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Listen To The Sound [edit]
by Building 429 | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: May 10, 2011

Building 429 is best known for their breakout hit “Glory Defined.” From that launching point the band has been tirelessly playing 200 live shows a year, developing their own touring brands “Winter Blast” and “Summer Fest,” winning a Dove Award for New Artist Of The Year (2005) and growing its dedicated fan base.

Newly a part of the Essential & Provident family, Building 429 is preparing to release Listen To The Sound, ten high-energy songs with catchy melodies and singable lyrics that are sure to keep fans listening. Hope resonates throughout Listen To The Sound with songs that will push you forward in your faith.

Track Listing
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01. Made for You
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02. Right Beside You
03. One Foot
04. Listen to the Sound
05. War Zone
06. Where I Belong
07. You Save Me
08. Walls Are Coming Down
09. Love Has Been Spoken
10. Awaken Us

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Building 429 [Listen To The Sound] | Posted May 04, 2011
Dove Award winning band Building 429 continues to gain attention for the hit title track off its fifth studio album, Listen To The Sound, released May 10. The 10-song project is produced by Jason Ingram, Rusty Varenkamp and Rob Hawkins. Blessed with one of the most distinctive voices in any genre of music, lead singer Jason Roy, wrote or co-wrote nine of the ten tracks on the new album. Building 429 is best known for its 2004 breakout hit “Glory Defined,” which was named BMI’s Christian Song of the Year in 2005, and that same year Building 429 was named New Artist of the Year at the Gospel Music Association’s Dove Awards.
I’ve collected all four previous albums and considered the last two albums, Iris To Iris and Building 429 to each be the band’s best album respectively. Now, yet again they’ve released their newest “best” album. Right from the opening choral-backed “Made For You,” I knew I was in for a treat with this gem. The song was co-written with Jason Ingram and kicks off the album with a Hillsong UNITED-type rock anthem with the awesome bridge, “You are God there is no other, I won’t bow before another, I was made for You.” This band has consistently made albums that are worthy of the band name’s theme verse, Ephesians 4:29. “Right Beside You” is a guaranteed hit song in all formats, and includes a stellar guest vocal by Fireflight’s Dawn Michele. What’s especially impressive is how instantly catchy and musically engaging this album sounds after just one listen. After having played the album non-stop for the past couple of weeks, I have to give it 5 stars and there are no weak tracks, and several stand-out songs. “One Foot” is another great track, and the first four songs are on par with any album I’ve ever heard, reminding me of The Light Meets The Dark by Tenth Avenue North.
Hit title track “Listen To The Sound” is the band’s best song since award winning “Glory Defined.” The song has become a personal worship anthem for me with the very inspiring lyrics, You’ll never know what faith is, till you don’t understand / Sometimes it takes the silence to finally hear HIS plan / So listen to the sound of Hope that’s rising.” The band’s “sound” has evolved from the prior albums’ grunge rock and Brit-rock tendencies to this album which has the most CHR-radio friendly pop/rock accessibility to date. “War Zone” and “Where I Belong” anchor down the middle of the album. I can’t get enough of the hook of “Where I Belong,” co-written with Jason Ingram and with another choral-backed and inspiring chorus, “Take this world and give me Jesus, this is not where I belong.” I love how bold these statements of faith are throughout this incredible album. “You Save Me” and “Walls Are Coming Down” were co-written with Jason Ingram and Rob Hawkins and are some of the best album tracks I’ve ever heard. Each song includes biblical truth wrapped around super catchy melodies with the lyrics of “Love Has Been Spoken” reminding us “we’re fearfully and wonderfully made” right from Psalm 139. Closing song “Awaken Us” ends the album as strong as it begins with the challenging lyrics, “We are questions that beg for the answers, we are poems awaiting the rhyme, we are riddles that long for solution, with Your breath we come alive.” This is truly a band worthy of being named after Ephesians 4:29 as this excellent album is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen. Sometimes a band has an uncanny ability to connect with a listener and I truly had that experience listening to this album.

Listen To The Sound is the band’s crowning achievement in my opinion. If you’re looking for some songs that you’ll love to sing along with at high volumes and in praise to our Savior, then you’ll totally want to “listen to the sound” of Building 429. I recently listened to all 54 songs by B429 and these 10 songs all rank in my top 15 songs ever recorded by this amazing band, along with “Glory Defined,” “The Space In Between Us,” “You Carried Me,” “End Of Me” and “Always.” No filler tracks, just one solid song after another. I have no doubt that Listen To The Sound is among the best albums of the year.

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TCMRB (44)

Building 429: Listen to the Sound | Posted September 14, 2011
I first listened to this album while I was playing basketball at the gym this week after I finished my AP World History exam. I had not really played in a long time because I was studying for the exam. Right after the exam I went to play and decided to listen to Listen to the Sound. The album was not only a great stress reliever, it also pumped me up while I was playing.

