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Scars Remain [edit]
by Disciple | Genre: Hard Rock/Metal | Release Date: November 07, 2006

Speaking to a generation in a way that few artists can, Disciple continues their mission of reaching a lost world with intense, driving, ferocious rock, leading the body of Christ into an explosive battle cry for The Cross. From the declarative anthem "Regime Change," to the raging charge "Game On," Disciple brings their hard-hitting message to the masses with Scars Remain.
Life brings us trials, tribulation, and ultimately scars. But Christ has scars that match everything we have experienced. The scars that remain on us are a reminder of all that Christ has done for us.

Track Listing
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01. Regime Change
02. Love Hate (On And On)
03. My Hell
04. Scars Remain
05. Game On
06. Someone
07. After The World
08. Dive
09. Fight For Love
10. Purpose To Melody
11. No End At All
12. Things Left Unsaid

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Absolutely Amazing! | Posted July 27, 2010
I had picked this album up just randomly seeing it for a good deal at Walmart and hearing a few songs by Disciple I thought I'd try it out. I had no idea what I was in for and did not know this band would become one of my favorite Christian rock bands, these guys are amazing!

So about the album, this is probably one of Disciple's heaviest albums, yet at the same time has a strong sense of melody to it, giving it a beautiful since of chaos.

The cd opens with the heavy rock track "Regime Change", which pulls you in with lead vocalist Kevin's amazing screams and clean melodic vocals, with the pounding instruments guiding the song and a very strong opener to the album. "Love Hate On and On" continues keeping up the energy with the previous song, leading into the great vocals of the arena rock song "My Hell." What comes next is one of the heaviest tracks on the album and also one of the best, the title track "Scars Remain" This song has intense screams and mostly is all screamed except the chorus and the instruments almost launch into metal territory. "Game On and Someone" both follow and are both amazing heavy songs and are great listens. Next things slow down a bit with the acoustic driven "After the World" great vocals and beautiful song. After the ballad Disciple doesn't hesitate speeding things back up with "Dive" and jumping into the heaviest track on the record "Fight For Love" this is one fun, heavy, and fast intense song, offering some of Kevin's best screams and one of Disciple's most brutal songs. This jumps right into "Purpose to Melody" which works as a nice follow up with this nice rock tune. The record then ends with a beautiful ballad "No End At All." This song offers some beautiful vocals and nice light musical backdrop that drives the song. Kind of an odd ending to this mostly heavy record, but a good ending nonetheless.

Most the songs on this album follow a typical heavier rock/metal formula with the scream/sing switch, with heavy instruments, but Disciple does this way better than others. With having the experience in the industry as Disciple has, what they do they do well. Any fan of heavier rock will be able to easily jump into this record and enjoy it. This is easily my favorite record of Disciple's many albums and has a ton of awesome songs. If you have never heard of this band, this is a good cd to get you hooked.

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Blown away | Posted November 01, 2010
I'm not one for the hard rock and screaming because most of it is tasteless and you can't understand what they are saying. This album is different. They have a great sound and the lyrics are so clear. You can see the writers pouring themselves into it. Their best song, by far is on this album: "After the World." I can't listen to that song enough. I highly recommend this album to everyone.

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aylaeh (203)

heard about this album in hm | Posted October 09, 2010
i first remember hearing about this album in hm magazine. i went ahead and got it. i like it a lot. i just wish that they would play this style of music more on the radio.

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Awesome album | Posted October 04, 2010
Awesome album! This is a pretty sweet album, I loved every single song on it. It has the same power as the Sef-titled album. I saw the After the World music video before I heard any of the album and loved it. I can't think of which songs are my favorite, they are all pretty good. If your a rocker or metal-head then you definitely wanna add this album to your library.

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skybo90 (173)

great... | Posted May 28, 2008
i'm gonna have to say that this album got a lot of publicity for some good reasons. my favorite song on this cd is After the World. the only songs i don't really like are My Hell and Game On.

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Remains of Scars | Posted May 13, 2008
I love this CD. It has definately been getting a lot of listens from me lately. I love the song Love Hate, I think that would be my favorite on the CD. I actually bought it originally for the song After the World. The last song, No End At All, is also very good.

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Love it | Posted April 11, 2008
I love Scars remain. Two of the songs on this album have a lasting impact on me. Game On and After The World. I get goosebumps every time i listen to them. the rest of the cd is amazing too. I love Disciple's older stuff, but Scars Remain has a more, i dont really know how to explain it, kind of mature sound. i love the album.

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Remarkable follow up | Posted March 27, 2008
It is hard to believe that Disciple's remarkable self-entitled CD could be followed by "Scars Remain" - yet another amazing compilation of noteworthy songs. Whether it be a song laced with guttural screams like "Scars Remain" or the band's self-proclaimed love song for Jesus "After The World", all of their songs unapologetically profess the greatness of the Lord in Disciple's uniquely fierce way! I was fortunate to see the band perform live during their "Scars Remain" tour. I have to say that if you think that the CD is great, imagine upping the energy level and intensity 10 fold and you'll have an idea of just how astonishing the show was! Whether it be listening to Disciple's CD or seeing them live, you will not be disappointed!

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RossMan (134)

nice | Posted March 09, 2008
a good hard rock album if you like some of that sorta stuff like me some of the songs get me pumped like Fight For Love i love it

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Best One | Posted March 03, 2008
This is the CD that got me listening to Disciple. I loved the hard rock that they played. Game On and Scars Remain really bring that on and then they slow it down with After the World, whihc is truly an amazing song. If you don't know the meaning of that song, go see these guys live and they will let you know. It is truly a moving experience. GREAT ALBUM!!!

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