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The Healing Of Harms [edit]
by Fireflight | Genre: Hard Rock/Metal | Release Date: July 25, 2006

Dishonesty, lies and brokenness are demolished by truth, love and boldness in the debut release from Flicker's female-fronted rock band Fireflight. With The Healing of Harms, a brash display of raw energy colliding with a beauty that heals, melodic vocals soar like a shining hope. Produced by the legendary Skidd Mills (Sister Hazel, Saliva, Skillet).

Track Listing
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01. Serenity
02. Waiting
03. You Decide (feat. Josh Brown of Day Of Fire)
04. It's You
05. Star Of The Show
06. Liar(with Dave Pelsue from Kids In The Way)
07. Myself
08. Something New
09. Attitude
10. More Than A Love Song
11. Action

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A Brash Display Of Raw Energy | Posted July 01, 2007
Dishonesty, lies and brokenness are demolished by truth, love and boldness in the debut release from Flicker"s female-fronted rock band Fireflight. With The Healing of Harms, a brash display of raw energy colliding with a beauty that heals, melodic vocals soar like a shining hope. Highlights on the album include "You Decide," featuring Josh Brown of Day of Fire and "It's You."

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Nathan (188)

No Serenity, No problem | Posted February 06, 2008
First things first, the album this band and Healing of Harms has nothing to do with Joss Wheaton's TV show Firefly (for anyone who got Fireflight and firefly mixed up), and despite the name of the first song "serenity". Now that it's been cleared up, Fireflight is a terrific rock band fronted by amazingly talented Dawn Richardson.

Dawn Richards vocals are very impressive, as she pulls of the female rock thing very well which is shown in the very first seconds of the opening song "Serenity". Although the transition from verse to the chorus is not that smooth the does chorus flow excellently, which makes for a terrific song. The opposite is true for "Waiting" where the music for the verses are super and the chorus is only half super. The single "you decide" is brilliant, and with Josh Brown from Day of Fire helping, it makes for an awesome song.

Listeners really feel Dawn's incredible voice, especially "it's you". The song "Star of the show" starts slow, but it speeds up, plus it's the most upbeat song of the album. The heaviest song on the CD is "Liar" which is kind of moody and has some screaming going on, but it still rocks. "myself" has a spectacular flow too it, as it's one of the best songs on the album, "Something New" has a great chorus, and "Attitude" is just another great rock song. The lightest on Healing of harms is "More than a love song", which proves that Fireflight could be doing softer music and still be good at it.
Dawn Richardson

Fireflight's lyrics take a whack at lying (liar) ignoring others needs (Action, and More Than a Love Song), and about fights that don't need to be fought (attitude). Being close to God is obviously important to the band, out of that springs songs like "it's you", "waiting", and "Serenity" although the former too really don't spring much inspiration. And with songs like "you decide", it's doubtful that anyone will throw away the CD on account for the lyrics, although they could be better.

With sounds similar to Inhabited and Flyleaf, Firlflight rocks with almost every song. Incredible vocals, terrific music, and fairly good lyrics for an opening project, the Healing of Harms is well done, and Fireflight should have an impressive fan base when there sophomore album comes out.

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IronJedi (112)

No Harm Here | Posted August 22, 2007

There has been a resurrgence of interest in melodic hard rock, prompting record labels to sign and release like music, thus creating a windfall for fans of the genre... myself included. With the release of Kutless' latest, a sophomore release from Day of Fire and the debut of bands like Red and Decyfer Down it's like the heavens have opened and the floodgates have let loose. Flicker Records, whose motto at one time was "Flicker Rocks Harder," contributed to the deluge when the latest addition to the roster released their debut.

Joining the growing number of female fronted rock acts alá Flyleaf, Inhabited, Superchi[k] and Barlow Girl, Florida-based FireFlight enters the arena with an hard-hitting debut stylistically reminiscent of Evanescence's Fallen. The Healing of Harms is a sonic downpour that inundates the listener with ringing electric guitars, pounding rhythms and deep, intricate melodies. Layered beneath lead singer Dawn Richardson's elevated and yearning vocals are guitarist Justin Cox's contrasting rumbles serving to reinforce the lyrical message FireFlight dynamically delivers.

