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God's Not Dead [edit]
by Newsboys | Genre: Praise & Worship | Release Date: November 15, 2011

God's Not Dead is the first worship album from Newsboys since the back to back releases of Adoration and Devotion in 2003/2004, and many are calling it their finest worship album ever. The new album from Newsboys features five new original worship songs and seven new worship cover songs.

Track Listing
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01. The King Is Coming
02. God's Not Dead (Like a Lion)
03. Your Love Never Fails
04. Here We Stand
05. Saviour of the World
06. Forever Reign
07. More Than Enough
08. Revelation Song
09. Pouring It Out
10. Mighty to Save
11. All The Way
12. I Am Second

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#8 Album Of 2011 | Posted December 26, 2011
The first lines sung by Michael Tait, with a simple synth chord behind him, ushers in one of the best artist driven worship project in years from a band enjoying new birth in their long storied career. "The King Is Coming" wonderfully kicks off the album and is one of only five original songs on God's Not Dead. That fact alone should hold back an album from a year end list, but when Newsboys are able to breathe life into one of the most covered songs of the past few years, ("Revelation Song") it's time to take notice to what they are doing here. This is more than a collection of their favorite praise chorus, slapped together to form a new album.
In multiple interviews, both Tait and drummer Duncan Phillips said they had no interest in covering a song unless they could make it better. It's a statement every band will say, but few actually pull it off. Newsboys has managed to take popular worship songs like "Your Love Never Fails," and "Like A Lion" and re-imagine them into pop perfection. You know the songs, but you've never heard them like this.
One song you won't know, but soon will, is "I Am Second," welcoming back a familiar voice to pop music, Kevin Max (Kevin also sings on the title track, though not as prominently as here). The song, I predict, will be the biggest hit off this album, and hearing Kevin pulled out from his heady, indie hole he's been hiding in for years is so welcomed. Let's hope this is a step that returns Kevin to the spotlight, because his voice is still simply unmatched and it so accessible in the right setting. This is it.
Michael's voice is so good as well and it just shines all over this album. With Duncan driving the beat on drums, Jody providing the passion on guitars and Jeff behind the majority of the programming, the Newsboys are in full stride and have delivered yet another must-own album.

