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Daughtry [edit]
by Daughtry | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: November 21, 2006

Former American Idol Contestant Chris Daughtry's debut album. A nice mix of rock songs make a CD that has been selling constantly in the many months since its release, making Daughtry one of the most successful artists to come from the show, earning more money than even many of the show's actual winners.

Track Listing
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01. It's Not Over
02. Used To
03. Home
04. Over You
05. Crashed
06. Feels Like Tonight
07. What I Want (Feat. Slash on guitar)
08. Breakdown
09. Gone
10. There And Back Again
11. All These Lives
12. What About Now
13. Sorry [iTunes Bonus Track]
14. Home (Acoustic) [Wal-Mart Bonus Track]
15. Crashed (Acoustic) [Wal-Mart Bonus Track]
16. Wanted Dead or Alive [AmericanIdol.com Bonus Track]
17. Breakdown (Live) [UK Bonus Track[

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Logan (12)

Excellent | Posted February 17, 2008
Sum-up: A fresh follow up to American Idol. Great lyrics and many faith inspired songs make this an excellent record.

Songs to download: "It's Not Over," "Crashed," "What I Want (feat. Slash)," "Feels Like Tonight," and "What About Now."

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Another vote of approval | Posted September 04, 2007
I am a big Daughtry fan, and "Home" is one of my most played songs this year. The more I listen to it, the more inspired I get. Particularly, the line "and where Your love has always been enough for me". As a metaphor, that type of imagery may be stronger than half of the "Christian" songs on radio right now. It's also a very honest, introspective album with other good songs like "It's Not Over", "Used To" and "Over You". Along with Collective Soul's "Afterwords", this is one of the few mainstream albums this year that Christians can and should support to show support for mainstream "artists of faith".

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art10 (115)

The Best Mainstream Rock Band Since Nickelback | Posted August 12, 2007
Note: I've only heard the radio singles.

First off, the headlining statement I made isn't saying much. Not that I listen to mainstream rock that much, but most are one-hit wonders. Fall Out Boy being an exception, but really, their lyrics suck, and their live sound is one of the worst in the history of music.

So the first track, kind of weird with the name "It's Not Over". But as far as lyrics are concerned, not much to say, in fact, the whole song seems familiar, the whole feel, another rock song about a relationship. Original? Hardly. It works for the happy with the packaging music fan, but leaves something to be desired for the rest of us.

"Home" is a great track, considering it came from a mainstream band. It really fits American Idol well, since it was written about coming home after the famous show. I'm not against the song going to Christian radio, just like I wasn't against "The Fray" doing the same. But I ask, what's the point? It's an interesting thought though, mainstream bands thinking enough of us Christians to support their music enough? We might actually be gaining credibility in mainstream circles. Interesting thought, good song.

"Over You" is another good song, not great but good. It won't be as popular as his other songs because it's different from the other rock tracks, I think in a good way. But, as always, I could be wrong.

Overall, I'm not going to be buying this album. Surprised? Daughtry has a great voice, and better lyrics than most mainstream bands, but hey, they're still mainstream, and don't offer us Christians enough. So my recommendation would be to get "Home" off of LimeWire, that's how I did it. And I'm not giving mainstream any of my money.

Side Note: Kudos to "moviestarjonyu" you beat me to putting Daughtry to the wide database of NRT. Spend the two points well. However, at least when I copied artist info from Wikipedia I took out the reference numbers i.e. [1]. You might want to change it, just for the sake of seeming professional.

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patpc36 (58)

Great Debut from Idol | Posted December 31, 2009
This is probably the best CD from any American Idol contestant. It is wonderful how he writes and sings about his faith. Home is a great song that has very deep lyrics. What I Want is another great track featuring Slash on guitar. I like the overall range of songs on the CD and it shows what a complete artist he really is. I was glad to see that Home was not the only good song on the CD. It would be cool to see them in concert to see how well they do live!

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LauraCC (256)

Me like! | Posted July 18, 2009
"Home" "What About Now" "Crashed" and "All These Lives" are my favorites from this CD. He's got a great voice and I like how the band switches from quiet to noisy music and aces both kinds! Looking forward to his next one for a Christmas gift! (and this one; library borrowed)

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xoxoxoxoxoxoxox | Posted October 07, 2008
This cd is SOOOO good. I have heard a million times thanx to my sister who LOVE Chris Daughtry. There isn't one song to skip on this cd.They have great music and it sounds like there were actual brain-cells used when writing the lyrics.:-)I really like it!

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amazing; | Posted August 24, 2008
amazing. i am a huge fan of daughtry and every time i hear any song it just reminds me that its okay and then any problem i thought i had going on escapes for a moment or until the song is over :].

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okay | Posted July 27, 2008
I like the album.
but I have only heard the
song Home. But Home is
one of my favorite songs.
I like the band daughtry.
they rock on!!!!
So keep on rockin daughtry.
Because they rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Daughtry | Posted June 02, 2008
This guy really isn't a christian artist but i do love his voice and his style of music. I have heard the whole album and i have to say i'm impressed. I really love the songs "It's Not Over", "Home", and "What About Now" although all other songs on that album are great. The thing is that with most of the songs you can get a christian meaning out of them which i do like. Great album, great music, especially for rock fans!!

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skybo90 (177)

not sure | Posted May 25, 2008
i'm not exactly sure why this album is on NewReleaseTuesday when this is a Christian music website. but it is an amazing album...there's not a song on this cd that i don't like.

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Anna (2)

great!! | Posted April 20, 2008
i looove daughtry!! his song feels like tonight is amazing and i love to listen to it with my favorite man :) but everythingg on here is pretty much amazing!!

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irocketh (88)

Great | Posted March 25, 2008
Chris is the best artist that American Idol has made famous. This album shows off his impressive vocals.

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