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Once Upon A Shattered Life [edit]
by Seventh Day Slumber | Genre: Hard Rock/Metal | Release Date: February 01, 2005

Once Upon A Shattered Life is the fourth studio album by Seventh Day Slumber, and their first major label release. The album was released in 2005 on BEC Recordings. The album has a much more polished production quality than their previous efforts, but the band still delivers the same hard rock and heavy truth they always have. The album features a balance between heavier tracks and softer tracks. The heavier side of things includes Break Me, Shattered Life, Make Believe, and Chris' Letter, whereas the softer side contains tracks like Caroline, I Believe (a track originally on their first album), Back In Time, Brand New Man, Masquerade, and the worship song Oceans From The Rain. The lineup on this album consists of Joseph Rojas (vocals, guitar), Jeremy Holderfield (guitar, background vocals), Josh Schwartz (bass), and Ray Fryoux (drums).

Track Listing
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01. Break Me
02. Shattered Life
03. Caroline
04. Make Believe
05. I Believe
06. Back In Time
07. Brand New Man
08. Chris's Letter
09. Masquerade
10. Oceans From The Rain

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Nathan (188)

A good Album | Posted August 09, 2007
Once Upon a Shattered life is the second chapter from Seventh Day Slumber, a rock group who's message is about hope.

Once Upon Shattered life is made up of raw rock tunes mixed with lighter songs like the hit single and touching song "Caroline". The rock is not great with most songs sounding pretty similar to the last one, with only the title track "shattered life" being the one that sticks out the most. The softer music has room to improve as well.

The lyrics are straight forward, though are lives may be messed up God can heal our wounds. The messages are good for most songs, if not a bit repetitive at times.

Most songs on Once upon shattered life are solid, but like the single "oceans from the rain", the best is only pretty good. There is plenty of room to improve for Seventh Day Slumber

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art10 (114)

Buy "Oceans From The Rain" | Posted July 27, 2007
I'll make this short. Buy "Oceans From The Rain" because it's one of the most powerful modern worship songs out there. Skip the rest of the album, the rock has been done, and this is nothing new. Besides, it's too much hard rock.

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Once Upon A Shattered Life | Posted November 01, 2011
This release by Seventh Day Slumber was a huge step in production values and songwriting. The entire album is amazingly well done with a lot of variety in tempo and the songs are instantly catchy and draw you in to the bands message of redemption and the new life in Christ. Much of the guitar work on this album is very good and is well highlighted, and as always Joseph's voice is top notch and fits this style of music beautifully.

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Once Upon A Shattered Life | Posted June 27, 2008
Once Upon A Shattered Life is the second release by Seventh Day Slumber. One could describe the music from this CD as falling into the melodic rock genre with a few ballads (like "Caroline") thrown into the mix. Musically the band's sound is not terribly inventive and could be mistaken for the likes of bands such as Day of Fire and Kutless. However, Once Upon A Shattered Life has a commercial sound that is rather enjoyable and not too harsh on the ears.

Lyrically there is no mistaking the band's ability to capture the struggles of life that society in general can attest to. Some may argue that the lyrics seem rather generic, but they are lyrics that many will be able to relate to whether that be the struggle of dealing with issues pertaining to one's sense of worth and purpose in life or coping with sadness and depression. The lyrics illustrate the unmistakable love and presence of God, who is ever so present in our lives even through the trials. One example of this can be gathered from the song "Oceans From The Rain": "And I'm amazed by You. Cause You're never far away. And all that I've been through, Your love has never changed. You make oceans from the rain.

So if you are in the mood for melodic rock to listen to as you reflect on the challenges you are facing, Once Upon A Shattered Life may be right up your alley.

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RossMan (134)

caroline | Posted March 09, 2008
listen to caroline and thats all youll need to hear to know how amazing this album will be for you

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Good Stuff | Posted February 05, 2008
After seeing this group in concert, I bought this CD. THey have a great testimony and I like this album of theirs the best. The songs Caroline and Once upon a shattered Life along with the song I believe in Jesus are great.

LOVE it!!!!!

Highly Recommended.

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dreambig (119)

Once Upon A Shattered Life | Posted August 29, 2007
This is a good CD. I bought it shortly after I saw Seventh Day Slumber for the first time in concert, at my first rock concert. and I fell in love with the song "Caroline". Most of their songs are good to rock out to. It's a great album.

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skybo90 (174)

shattered | Posted July 24, 2007
i remember when i first got this cd. i got it for $2 in the used section of our christian bookstore. the night before i saw them for the first time. i went to the concert and fell in love with them. they're one of my favorite bands now. my favorite song on this album is Chris' Letter

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drbull (8)

Once Upon A Shattered Life | Posted July 19, 2007
This is a fine Cd. Fans of Jeremy Camp will really enjoy this record. Caroline is a ballad of sorts that did receive some air play on CCM radio.Shattered Life is a good rockin' song. This is definitely a Cd to purchase. IMO this is a can;t miss CD.

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