The album starts off with the song "Made For You," which is a really upbeat song. The song started off my workout pretty good and also made me excited about the rest of the album. Next after "Made For You" comes "right Beside You." This song has Dawn Michele from Fireflight in it; and she really added a new element to the song that could not really be achieved by a male vocalist. Personally I really like Fireflight, but when I first heard this song I did not know who the lady singing was until I did some research and fount out she was on it. Michele's vocals mixed with Jason Roy's vocals made the song really strong in my opinion.

The fourth song on the album is the title track "Listen to the Sound." The song is very strong and has very soft, mellow verses which are then followed by a pretty mellow sounding chorus. After "Listen to the Sound" comes "War Zone," which in my opinion is the best song on the album. "War Zone" is not as well known as "Listen to the Sound" or "Made For You," but I feel that it is a lot stronger than any of the other songs on the album. "War Zone" has true emotion in it. In the song Roy says, "My faith is worn and my hands are tired. My heart is torn between the truth and the liar. So, I run cause I'm done and I need You. You're the once that will come to my rescue." Roy seems to really pour his heart out in this song. When I listen to the song I picture him on the floor crying out to God and on his face before Him, asking why he has to struggle with sin. The song gives me such a wonderfully vivid image, for this reason I feel that the song is the best on the album. I could really relate to the song as well. Many times I find myself asking God why I struggle with temptations and why I am continually drawn back into sin. It truly is a war zone, but this song is a great reminder that God is there no matter what.

After "War Zone" Building 429 keeps with the emotion and mellowness; and the rest of the album is relatively calm and filled with emotion. Listen to the Sound really surprised me. I was not expecting such a great album. I had not really listened to Building 429 before, except for the occasional song on the radio. However, after listening to this album I cannot stop listening to it. It is continuously on my iPod now.

Favorite Song: War Zone

Favorite Lyrics: "Oh if you could only see His arms are wide open. Oh it's okay to be humbled and broken so let your heart be free, cause love has been spoken. Don't you know, don't you know love has been spoken." (From the song "Love Has Been Spoken")

This review has been reprinted on NRT with permission from The Christian Music Review blog. Click here to visit today!

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Official Review! | Posted May 10, 2011
Incorporating much of Building 429's contemporary pop/rock sound, lead singer Jason Roy also brings a writing style that reflects his role as a worship pastor as well.  Collaborating with Provident Label Group for their fifth album release, Listen to the Sound is a collection of songs that meant to “acknowledge life’s struggles, but point to the hope, grace, and love of God.”  With the shared set of production talent in Jason Ingram, Rusty Varenkamp, and Rob Hawkins, Jason Roy’s writing and co-writing in all but one track, and lyrics driven by Roy’s role as a worship leader, the latest release is a great collection of songs to be added to fans from their “Glory Defined” days as well as new fans who enjoy true, passionate music that comes from the heart. 

Opening up in a very upbeat and iconic manner is the lead track, “Made for You,” written as Roy’s “war anthem.”  As a personal favorite by the band’s drummer, Michael Anderson, “Made for You” not only exemplifies a worship-driven theme, but also includes Jason Roy’s worship team to sing along, reinforcing this even more.  Offering up female vocals from Fireflight front
-woman Dawn Michele, “Right Beside You” serves as a theme of accountability that the bandmates follow in their growing friendship.  “One Foot” is not only a personal favorite of Roy’s, but it’s a catchy, upbeat theme, encouraging us to take things “one foot at a time” as we follow God’s path for us in our lives.

Serving as the title track for the album and first single to radio, “Listen To The Sound” is not only a great single to pivot the album, but also expresses how we just need to stop and listen to the sound of God calling.  A huge line, as pointed out by Jason Roy, goes as such: “You’ll never know what faith is, till you don’t understand.  Sometimes it takes the silence to finally hear HIS plan.  So listen to the sound of Hope that’s rising.”  Following “Listen to the Sound” is the only track that does not include Jason in any of the writing credit.  “War Zone” is a reflective and acts as a reminder that although we may be worn, tired, and feel that our hands our town, we are in a war zone and should continue the fight for Christ.  Incorporating Jason’s worship team again, “Where I Belong” speaks of where we do belong and that it is not here, but instead in heaven with our heavenly father.  Once again influenced by a worship pastor role, “Where I Belong” is an anthem that could serve well in a contemporary worship service.

“You Save Me” serves as a bold statement and anthem of praise, representing the fact that Christ saves us and is something that we cannot hold back.  In response to an experience at a worship service Roy experienced, “Walls Are Coming Down” is truly a representation of how unashamed people are in worshipping our Lord and how we should be the same, letting our walls down and reaching for Him who saves.  It is not easy for us to be humbled and broken, especially in today’s society.  “Love Has Been Spoken” on the other hand, tells us that it is ok to feel that way and reminds us that it is a chance to grow closer to Him as “love has been spoken.”  Concluding the album is the track “Awaken Us,” written by Roy and Scott Krippayne.  Starting off as a song desiring the answers becomes a call of intervention, calling us out and bringing us back to a state of recognition in needing the Lord because all we are is ashes and dust, a very 
humbling conclusion to the album.