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God's Not Dead! | Posted October 10, 2011
Defining the last twelve months as a “whirlwind year” for the Newsboys would seem like a cliché. Yet after the critical and commercial acclaim of their 2010 hit record, Born Again, a handful of successful headlining tours, three No. 1 radio singles and a Summer full of non-stop festival dates, how ELSE would you describe it?
Sure, “unheard of” might work nicely, but the men of the Newsboys have never been one to go by the book. This was made clear when band members Jeff Frankenstein, Jody Davis, and Duncan Phillips welcomed famed dc Talk member Michael Tait as their new lead singer back in 2009. The change not only exceeded fans’ high expectations, but breathed new life into one of Christian music's longest running and most beloved bands.
After all this, you'd think the last thing on their minds would be jumping into making another record... you'd think wrong. 
As a matter of fact, God's Not Dead, the groups latest project, has been in the works for quite some time. It’s their first worship album since the back-to-back releases of the influential Adoration and Devotion back in 2003/2004. 
The title resonates from centuries of philosophers who’ve tried to discredit the belief of an everlasting deity. Fredrick Nietzsche, a well known scholar from the 1800s was once quoted as saying that if there was a God, he was dead, and the entire practice of Christianity itself would soon die along with Him. I think we’d all agree when saying “he was wrong” is an immense understatement. With God still alive and well, the message of this album is to make a living God known to a dying world. 
“God’s not dead,” says Michael Tait. “Let’s worship Him.”
Once again working with producer and singer/songwriter Seth Mosley for this project, the group has come together to create what is their finest worship record to date, and quite possibly, one of the best Newsboys albums ever. 
God's Not Dead begins with one of multiple all-new original songs, “The King Is Coming”--an anthem about the return of Christ and our responsibility to ready the world for His coming. It’s a great song, and one I can see being adopted by the church the same way their previous hit, “He Reigns” was back in 2003. 
The theme of the album is introduced next with a fantastic cover of Daniel Bashta's “God’s Not Dead (Like A Lion),” featuring a brilliant vocal cameo by musician and fellow dc Talk alumnus, Kevin Max. His vocals take a song that would have stood just fine on it's own and send it soaring to new heights.
An upbeat retelling of Jesus Culture's modern classic “Your Love Never Fails” takes the message of God's unfailing love for His people and sets it against the backdrop of an 80s-inspired pop melody. Unconventional to say the least, but there is an unarguable likability about it, and will surely go down as a fan favorite. “Here We Stand” evokes a Hillsong United sound while offering an honest prayer God, asking Him to move in us as we honor Him with our lives. 
A powerful rendition of “Savior Of The World” is sure to leave you on your knees, while Hillsong‘s “Forever Reign,” laced with synth strings, packs a Spirit-led moment of praise to the Creator. “More Than Enough” takes this album to a new level lyrically, talking about Jesus’ birth, life, death and resurrection, and how thought it all, He always has been and always will be all we’ll ever need.
A gritty and sweeping version of “Revelation Song,” made popular by Gateway Worship and Philips, Craig and Dean, packs a punch and is undoubtedly going to leave the listener fully engulfed in the presence of God. The polished “Pouring It Out” speaks of God‘s worthiness to be praised as He passionately pursues His creation, and leads nicely into the boys' rendition of “Mighty To Save,” also featured on their Born Again record. “All The Way” serves as firm declaration to the Lord that we will never stray off of His path, going with Him all the way till the very end.
The album finally comes to a close with the standout track “I Am Second,” which could very well be one of Newsboys best songs of their over two-decades-long career. Epic string arrangements plus another powerhouse vocal appearance from Kevin Max take this song and put it over the top. While it’s a masterpiece from a musical standpoint, the surrendered lyrics are what steal the show, making this a wholly abandoned way to end an outstanding record: “I am second to one, the Savior, no compromise, laying everything at the foot of the cross, my pride, my life, my all, I am second to one, and He’s second to none.” 
Closing Thoughts: 
Worship records aren’t an easy accomplishment for well-known Christian artists. More often, they’re looked down upon because they stylistically stray away from the artist’s typical style and sound. In this case however, not only have Newsboys succeeded in making a worship album that packs a punch, but on an artistic level, is some their best work to date. Ranging from pop to rock, ballads to full on dance tunes, this album serves as a passionate, creative, fun and personal record on many levels--both melodically and lyrically. There will be many times while listening that you find yourselves wrapped up into the presence of God and truly enjoying the moment more than the music. That in and of itself in a task worth commending. 
Unique and inspiring, Newsboys God’s Not Dead is hands-down one of best worship albums of the year, and is overall one of Christian music’s top 10 albums of 2011. Longtime fans of the band will not be disappointed, and those who are still discovering the group after all these years will be blown away by their relevant sound and meaningful worship. The transformation Newsboys has undergone in the last several years is evident, and it shows in the continued evolution of their music. It’s a delight to watch as they continue to grow, and if this is just a small taste of what we can expect from their next studio album, we’re in for a treat. 
There is no doubt about it, if you’re going to walk away with one message from this album, it’s this: God is alive… and He is absolutely worthy to be praised.

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Great worship CD! | Posted March 08, 2014
The newsboys have been an amazing band for many years. With the addition of Michael Tait they have never sounded better. This is a vibrant worship CD that draws you in immediately and helps keep your focus on God. Highly recommended!

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Best CD EVER | Posted December 20, 2012
I have always been a newsboys fan growing up, but they never really had a CD that I liked every single song(which goes for any CD that I have owned) until this one. It's one thing to hear them in concert or singles on the radio, but another to be able to pop in a CD and jam to every single song. Also they are all songs that I can listen to over and over and not get tired of hearing them or the messages.

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Make me Dance! | Posted October 14, 2012
 I absolutely love the Newsboys new cd. Their songs are so filled with life! I went to a concert the other night and they were singing some of their new songs and I was dancing to every one of them :) They are wonderful artists and they have big hearts filled with love for the Lord! They praise Him and show others what it means to love the Lord with all our hearts! Newsboys rock!

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acox_ (8)

Roaring Like A Lion | Posted July 14, 2012
The most popular song "God's Not Dead (Like A Lion)" is also my favorite. I love what Micheal brings to the band and how successful they are with their two latest albums. They have prodused some truely awesome songs. I'm excited for a third!

