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Do You Feel [edit]
by The Rocket Summer | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: July 31, 2007

The Rocket Summer's album Do You Feel features the single "So Much Love" and reflects the faith and passion for truth of talented singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Bryce Avary.

Track Listing
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01. Break It Out
02. So Much Love
03. Do You Feel
04. Save
05. All I Have
06. High Life Scenery
07. A Song Is Not A Business Plan
08. Taken Aback
09. Colors
10. Run To You
11. Hold It Up
12. Waiting
13. So, In This Hour...
14. I Just Don't Think I'll Ever Get Over You (iTunes Bonus Track)

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Nathan (188)

Do you Feel somthing missing? | Posted February 08, 2008
"I won't compromise this thing just to make it" That's what Bryce Avary aka The Rocket Summer, says on his song "A Song is Not a Business Plan" on his latest album Do you feel. And for the most part he keeps that statement true.

The music is a perfect blend of pop and rock, with a lot of original sounding piano influenced tunes also. The album starts off with "Break It Out" a fun up beat song that would have been a hit on his last record Hello Good Friend, but this song is just an ordinary good song on this album. The single "so much love" has a fantastic sound to it, and the title track "do you feel" is no less fantastic of original. "Save" is a fun song, but "all I have" just has a great tune.

The extremely catchy "High Life Scenery", may be the best sounding song on the album, and "A Song is Not a Business Plan" goes in the category also. "Taken aback" and "colors" are both upbeat fun tracks and "waiting" is a little on the light side but is still fun. The softest songs on the album are "Run to You" and "so, in this hour...". There plenty of more up-tempo songs on this album than his last and the songs have a much better flow. Averys voice is also is better on Do you Feel, as his non-typical voice flows much better with his music.

The Lyrics are a little more puzzling. A very positive album but it lacks a lot of spirituality, that his last album had, as this could be a mainstream album with no effort. "So, In This Hour...", "Run to You" and "so much love" could be talking about God as well as a girlfriend. "A Song is Not a Business Plan" and "all I have" are both good songs lyrically, but without God in them. Save is a quailty song that is as good as the lyrics get.

Do you Feel is one catchy album, with fun tunes up and down the album, but the lack of God in his lyrics is annoying. The Rocket Summers music is terrific and original, but it still lacks something very important.

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username2 (375)

I felt something, honesty. | Posted June 02, 2012
 Bryce Avary's 3rd album as his solo project The Rocket Summer finds a man who has figured out what he wants to do creatively and uses every talent he possess to get that creativity out for the world to hear.  Do You Feel sounds great.  Every instrument used does not sound out of place and Bryce's great vocals sound crisp and clear.  Going deeper, the lyrics showcase some genuine honesty in all the songs featured on this album.  Do You Feel is a look at the ever rising creative force that is Bryce Avary and showcases his honesty in life situations.  

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justink (115)

Awesome record | Posted February 16, 2010
I wasn't a huge fan of him before this record- but I can definetly say that I love him now.

Stand out songs:
High Life Society
Break it Out
So Much Love (personal favorite)

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Yes,I Feel !!!!! | Posted October 20, 2008
I kinda-sorta liked The Rocket Summer when I got Hell,Good Friend a few yrs ago. But now it's like I'm addicted to this cd! Do You Feel? is an amazing record! TRS should be proud!So Much Love is incredibley catchy!!! I love it soooooooooo much!!!!!!!

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irocketh (88)

Pop I like!?!?! | Posted July 29, 2008
I normally don’t like pop but there is just something about TRS that gets stuck in your head. His lyrics are still poppy but with a little bite that most are scared to put in there songs. The fact that he plays ever instrument just makes it that much more impressive.

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:] | Posted May 09, 2008
the rocket summer rocks!!
thier music is sooooo kool!
its so different!
and trust me i love different music.
i let my mom listen to so much love and she likes it too.

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So good..... | Posted April 18, 2008
just got into the rocket summer. at first when i hear their songs, i didnt exactly like it. but once i listened more, i loved it. what i love about the rocket summer is that practically every song is good. love each of the song's melody. he definetely has talent

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He can do it all! | Posted February 24, 2008
Bryce Avary has done it again. His ability to play most of the instruments on his albums is definitely a blessing from God. I'm glad he has used his gifts to uplift God. His music is different and enjoyable. For a new twist on your favorite styles of music listen to The Rocket Summer.

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Rocket summer rocks! | Posted January 12, 2008
I really like this CD. my fav. song is break it out

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Do You Feel | Posted November 15, 2007
Amazing album. Bryce Avary is so young, yet extremely talented. He has stepped it up from his last CDs, and just sounds more professional. The lyrics are just great. Do You Feel really opened up my eyes, and all of the other songs are also really catchy and fun to listen to. One of my favourite CDs of all time.

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