jon has been able to produce this cd
jon foreman is an inspiring and great man and i think he needed this chance to prove that he is better than most think and hes done it very well congrats jon and i cant wait for the Spring and Summer - EPs
i deffinatly recommend this album

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Winter | Posted February 16, 2008
At least as good as the first! In Love is an amazing song one of the more powerful songs on the record and reflects the song Equally Skilled in the awesomeness of the message. Spring is on it's way!

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Winter ... Beauty in Dying | Posted February 04, 2008
This album invokes in you a sense of loss. But nevertheless it is still as beautiful as Fall. The lyrics intertwine hope with uncertainty, love with death. Its very subdued and it deals with loss in its many forms ... from a person's life coming to an end, dying to self, to a relationship coming to an end.

The saddest song on the album by far is ... "Somebody's Baby." It's the story of so many peoples' lives. It pricks our very souls ... and in a way it softens them because knowing that she/he is someone's ... means she is worth something. And somewhere someone is mourning the loss of this unknown ... definitely in heaven, she is someone's baby girl. It makes me want to cry ... for the vast sense of loss ... not only for the people who knew her, but for her. She is many people ...

With "White As Snow" ... there is a spark of hope after the utter hopelessness of "Somebody's Baby." It's a cry in the dark ... for help.

In "I Am Still Running" ... it speaks of not giving up. You didn't expect it to be this way ... but you know your only hope of surviving is shelter in the loving arms of God.

"In Love" ... has a asian, middle eastern flavor to it. It's like a taste of spring in the dead of winter. And it leaves you with hope. The song ends as if God is telling you ... its time to awaken. " ... my love, my bride, my love
This cross, my love, is mine, my love, to bear, my love, it's time, my love"

Over all this album is soothing with its acoustic sound. The lyrics are open and honest; they cause you to think about your life or the lives of others who cross your path. I can't wait to see what spring brings :)

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