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Go [edit]
by Rachel Chan | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: January 10, 2012

Bubbling with groove and overflowing with beautifully crafted lyrics and tongue & cheek moments, Rachel Chan delivers a record for summer days of reflection on God and life through the innocence of a teenager. The sixteen-year-old daughter of author, speaker Francis Chan, Rachel demonstrates her own depth and maturity through her writings such as “As Close” and “You Must Love Me”… and her playful, yet honest, tune “Prove It” with a guest “rap” from her own Dad, Francis Chan. With ten new songs fit for radio Disney, will have young people falling in love with their Savior and finding where they stand on many issues such as dating and self image.

Track Listing
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01. As Close
02. Prove It
03. Even Here
04. Show Me More
05. You Must Love Me
06. Still Singing
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07. Lame
08. Ready and Waiting
09. You And Your Love
10. Resting In You
11. Album EPK (Not On CD)
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KellyS (37)

Refreshing Hope and Encouragement | Posted January 29, 2012

Rachel Chan “Go”

3 Stars

Rachel Chan may be new to the music industry, but she’s no stranger to ministry. As the oldest child of world-renowned author and speaker Francis Chan, this 15 year old knows what it means to live for the Lord, and her music is evidence of this.

Co-writing every song on her debut album, Go, Chan admits, “I learned in a tangible way that relying on the Lord for my lyrics was the only way to create something productive.” As a result, every song is filled with truth and aims to encourage believers, young and old alike.

First track, “As Close” talks about how as believers, God has freed us to have a relationship with Him, but it’s up to us to determine how deep it goes. The chorus says: “We’re as close as we want to be to resting in a perfect peace, we’re as close as we want to be to God.”  Though it has a catchy, pop sound, the lyrics make you stop, think, and reflect on your own walk with God.

“Prove It” is a humorous look at dating relationships and how a father’s love for his daughter can have a positive effect. Rachel sings, “I won’t believe it’s love until you prove it to my dad… he’s always loved me for better and for worse, he makes it easy to identify a jerk.” The song even features Francis Chan trying his hand at rap. It’s really a great way to look at how young girls especially, can determine whether someone is worthy of their heart.

Sung from the perspective of God, “Even Here” is a hopeful reminder that no matter what we face in life, God will never leave our side. “Don’t fear anything ‘cuz I’m here and I can bring you joy, even here I’ll bring you joy.”

Most songs on the album are upbeat and have a more energetic feel to them. However, “Show Me More” and “You Must Love Me” exhibit a more worshipful and reflective side of Chan, making the album more diverse.

“Ready and Waiting” touches on the hard decisions we sometimes have to make when our friends aren’t living the way they should. Chan sings, “I’ll be ready and waiting, here for you as soon as you find nothing satisfies your thirsty eyes, then you’ll see soon.” This is one of the more personal songs on the album, revealing Chan’s maturity and strength to never stray from her beliefs even if it means making hard choices.

Final track “Resting In You” speaks to those times in life when all we can do is wait for God to reveal the next step He has for us to take. The chorus goes, “I’m waiting here til you show me what I should do, Jesus, I’m resting in You.” Sometimes just knowing He will give us rest, is all the peace we need.

Closing Thoughts:
With all the negative music pervading the airwaves these days, Rachel Chan is a much needed breath of fresh air. With spiritually mature lyrics wrapped in a young and energetic sound, Go touches on real topics that young people face on a regular basis. Providing a message of hope and encouragement, this album paves the way for a generation wanting to stay the course God set out for them.

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Go is Wonderful | Posted January 15, 2012
 This album is wonderful.  A fresh teen pop sound with amazing lyrics.  I especially like the guest rap with her dad, Francis Chan.  It is very appropriate given the amazing movie, "Courageous", that came out in the fall.  It is great to hear someone so young sing praise to God in such a real way.  May you all be blessed by the songs on this album.  

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fresh | Posted January 14, 2012
You can tell Francis Chan has a huge heart for god. She is so young yet alreading is going to make a large impact on the world i am certian. Her pop sounding tunes made it easy to listen to yet captivating as well.

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Great Tunes, Cliche Lyrics | Posted January 13, 2012
This album if full of great tunes you can hum along to end enjoy, but the problem was with the lyrics. The lyrics were cliche. Those lyrics have been repeated many, many times! As for  "Lame," the lyrics were original, but not that great. "Prove It" was funny, but the Francis Chan rap was lacking rhythm and beat. "Ready And Waiting" made me cringe. It is a song about rebuking a wayward friend, but the line "I cannot be your friend" sounded a little mean. Even though the friend was wayward, doesn't mean that we cannot be their friend. As for the other songs, they were great for singing to to praise God, but the lyrics could have been way better.
For pop-fans, this is an album worth listening to, but maybe not buying. As a Jimmy Needham fan, I enjoyed the beats and tunes. But as a fan of good songwriting, I didn't really enjoy the album. If you're also a fan of good lyrics, you might want to look elsewhere.
This album could have been so much better. I hope that Rachel will keep up the good work with the tunes, but upgrade her songwriting skills.

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Strong Debut | Posted January 11, 2012
Rachel has a great heart toward God.  This is evident in the lyrics she sings.  She has a great voice, but needs some vocal training.  Her notes are solid, but lacking strength.  Given time and maturity, she will be a star of great magnitude!
 Having said that, the first song, As Close,  is strong, unyielding and I love the Lennon-esque guitar solo.
 Prove It is by far my favorite song on the album.  Mostly because this angle has never been explored by a serious release.  it's catchy, fun and has a really serious message that needs to go out to teen girls everywhere!
 The rest of the songs; Even Here, Show Me More, You Must Love Me, Still Singing, Ready And Waiting, You And Your Love, and Resting in You are all solid, well written songs, but somehow lacking that POW that sets great music aside from good music.  She has raw talent, but some guidance and better production will make her SHINE!
 Go is a good, solid album from a young lady who's obviously trying to get a message out through ministry.  Definitely worth the listen.

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Rachel Chan Go | Posted January 10, 2012
 Incredible, uplifting faith filled music, unashamed of Jesus Christ as the center of this so positive, and encouraging music.  Highly recomended and very fresh new music from a soon to be well know christian music artist Racahal Chan way to go you knocked it out of the park God bless you going forward as you proclaim your faith to the world!
Love in Christ Jesus King of Kings

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