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For The Glory [edit]
by The O.C. Supertones | Genre: Other | Release Date: November 06, 2012

The O.C. Supertones returned in 2012 with their first new album in eight years. Featuring original members Matt Morginksy, Tony Terusa, Jason Carson, and Darren Mettler, the album, For The Glory, was co-produced by Josh Auer of Pax217 fame.

Track Listing
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01. All The Way Alive
02. For The Glory
03. Hey Hey Hey
04. Far More Beautiful
05. Down To The River
06. All Glory
07. It's A Good Day To Be From California
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08. Warmth Of The Sun
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09. On The Downbeat
10. Fight On
11. Pretty Little Lie
12. The Wise And The Fool

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Bringing Back the Groove | Posted November 05, 2012
If you were a Christian music fan in the '90s or early 2000s, it was hard to miss the Orange County Supertones. When secular musicians had a monopoly on the ska market, the Supertones were one of the cornerstone bands paving the way for Christian ska. The ministry-minded band took the market by storm with their 1997 sophomore release Supertones Strike Back, supported by the then-brand new label Tooth and Nail Records.
After a solid run impacting audiences nationwide for Christ, the band members went their separate ways in 2005. With similar splits occurring in the other major Christian ska bands of the era, it seemed like ska was more or less dead. But 2010 saw a reunion of the O.C. Supertones to play just a few more shows. A few became 10, which became a few more in 2011. The year 2012 saw the Supertones joining several other ska colleagues in announcing a plunge back into the studio to revisit their music and their mission.
For the Glory is an effort supported by the fans, which seems only fitting. The resurrection of ska could provide the temptation to just recycle old grooves, but the Supertones didn't cut corners on their return album. 
From the energetic opener, "All the Way Alive," it's clear that the band is drawing out the best of their old influences while updating it with a sleeker production quality for contemporary audiences. The title track sets the mission statement of the album, solidifying the mission of the band from the beginning: every element of the Supertones' songs and ministry is focused on giving the glory back to God.
"Hey Hey Hey" is a classic ska track, leaning on a steady, repetitive rhythm and the trombone and trumpet offerings of Nathan Spencer and Darren Mettler. "Far More Beautiful" is more chill in its instrumentation, though the vocal stylings of lead singer Mojo Morginsky ground it solidly in the ska sound. The song is addressed to girls, seeking to establish their worth in the right place as the chorus declares, "you're beautiful, far more beautiful than anything the world will ever know / Keep your eyes on the King, cherish all of your tomorrows."
"All Glory" is performed like a hymn, lifting an unashamed declaration of praise to God backed by the celebratory tones of the horn section. "It's A Good Day to Be From California" is distinctly autobiographical, lending a playful West Coast vibe to the band's nostalgia. This song provides an opportunity for the Supertones' Orange County roots to shine.
"Warmth of the Sun" has a slightly different tone, fitting for its theme of waking to sunshine after a long winter of the soul. Here the acoustic work of guitarists Jesse Craig and Josh Auer is drawn to the surface, creating a more mellow ballad sound. "On the Downbeat" immediately counters it with a darker groove sustained by bassist Toneman Terusa and drummer Jason Carson. This sound has a classic-sounding ska rhythm with a bit of a bite to it, providing a different take on the feel-good vibe of most of the album.
The battle anthem "Fight On" uses the analogy of being captives in Babylon to stress the necessity to fight for truth during the dark nights of our world. "Pretty Little Lie," a track talking about the dangerous allure of sin, draws on some of the Supertones' skill with a more clean-cut rock and roll sound, laying down some blistering guitar riffs in the intro and chorus. "The Wise and the Fool" wraps up the album on a note as upbeat as the album's beginning, showcasing the band's solid theological background born of years of ministry.
Closing Thoughts:
Although a more contemporary production style is definitely evident throughout the project, this is still the Supertones as you remember them: loud, infectiously joyful, and completely in love with Christ. This is an album that could brighten just about any day with its upbeat, worship-focused heart and celebratory horn-supported sound. Old fans of the O.C. Supertones should be more than satisfied, and this is a release that could easily draw in a new generation of fans as well.