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God's Not Dead Awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Posted February 23, 2012
This by far has to be one of the best new albums that I have heard recently. From the song God's Not Dead to I am Second these are all songs that will make you look at yourself and God in a whole new light.

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He's surely alive! | Posted February 22, 2012
The first ever worship album by the newsboys, and the 2nd full length album with new lead singer, Michael Tait, the newsboys have easily gotten into the groove of their new feel (since former lead singer, Peter Furler, left the band). I, personally, LOVE this album. From older, more well known worship songs, to some new classics. My personaly favorite tracks are, "Mighty to Save", "Revelation Song" and "God's Not Dead (Like a Lion)". Truth be told, the highlight of this whole album to me, was the mini dc Talk reunion, between Michael Tait, and guest, Kevin Max. I might have teared up a little. But that is illigitimate to this review.
Over all, this is a fantastic album. Weather you're a worship fan, or just contemporary fan, either will LOVE this album. Can't wait to see what the newsboys come up with next!

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God's Not Dead | Posted November 14, 2011
Wow! Very well done! This release is instantly enjoyable, engaging, Christ focused throughout and  worshipful. I'm sure this will be a great release for the band, prove to be very popular and get a lot of radio airplay. Praying that lives will be changed through this release and the bands ministry.

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Worship Album Is Great | Posted November 14, 2011
I quite enjoyed this worship album. The vocals were sweet! The first track was the best. The second track had lot's of originality. I enjoyed the Kevin Max vocals.. Then, the rest of the album had it's own awesome style. The Newsboys are very versdatile and that's what made the album a good one. But, "Mighty To Save" was a cop and paste of the one in "Born Again: Miracles Edition" and it seemed cheap to do that.

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Newsboys Keep On Rockin'! | Posted November 11, 2011

In 2010, Newsboys released their album Born Again, with new frontman Michael Tait after Peter Furler left the band. The album was a smash hit and sold some 345,000 copies in the first week, renewing Newsboys as one of the most relavant Christian acts on the scene. But during the production of that fantastic album, the boys were planning to make another worship project to follow up the smash Adoration and Devotion worship projects released in 2003/2004. Now, only one year and five months after the release of Born Again, the boys are at it again with their worship follow up, God's Not Dead.

The album opens up with "The King Is Coming," an upbeat song, singing about God's holiness and how we need to make way for him to enter. First single "God's Not Dead (Like A Lion)" is actually a cover off Daniel Bashta's worship hit "Like A Lion." This song features guest vocals from fellow DC Talk member Kevin Max, and he adds a tremendos part to the song. This is the best track off the album.  A cover of Jesus Culture's "Your Love Never Fails" is stellar, and gives the track a little more of an electronic feel. "Here We Stand"  talks about staning in awe of God's presence.

"Saviour Of The World" was another great track, talking about how Jesus has saved the world. Hillsong's "Forever Reign" is done much superior to the original, as the song really fits Tait's vocals. "More Than Enough" talks about how Jesus is more than enough for us.

"Revelation Song" done by Gateway Worship, and made popular by Phillips, Craig, & Dean is great, but not superior to Phillips, Craig, & Dean's version. "Pouring It Out" is about pouring God's love back to him.

"Mighty To Save" was originally on Born Again, but is making an encore here. As there are so many versions of this song, this is my favorite one!! "All The Way" is about trusting God completely, not just some. The album epicly closes with "I Am Second," another song featuring Kevin Max. This song talks about how God is above all, and we are second to one, but He is second to none.

Overall, this new worship project hardly ever hints at worshiply-styled music, but instead is just a toned back version of their Born Again sound. If you've been looking for a perfect follow up to Adoration and Devotion, this is it. Newsboys continue to be awesome, and they will be forever!!!

Rating: **********10/10

Top 3 Songs:
1. God's Not Dead (Like A Lion)
2. Forever Reign
3. I Am Second

Feel free to comment on this review so I can make these reviews the best they can be!

God Bless!

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Its Amazing | Posted November 11, 2011
 Way better than i expected, way better than Born Again. I can tell they put alot of work into this, definetly one of their best works. Born Again sort of disappionted, but this is just.....amazing. I liked the second half of the playlist more than the first half. They kept the best for last.

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