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Never Take Friendship Personal [edit]
by Anberlin | Genre: Hard Rock/Metal | Release Date: February 01, 2005

Don't compare Orlando, Florida's Anberlin to another rock band. Combining traditional rock goodness with Southern charm and an experimental edge, Anberlin gives new spins on good things without falling into the contrived or pretentious. Their debut release Blueprints for the Black Market shot off the shelves and received amazing reviews in return- their sophomore release is going to surpass the first with their newly found fans and the advance this catchy new release.

Track Listing
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01. Never Take Friendship Personal
02. Paperthin Hymn
03. Stationary Stationery
04. (The Symphony Of) Blase
05. A Day Late
06. The Runaways
07. Time & Confusion
08. The Feel Good Drag
09. Audrey, Start The Revolution!
10. A Heavy Hearted Work Of Staggering Genius
11. Dance, Dance Christa Paffgen

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RossMan (134)

wow | Posted March 08, 2008
anberlin in my opinion could be one of the most talented bands on earth an this is my favorite album of theirs hands down. theres an amazing mix of song types, meaningful lyrics, great guitar riffs, hardcore drum beats, and so much more thta cant even be put into words
you should deffinatly think about purchasing this album

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username2 (378)

And Who Said That The Sophomore Slump Would Kill Artists? | Posted May 26, 2009
This is one unbelievable album. Full of great hooks and riffs, great songwriting, and crisp vocals makes this Anberlin album a solid choice in your CD collection. You'll be humming sections of this album for a long time.

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The Test Of Time | Posted October 04, 2008
This cd is one of those that you can listen to again and again and never get tired of it.Anberlin became one of my all time favorite bands because of this cd.And I still love it...quality music with stands the test of time!:-)My favorite song is The Feel Good Drag.

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Best of the Best | Posted August 19, 2008
When looking through my iPod, amoung the MANY, artists and genres, Anberlin is definitely at the top of my favorites list in the "rock" category. A couple years ago, I found them while browsing online and found their album Never Take Friendship Personal...Just from listening to 30sec clips of each song, I immediately knew I had to add this album to my collection. I was not disappointed! Anberlin's sound compares to no other band I have ever heard...perhaps a hybrid of a few other bands, but their music style and lead singer, Christian's unique vocals, they have a sound all their own. Also, there are times when bands have 1, 2, or maybe a few tracks that stand above the rest on an album...with Anberlin, every track is awesome, making a complete, excellent album. I would strongly reccommend it to any Rock/Alt music lover...

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djgreen (15)

Awesome | Posted May 20, 2008
This really is a great cd. I would recommend it to anyone. Anberlin is a great band, and this album contributes to that. The best songs besides the amazing "Paperthin Hym" would have to be "The Feel Good Drag", "The Runaways", and "A Day Late". Great album.

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Never Take Reviews Personal | Posted May 12, 2008
This is one of the greatest cd's in my collection. Mostly good songs that make you want to sing, like A Day Late. Great highs and slows. Lyrics are very well put together also. Highly recommended.

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Anna (2)

!!!!! | Posted April 22, 2008
wow this is just like an amazing album and theyre one of my favorite bands! :D i love the song paper thyin hymn and runaways cause i have been able to relate to them but that was the past but this is still deffinatly my all time favorite by anberlin!

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dreambig (120)

Never Take Friendship Personal | Posted April 11, 2008
This album is awesome! I've loved Anberlin for a while now. and I finally got this CD. and I love it. My 2 favorite songs are probably "Dance, dance Christa Paffgen" and "Stationary Stationery". I really love Stephen Christian's voice. This is one of my favorite bands.

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irocketh (89)

Exalent | Posted March 25, 2008
I love Anberlin. I watched the music video for Paper-thin Hymn and I was addicted! Sure to have you head bangging.

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Paperthin Hymn | Posted March 01, 2008
Paperthin Hymn, Time and Confusion, and A Day Late Friend are awesome songs. Paperthin Hymn just makes me want to rock out.

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