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And The Land Of Fake Believe [edit]
by Eleventyseven | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: May 16, 2006

With their fast-paced and potent pop-punk, Eleventyseven uses their lighthearted approach to express the joy of life lived with the Creator. Includes "Myspace", "Reach That Far", and "Nostalgiatopia".

Track Listing
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01. More Than A Revolution
02. A Stellar Sayonara
03. Nostalgiatopia
04. Myspace
05. Here With Me
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06. The Unicorn Revolt
07. Anti-Adieu
08. Odd's End Even So's
09. Teenage Heartbreak
10. Yesterday's Glues
11. Reach That Far

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art10 (115)

Almost As Bad As Stellar Kart | Posted August 18, 2007
First off, how come it took this long to get a song about Myspace? The song is terrible like the site, but hey, at least they did a song about the site.

Eleventyseven is another one of those bands that my younger sister would love, but not a more mature person. I mean really, if you've heard one song off this album, you've heard them all. Listen to "More Than A Revolution", you've heard the album. Unless I just happened to miss a song, which is possible since I fell asleep.

The whole thing screams Jonas Brothers quality, from the immature voice, from the lyrics, to a sad excuse for punk music, this album is a good one to give to your little brother. Thinking of the album for yourself? Don't bother.

Note: I've heard "It's Beautiful", and it sounds like the band will take a giant leap musically in the next album. We can only hope. The album cover looks awesome anyways.

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Thought-provoking. Entergetic. Crazy. | Posted October 03, 2007
This is one of the few cds in my collection that I really enjoy. Their energy and vocals...gotta love it!

It starts out with "More than a Revolution" which is basically saying that the world needs a "big explosion" to wake them up because they are leaning to heavily on all their false solutions. This is the first song I heard by this band and I instantly fell in love with it.

This band talks sense when it comes to romance. "I told myself my heart would just get in the way. It's never good to let emotions have their say." and "teenage heartbreak...doesn't really last that long. Broken hearts heal then the pain is gone." and "God wants more for the life you lead and everything you share. Guys and girls may break your heart but he'll always be there" are just some lines that let us know that we are still teenagers with raging hormones(at least I am) and sometimes we just gotta let it go and God will take care of us. He's got our lives all figured out. "The Unicorn Revolt" is more of a break-up song, but it's not a harsh one. It's not one of those "I hate you! You ruined my life" kinda's more saying "I feel God calling us to different paths in life" But they are definitly not condemning romance as shown by their two really cute love songs. "Nostalgatopia" and "Anti-Adeiu" My favorite out of the two is definitly "Anti-Adieu" So cute!

In their song "Myspace" they speak some truth. That has been followed up by Brad Paisleys "Online". Both guys are saying that often the internet is used as a cover-up for who you really are. They are making fun of this abuse.

In "Odds and Even so's" they address the Christians living in a world of pain and depression. They tell the story of a girl who's alone and is planning to take her own life. They are urging Christians to take a stand and befriend these people. In the song they ask this tough question "what good is God doing you if He is only faith?" If he just sits in a box in the corner of your closet whats the point of calling Him friend. Most of us don't shove those we call friends in a corner and leave them there.

The last song on this cd is the one that reaches my heart the most. "Reach that Far" is it's name. It is a plea for God's forgiveness after sinning. When we feel so dirty and unworthy that we find it hard to kneel before God. This song has encouraged me several times throughout my life.

Overall amazing cd. Often encouraging, entergetic, and thought provoking. These boys have got the brains when it comes to song writing.
And Matt Langston's vocals are so differently awesome!

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Not my favorite album by the guys | Posted November 04, 2009
I am not a big fan of this album. The songs are good but I love their newer stuff a lot better. More than a Revolution, MySpace, and Reach that Far are probably my favorite songs on the whole album. Most bands 1st album isn't as good as their 2nd or 3rd. I can tell that they have grown from how their music style has change, which was for the better, no offense Matt, Jon and Caleb. If you want a good Eleventyseven album get Galactic Conquest or Adventure in Eville.

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ok | Posted September 13, 2009
This isn't the best cd i have ever heard, but it's ok. The best songs are more than a revolution and myspace. The rest is just mediocre. I would prefer their newer stuff.

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Cause we need more than a revolution. :) | Posted June 25, 2009
This is my favorite album put out by the 11t7 guys. It's upbeat & has that punk feel to it that I love so much. True, some of their songs lack true depth to them, but this doesn't apply to all of the songs. Some can actually make you think, like the song Odds and Even Sos. All in all, the songs on this album are really fun. If you like Hawk Nelson, Stellar Kart, Everyday Sunday or Capital Lights, this album is a MUST for your collection.

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eah92 (49)

Great Songs | Posted June 17, 2009
The first time I heard Eleventyseven, I was surprised at how much I liked their sound. I thought it was a little different than anything else I heard. Many of the songs on this album are incredible and deserve to be given a chance. This group has talent!

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Pretty Good | Posted October 28, 2008
These guys are pretty good. I got this cd because of "myspace" and the fact that I am a total punk and love music of that genre. Anyway,11t7 is kind of like Stellar Kart with a poppy techno influence. Alot of people talk about how it's just "pop fluff" but I think it's good....just my opinion.

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skybo90 (177)

great | Posted May 24, 2008
eleventyseven is an amazing band. my favorite band on this album is nostalgiatopia. this album is a great album for anybody who likes Christian punk rock music.

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Free (2)

over all, it's good... | Posted April 23, 2008
the drums are fast, there are some neet stuff in this album, but i'd go with there new one.... the difference from this album and there new one is like night and day, one's good, but the other is way better...

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Good CD | Posted March 28, 2008
buy it

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