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Go Limited Edition [edit]
by Newsboys | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: October 31, 2006

This cd includes three bonus songs and a dvd featuring a behind the scenes look at the lives of each band member.

Track Listing
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01. Wherever We Go
02. Go
03. Something Beautiful
04. The Mission
05. Let It All Come Out
06. In Wonder
07. Your Love is Better than Life
08. I Am Free
09. Secret Kingdom
10. The Letter
11. Gonna Be Alright
12. I Am Free (Live)
13. Something to Believe In
14. City to City

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art10 (114)

Perfect For Any Newsboys Fan | Posted September 03, 2007
Don't get me wrong, the Newsboys are a great band, from the 90's. I'm less than of a fan of their work in the past 7 years. This limited edition CD is great for any Newsboys fan. While the new tracks don't amount to hardly anything, and they're hardly worth the time, the DVD portion is great. The DVD takes you behind the scenes with each band member at the time. These moments are a must for every fan, as by the time each video is finished, you get a great feel for each of these guys as a person.

The highlight is Paul Colman, who is the band's newest member, and a hilarious one at that. His lines are classic, and his personality is infectious in every way. And his Bob Dylan singing "Shine" act is one for the ages.

The newest ex-Newsboy is Phil Joel, and his segment on the other hand is agonizingly boring. The guy has a quiet personality, and isn't the type guy who is going to randomly do something. It gets stranger when they follow him to get a guitar autographed by "Frampton". I assume it's Peter Frampton, but it's impossible to tell since the guy Joel sees is playing guitar in a field, naked, and blurred by the camera.

Each member's segment is also a bio of sorts, we meet their parents, see how they got started in music, and how they came into Newsboys.

Overall, a must-have for any fan. Even those who aren't fans, but love the CD, will love the extra bonus, and for those who didn't like the CD, they'll love Paul Colman.

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Great | Posted May 06, 2011
At first this looked like another one of those releases the record labels put out a few months after the initial release of the album, so you suddenly find a different version available with one new track on it and wish you had waited a little longer to make your purchase. As I dug a little deeper into this one though, I realized that in some ways it is (in that 3 additional tracks are added onto the original 11 track release). The extra tracks include a live track and 2 bonus cuts). The really amazing thing about this release though is the amazing 2 hour long DVD that is included and barely seems to get much attention on the packaging. If you want to get up close and personal into the lives of the band and things that were going on during the time this album was released...this DVD is pretty amazing. This should set should be a prized addition to any Newsboys fan's collection! This is one bonus track edition I'm glad I purchased.

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pacemaker (319)

great album | Posted March 29, 2011
 i am free could just happen to be the best newsboys song ever. this album has it on it twice!

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pacemaker (319)

great album | Posted March 19, 2011
 go limited edition will not disappoint you if you buy it. i absolutely love it.

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Awesome! | Posted March 14, 2009
I love this CD/DVD from the Newsboys. I especially like the DVD part of this album. The different mini videos of each of the guys in their hometowns is awesome. You really get to see what it's like behind the scenes of the Newsboys. Peter takes you around Norlunga and Adelaide Australia of where he grew up. Duncan takes you around the Sunshine Coast. Phil from New Zealand and Jeff from Detroit. Paul unfortunately wasn't filmed in his hometown of Melbourne Australia but he did get a mini video of his first few rehearsals with the Newsboys once he joined the group. He takes you around Franklin Tennessee also. They give you footage of the making of the song, "Wherever We Go" also. It's a great DVD for a Newsboys fan.

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a must buy for nb fans | Posted January 23, 2009
I got this cd at the last newsboys concert i went to and it is so awesome! i love the bonus tracks 'i am free live' and 'something to believe in' and 'city to city'(the non remixed virison)
the dvd is really cool because you get to see the 'boys behind the sences including phil joel and paul colman who are nolonger part of the band (pauls part is my fav he is so funny!) a great buy for any nb fan

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ok | Posted September 09, 2008
this cd is ok ... not the best in the world though ... Good Job! Can't wait for more of you guys! God bless all that you do! ROCK ON!!!! keep up the good work

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Something Beautiful | Posted December 30, 2007
This cd is awesome! Something Beautiful is the best song by the Newsboys. There are good songs by them, but this song is like the BEST! Now I haven't listened to the whole cd. Only this song I think off of this cd!

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Something Beautiful | Posted October 11, 2007
This album is amazing! The song "Something Beautiful" is worth buying the whole album for. The bonus DVD just adds to the awesomeness!

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hmdavis (13)

Newsboys are awesome! | Posted September 12, 2007
I have always been a Newsboys fan, they have never come out with a disappointing album. This cd is no exception, the songs are very upbeat and help to keep a christian's life in focus with their songs, Go and I Am Free. and watching the dvd lets you see what each individual is like in their own way. I would recommend this cd to anyone.

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