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The O.C. Supertones | Posted November 29, 2012
During the past decade ska appeared to be a dying genre with only a few bands still actively churning out new tunes to skank to. However, "the times they are a changing". Over the past year, Five Iron Frenzy announced their return to both touring and the studio and The Inzyders released The Sinner's Songbook in September. Now the O.C. Supertones have their newest musical endeavour, For The Glory.
The Orange County Supertones' original band members, reunited back in 2010 and played a handful of shows. March of 2012 saw die-hard fans wishes fulfilled, as The Supertones announced their plans to try and fund a new album through Kickstarter.
I admit that I had some degree of apprehension in the months leading to the album release. The entire music scene has radically changed during the years between The O. C. Supertones last album and For The Glory. Would The Supertones change as well? That apprehension was erased upon my first listen to For The Glory. The new release has delivered to dedicated followers a faith filled, ska extravaganza. The same type of sound that put The O. C. Supertones at the top of Christian ska craze at the turn of the century. The Supertones borrowed the great guitar skills of Josh Auer of PAX 217 fame as both producer and guitarist on For The Glory. His talents, in both roles, shines through. The band also dished out a few musical surprises on the new album.
"All the Way Alive" is the blockbuster opener on For The Glory.  Matt "Mojo" Morginsky's vocals fill the listener in as to why the Supertones reunited and why they perform.
"We do it for the love, we do it for the Lord, we do it for the people cause they want some MORE! We do it for the fame of the Most High, so come on inside and get all the way ALIVE!"
"For the Glory", the title track from the new album. 
"Hey Hey Hey" with Mojo providing a staccato rap vocal delivery on this light and bright tune.
Mojo sends out a tribute to important women in his life, his mother, daughter, and sister on "Far More Beautiful". The lyrics directed to his mother struck home with me.
"Mother, you're still a pretty girl
Your arms surround the world with your embrace
Mother I see your wisdom
Your tears and laughter
in the lines on your lovely face
and your children, one by one, will rise and call you "blessed"
and all heaven will applaud as you enter to your rest"
"Down to the River" lyrically takes you back to the style of song you may have learned in Sunday School in your younger years (albeit, this time with catchier beat).
The worshipful song "All Glory" should be added to your worship leaders repertoire.  Go ahead and ask, you might be surprised!
"It's a Good Day to Be from California" has the band sending a lyrical accolade to their home state with a fun pop, surf rock vibe.
"Warmth of the Sun" is one of the oddities on For The Glory, as the band delves into an acoustic, folk sound reminiscent of '60's folk artists.
"On the Downbeat" was the teaser track for the new album and the catchiest song on the album. This track is guaranteed to have you singing along.
"Fight On" draws out some of the punk edged ska that The Supertones have offered up over the years as the lyrics equate our modern world to the ancient days of Babylon.
"Pretty Little Lie" recounts the emptiness in Mojo's past and the fulfillment he received in Christ.
"When I was 21, I was young, I was dumb and successful
I had a new hit record and a pretty little thing on my arm
It was all I’d ever wanted I was ready to feel fantastic
but every single night when I would step on that stage and perform
with every breath I felt emptiness"
Another of the surprises by The Supertones with a mandolin opening for "The Wise and the Fool". The refrain taken directly from Joshua 24 "as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord".
Album number eleven for The Supertones, For The Glory, offers a greatest focus on Christ and His Kingdom than any of The O. C. Supertones previous releases. Perhaps this is most clearly defined by the band themselves in the lyrics of the title track as Mojo sings:
"I believe in a God that’s listening
I believe in a truth worth telling"
Simply put, this is an outstanding album for ska lovers such as myself and for those who are new to this revitalized genre, by the masters of the ska craft, The O.C. Supertones. Grab a copy of For The Glory and start skankin', ska is back!

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username2 (378)

A Glorious Return | Posted November 23, 2012
 2012 is looking like the rivival of ska music and it seems to be a great time for The O.C. Supertones to return to entertain fans old and young.  For The Glory marks a fantastic return to the sound that longtime fans will feel a tinge of nostalgia and introduce new listeners to the style.  The break hasen't seemed to faze the members as they pick up from where they left off all those years ago and bring us 12 more fun songs and lyrics that encourage and speak truth.  With The Supertones back and Five Iron Frenzy's return immenent, next year is going to be a great one.

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So Exited | Posted October 30, 2012
I'm so exited to hear The Supertones New album.  Such a fan, can't wait for the whole cd. I love that they kept the same old school feel that we all love from the Supertones.  If your not a fan, now's the time to become one.  You'll love their songs.

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Rejuvenated | Posted October 30, 2012
The O.C. Supertones have not missed a beat. It was nice to listen and even reminisce about music through the years. I truly enjoyed their musical talent and ministry through the words on "For the Glory".  The song "Warmth of the Sun or (Son)" speaks of the love of the Lord in our lives and His closeness.  The music is upbeat and lively.

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Absolutely Great Album!!! | Posted October 30, 2012
 First off, it's the Supertones. That should be enought to tell you that this album is amazing, but there's more. The lyrics are totally worshipful, it could pass as a worship album that gives complete glory to the Lord (as the album title says) and is completely uplifting. The music is reminiscent of a Supertones album, complete with ska guitars, sweet brass, and of course that thumping bass that fills everything in so nicely. I love this album and can't wait to get a physical CD (which I only do for amazing albums)

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