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God's Not Dead [edit]
by Newsboys | Genre: Praise & Worship | Release Date: November 15, 2011

God's Not Dead is the first worship album from Newsboys since the back to back releases of Adoration and Devotion in 2003/2004, and many are calling it their finest worship album ever. The new album from Newsboys features five new original worship songs and seven new worship cover songs.

Track Listing
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01. The King Is Coming
02. God's Not Dead (Like a Lion)
03. Your Love Never Fails
04. Here We Stand
05. Saviour of the World
06. Forever Reign
07. More Than Enough
08. Revelation Song
09. Pouring It Out
10. Mighty to Save
11. All The Way
12. I Am Second

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Newsboys Keep On Rockin'! | Posted November 11, 2011

In 2010, Newsboys released their album Born Again, with new frontman Michael Tait after Peter Furler left the band. The album was a smash hit and sold some 345,000 copies in the first week, renewing Newsboys as one of the most relavant Christian acts on the scene. But during the production of that fantastic album, the boys were planning to make another worship project to follow up the smash Adoration and Devotion worship projects released in 2003/2004. Now, only one year and five months after the release of Born Again, the boys are at it again with their worship follow up, God's Not Dead.

The album opens up with "The King Is Coming," an upbeat song, singing about God's holiness and how we need to make way for him to enter. First single "God's Not Dead (Like A Lion)" is actually a cover off Daniel Bashta's worship hit "Like A Lion." This song features guest vocals from fellow DC Talk member Kevin Max, and he adds a tremendos part to the song. This is the best track off the album.  A cover of Jesus Culture's "Your Love Never Fails" is stellar, and gives the track a little more of an electronic feel. "Here We Stand"  talks about staning in awe of God's presence.

"Saviour Of The World" was another great track, talking about how Jesus has saved the world. Hillsong's "Forever Reign" is done much superior to the original, as the song really fits Tait's vocals. "More Than Enough" talks about how Jesus is more than enough for us.

"Revelation Song" done by Gateway Worship, and made popular by Phillips, Craig, & Dean is great, but not superior to Phillips, Craig, & Dean's version. "Pouring It Out" is about pouring God's love back to him.

"Mighty To Save" was originally on Born Again, but is making an encore here. As there are so many versions of this song, this is my favorite one!! "All The Way" is about trusting God completely, not just some. The album epicly closes with "I Am Second," another song featuring Kevin Max. This song talks about how God is above all, and we are second to one, but He is second to none.

Overall, this new worship project hardly ever hints at worshiply-styled music, but instead is just a toned back version of their Born Again sound. If you've been looking for a perfect follow up to Adoration and Devotion, this is it. Newsboys continue to be awesome, and they will be forever!!!

Rating: **********10/10

Top 3 Songs:
1. God's Not Dead (Like A Lion)
2. Forever Reign
3. I Am Second

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God Bless!

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Its Amazing | Posted November 11, 2011
 Way better than i expected, way better than Born Again. I can tell they put alot of work into this, definetly one of their best works. Born Again sort of disappionted, but this is just.....amazing. I liked the second half of the playlist more than the first half. They kept the best for last.

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God's NOT Dead | Posted November 10, 2011
I am so excited for this albums release!  I've loved this band since 1996 and was skeptical, as many were, when the lead changed from Peter Furler to Michael Tait.  I am THRILLED with the sound of this album, the quality of the mixes, solid messages and, of course great backgrounds (and Drummin', Go Duncan!!)

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Great album | Posted November 10, 2011
 I have been a big fan of the newsboys for a long time i always enjoy listening to their songs and the performance they bring in their concerts i look forward to listening to this new album 

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God's Not Dead | Posted November 09, 2011
Saw them in Vegas at Winter Jam.....Awesome....Love the album and the concert.....Great show and great testimony.

God's not Dead  Best
The King is Coming----Make A Way For  Darn Good

Bring Peter Furler back for a Jam concert and keep em all together

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Newsboys God's Not Dead | Posted November 08, 2011
The Newsboys do not disappoint. They show their faith with each and evey song. It's great tobe able to worship the lord with this album. It's wonderful to Kevin Max on this with Michael Tait. Their voices blend together in a awesome way. The sound is totally Newsboys. Great to hear new music from them. Can't wait until the 15th to add this to my Newsboys cd collection.

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God's Not Dead!! | Posted November 08, 2011
God's not dead he's surely alive! I love it! As a matter of fact I love every newsboys record!!! They are such an amazing interjectic, gifted band!! I love Taiter (Michael Tait, Vocals), Squizz (Duncan Phillips, Drums), Helmet (Jody Davis,Guitar), and Oinch (Jeff Frankenstein, Keys)!!! They are the best band EVER!!!!!! 

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Good title | Posted November 08, 2011
I will be buying it the day it comes out. Great job guys, do I hear Kevin Max on the song God is not Dead?
Newsboys music always makes you think and they alway hit on some great ideas so that is why I would share there music with everyone I know.

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God's Not Dead | Posted November 07, 2011
Whow!!! This album is amazing and exactly what I need right now in my life. Such a wonderful follow-up to Born Again and Born Again: Miracles Edition. The Newsboys just keep getting stronger and stronger. Not to mention bolder and bolder and more and more in your face with the Truth and the message of the Gospel. God's Not Dead is such a powrful song and there is song to be said when you see it live and see all 4 of them screaming the lyrics loudly and boldly from stage. This album shows so much of the guys hearts and what they want people to get out their shows and albums. I can't possible pick a favorite song of this album there are just too many to name just one. The song "Pouring it Out to You" is my desperate heart cry rught now. So many of these songs are so powerful and are really speaking to me lately. This album has the potentional to change many lives. Praying that God will open hearts to the message behind these songs.

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