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ADIOS: The Greatest Hits [edit]
by Audio Adrenaline | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: August 01, 2006

Coming off their recent 2006 Grammy award win, Audio Adrenaline is retiring as a band at the end of 2006 and is also releasing their final album - ADIOS: The Greatest Hits. With over 3 million albums sold, 18 #1 radio hits, and thousands of live concerts, Audio Adrenaline leaves behind a legacy unmatched by any other artist. Known for their gritty rock anthems and compelling pop ballads, their music has impacted fans on a deeper level, calling them to servanthood, missions, and service.

Track Listing
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01. Big House
02. We're a Band
03. Never Gonne Be as Big as Jesus
04. Mighty Good Leader
05. Get Down
06. Hands and Feet
07. Chevette
08. Some Kind of Zombie
09. Ocean Floor
10. Beautiful
11. Leaving 99
12. Pierced
13. Miracle
14. King
15. Starting Over
16. Goodbye
17. Blaze of Glory

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art10 (115)

The Greatest Hits... Nearly | Posted August 18, 2007
The hardest thing for an artist to do is release a greatest hits album. Do you pick fan-favorites? Most successful or popular? Best lyrics? Best music? Band's favorite? Nobody will end up totally happy. With this album, I think the band left out most of the fan-favorites. Where's the "Houseplant Song?" How about their magnificent cover of "Free Ride?" Don't tell me they left out "Clap Your Hands?"

Most are great selections for the band. But some of the new songs leave something to be desired. "Goodbye" is your standard goodbye song, maybe a little cliched, but hey, it's a goodbye song. And I thought "Blaze Of Glory" was a cover of the Bon Jovi song, where it came from I don't know, it's a cover of some other group I know. Weird addition. And for those of you who got the special edition, "Down In The Lowlands" is an excellent song. Mark Stuart is spotlighted on this song, and boy does he shine.

Overall, get the special edition if you're going to get the album. If you have the rest of Audio A's albums, download "Down In The Lowlands." It's a must have for any fan. Thanks Audio A, you'll be missed.

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Adios Audio A | Posted February 25, 2008
I grew up listening to audio a and love thier music. Personally, i love thier older projects better then they later ones but they continued to be a great asset to the christian music scene. It was sad they had to leave the scene, but i'm glad they continue to do ministry in various ways. The greatest hits, of course, showcases their biggest hits. It is a great tribute they left for the fans. It is similar to their other greatest hits album, except it features a few of their later work and two new songs written specifically for their fans. I wish the band best of luck as they continue to grow and serve the lord in various ways and am greatful for the music they left behind.

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sad goodbye! | Posted February 22, 2008
im sad this was their last album! i liked them since i was little! its a great album thought i have fun everytime i listen to it!

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The Ultimate Audia A Album! | Posted October 11, 2007
I cannot beleive this is the end of Audio A! What an awesome band! This is the ultimate collection of their most popular songs, and if you love these you need to invest in their albums because they all rock! It is neat to see how their sound has changed through the years. Tyler has done an awesome job taking on lead vocals these past few years. I cannot wait for his future projects. I wish the boys well and hope Mark's vocals regain strength so that one day their will be a reunion tour! Adios Audio A, thanks for the ride!

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I can't believe that this was the end | Posted October 09, 2007
I first, heard Audio Adrenalin Last year at creation fest "They Were Excellent". I am greatly disappointed for not hearing them before last year. On the plus side, Their last Concert was excellent.

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Love it | Posted September 13, 2007
I love Audio Adrenaline since i found them two year ago.I love all the on song ADIOS:The Great Hits.I wish I know this guys 5 year ago.

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leeps139 (30)

Best of the Best | Posted September 04, 2007
Great collection and I was lucky enough to see them live @ Creation West including the last one ever 2006 both Mark and Pastor Harry in tears They will be missed but Mark's Hands @ Feet project is doing good in other area of the world

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audio a | Posted August 24, 2007
any christian music fan will LOVE this album. there's something for everyone on it. includes every song of audio a that I love!!

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Very good 'greatest hits' album for great band | Posted August 22, 2007
It is sad that Audio A gone, but they left 15 years of sucess on one great album.

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Adios Audio A. | Posted August 21, 2007
This album was a very awesome end to their music career, I got the Special Edition one with the dvd and it was worth the extra money..It showed you everything,gave you a peek into how it really was. After I watched it I was really bummed that that was it for them.. It is a really awesome album, I recommend it to everyone..

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