The Healing of Harms similarity to Fallen ends with the style of the music though. Fireflight takes the goth-rock sound and emotion and infuses it with lyrics that deliver a positive message that counters the shallowness and falseness of our media-defined culture. Richardson's sincere and unselfish lyrics expose disinformation and reveal truth- simultaneously confronting social distortions while comforting its casualties.

Disappointed in the long wait for Evanescence's sophomore release? Spend the money that you've been saving on FireFlight's The Healing of Harms instead.

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art10 (114)

Vocally Flawless | Posted August 08, 2007
Dawn Richardson is a RARE talent in the music world, one that actually has an amazing race. She has have one of the best voices, if not the best voice in CCM, and one of the best in mainstream. She's that good. She can do soft, rock, hard rock, with no sweat. Don't believe me? Listen to "It's You", which is not only vocally flawless, but is a great song period. "Attitude" is a great rock song, and very memorable. And even though I'm not a big fan of hard rock, this album actually had me liking it, to some degree.

Overall, a vocally flawless album. Oh, I forgot to mention the background guy. He's a great voice in his own right, and could front his own band, but combined with Richardson in the above mentioned songs, and it's magic. The songs are great, the rock is great, I would recommend this, even though I'm not a big fan of hard rock. But who knows, maybe their next album will be less hard, and twice as good. Then it would definitely be one of my favorites.

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username2 (375)

Worth Every Penny | Posted June 30, 2009
It's fun, it's catchy, it's well produced and it is worth your money. My only complaint is that the album is too short but that's okay with me. I can probably compare Fireflight's sound with that of Skillet's 2003 album Collide except that in the Fireflight album the guitars are toned down a bit so as you can hear the singer's voice.

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Fireflight-The Of Healing Harms | Posted October 22, 2008
This cd finally broke the mold for female-fronted bands! None of the same-old-same-old about hair and makeup,I mean that's good for somepeople,but it drives me crazy like thats all that girls think about!...anyway! Fireflight is an amazing band with a stellar sound! And the fact that 2 of the songs feature leadsingers from other awesome bands is definitely an added bonus!My favorite song is Liar!

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Great Cd | Posted September 18, 2008
The first time I heard of them was at a concert for Disciple. I wasn't sure about them when I bought the ticket but man was I impressed. Their energy was awesome and really fun. Their music on the other hand was awesome. I really liked how good they were and the fact that they are a chick front band and still had good music, good job! So I bought the album and i really like listening to it.

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You Decide | Posted September 09, 2008
I think that this song has a good analegy,
Who will you run to?
you have two choices God or satan.
and the song says YOU decide,
don`t let someone else tell decide for you because the person may not give you the right choice.
And it states in the second verse when God is calling out to you again let him take you in,
don`t let other people take you in because you need god more than another person`s perspective.
and if you feel like someone else is trying to take over,let God take you in.
I especially recommend this song to rock lovers
this song will tell them to get roll model that will point them directly to Jesus,just like Fireflight will.
I also point out this song to people who have suffered threw tragedy,it gives them direction to run to God and stuff that points to them.
I think that if you listen to this song you will
feel a sense of good hard rock but for christain rock lovers like me it will give you a deep sense of worship.
I personally think that this was a big hit for Fireflight and a wake up call for rock lovers to see that God gave them the gift of music and that it is not of their own power.
I am completely thrilled to write thi review

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I can't believe I hadn't heard of them before! | Posted June 17, 2008
Fireflight is a band that knows how to make truly good, original music.

With an amazingly talented lead singer (Dawn) The Healing of Harms makes it easy to enjoy this CD time after time.

Appearances by Josh Brown (Day of Fire) & David Paul Pelsue (Kids in the Way) help make this a truly unforgettable work of art.

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irocketh (88)

Great music | Posted March 24, 2008
Fireflight is one of the few "chick bands" that has any talent. Dawn's passionate wide range of singing will have you rocking out to lyrics that mean something

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Fireflight | Posted March 04, 2008
This album is good. I only like "Waiting" though. Fireflight didn't do a bad job at Kingdom Bound in 2007 though.

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