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Influence [edit]
by Everything in Slow Motion | Genre: Hard Rock/Metal | Release Date: October 16, 2020

Track Listing
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01. Apollo
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02. Influence (Feat. Aaron Stone of My Epic)
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03. Satellite
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04. Choke
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05. Something I Can Feel (Feat. Crystal Rose)
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06. Clementine
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07. Taking Turns
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08. Tired Eyes
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09. Penny Wish
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10. End Of My Rope (Feat. Ric Rodd)
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Everything In Slow Motion's Unmistakable "Influence" | Posted October 15, 2020

What You Need To Know:
Everything In Slow Motion has one of the most passionate fanbases in Facedown Record's current line-up. Their second full length album, and fourth musical piece overall, Influence is finally here. The album has built up a lot of anticipation from many in the Christian rock scene and took two careful, long years to write at the historic venue, The Surf Ballroom.

What It Sounds Like:
Christian-based post-metal is definitely a very untouched subgenre. Everything in Slow Motion follows in the wake of Hands (lead singer Shane Ochsner's last band.) Influence has killer atmospheric elements, deep and massive guitar work, and lots of creative melody. The first half of the album is heavier, while more beautiful, melodic songs are in the second half. It has pop sensibilities, some rock influences, and a bit of old school emo. The mix of the lighter elements and the heaviness of the music makes Influence sound unique. 

Spiritual Highlights:
Fans of the band will be let down if they expect the same lyrical content from the Red EP or Phoenix album. The lyrics on Influence are relatively darker overall. However, they are still relatable, honest, and real. These are songs written from heartbreaking experiences in life and finding the strength to overcome difficult situations, especially relational. 

I find some of the songwriting to be Proverbial. In the opening song, "Apollo" for example, Shane sings "The truth is what you say you want/but the truth you won't believe." Or the tug-of-war style lyrics of "Taking Turns" that says "The more you lie the more we're getting to the truth/The more you show yourself the less I have to prove." Other lyrics remind me of the vulnerability of the Psalms and Minor Prophetic writings in the Bible. Sometimes, we need be honest about our feeling with God and with others around us about the dirty and ugly seasons in life to help us move on. That's what Influence can help us do.

Best Song:
Everything In Slow Motion is an expert at creating both intense rock songs and captivating soft songs. The best rock song here is "Satellite." With tight musicianship that brings the listener in from the beginning, the song builds on itself to a high-energy chorus. The song transitions halfway through to introducing more screams from Shane and more introspective lyrics. As for the best softer song, "Tired Eyes" is exemplary. Sure, it has a guitar solo in it, but the melody is unmistakable throughout the song. A catchy chorus, calming vocals, and an encouraging message make this song a standout. 

For Fans Of:
Dens, RED, Cult of Luna

Bottom Line:
Everything In Slow Motion's Influence, bleeds creativity, emotion, and vulnerability. There is a lot of social and relational relatability here. Although the album is lyrically darker, the musical genius of Shane Ochsner definitely helps hold it all together, as the music flows very nicely. Influence might not resonate with fans in the same way some of Shane's older music does, but I hope fans listen and experience this, as it is extremely creative musically and shares heartfelt stories. 


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