Closing Thoughts
One of the pleasures I’ve found in writing reviews and general synopses for new releases is the change in mentality and state of analysis that offers a better understanding and appreciation for the artwork involved in music.  “Listen to the Sound” is a great example of an album that proves this point.  Originally, after first listening to the album, I will admit that it began to sound like ‘just another album.’  After doing the research and listening to the songs in order to write this review, the album surely did grow on me and offered more than I expected.  I hope that by reading this review, you will learn some information that may not only help you understand and appreciate the recording as I did, but also motivate you to support the band and their ministry.

Review Written By: Mike Laxton [] on 5/10/2011

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Listen To The Sound by Building 429 | Posted June 03, 2013
 Being fairly new to Christian Music (2008ish) I'm not sure I have enough past experience with these guys to say if this is their "BEST" album or not.  From what I've heard from others' reviews, this album sits pretty high on the charts for B429.  There's a great mix of music in this album.  From inspirationally driving that get you pounding your feet, not just tappin your toes, to melodic tunes that stir the heart, pleading out to The Father, expressing the desire for a more real relationship with Him.

Favorite songs on the album?  Right Beside You (Track 3), the Title track Listen to the Sound (Track 4), and Where I Belong (Track 6).

Being a drummer, Right Beside You starts off JUST as I love, immediately setting the tempo and theme of the song with a strong drum intro.  I've screamed the lyrics of this song in my car several times, the whole time God reminding me He IS Right Beside me.  Dawn from Fireflight adds a complementing accompaniment to Jason's gritty vocal, and the keychange after the bridge just drives it thru the roof!  I could listen to this song every day for the rest of my life and not get tired of it.... ok, that might be too boysterous, but it's easily my favorite song on the album.

Listen to the Sound is just such a catchy song you can't help but like it.  Like all of 429's songs it gives inspiration to anyone who feels as if they're down in a valley in their lives, reminding us God is always speaking love to us, we just have to listen!

Where I Belong... WOW what a song!  If you want to see and hear a unique version of this song, check out this LIVE recording from the front row of a concert.  Jason gives an amazing exhortation beginning at 3:20.  This song is an awesome reminder that this world, and it's circumstances, is not all there is, and it's not where we as believers belong!

Overall I see this album as an amazing "raising of the bar" for Building 429.  I hope they continue to raise that bar for themselves.  Many people gauge a band or musician's success on how many #1 hits or weeks at the top of different charts they can tally.  Building 429 doesn't appear to aim at that target.  They're aiming at the target God put out for them, and all of us.  They strive to spread the message of the gospel.  If they continue to do that, God is going to continue to bless them as He has thus far.

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Beanie17 (52)

Amazing CD | Posted July 09, 2012
I am not a huge Building 429 fan but suprisingly I really this CD. I heard the band at winter jam and was impressed from the start. I love the songs "Made for You", "Where I belong" and "You save me." very much. I would defenetly recommend this album to any fan of Christian music.

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cool and joyfull | Posted November 08, 2011
This is my favourit album from the building 429 - the cool music. joyfull, amazing sounds... and with a solid christian message. thats Wonderfull!
The music "Right beside you" feat dawn - is the best track from this album!

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Listen to the Sound... Again. | Posted June 01, 2011
For a band to be financially successful, they must find a sound that appeals to its fanbase. Generally, however, for a band to remain relevant and interesting to longtime followers, they must evolve. While the argument can be made that bands should stick to a sound that works, little improvements make all the difference. Now on their fifth album, Building 429 (most famously known for 2004's smash hit "Glory Defined") has never been a band to meddle with their approach, and Listen to the Sound is no exception.


Comfortably fitting into an edgier pocket of the adult contemporary field, Building 429 tends to go both ways, keeping harder guitars and Jason Roy's raspy vocals in the mix without forsaking predictable song structures and unmistakably radio-friendly rhythms. Elements such as these help Building 429 stand apart from other radio acts, and it's hard to argue that the quartet has formed a distinct musical identity for themselves. As the opening worship track "Made For You" comes and goes, it surprises no one, but it gives an accurate picture of the record that follows. Though it's meant to be an energetic opener with a pounding hook and crescendoing intro, it's rather forgettable. None of the dynamics stand out in any particular way, and most of the rest of the album is no different.


Lyrically, Building 429 has not gone astray; listeners looking for nothing else but encouragement will find it here. The title track reaches out to a hurting friend, while "You Save Me" relishes in the freedom Christ gives to believers. Inspirational as Listen to the Sound is, sometimes it feels drive-by and unspecific, leaving less impact there could be ("Listen to the sound of hope that's rising up over your own who listen.../listen to the sound of a new beginning, this is where the old is ending"). If it's geared toward the unsaved, it's dreadfully imprecise, and if it's for those already sealed, Building 429 reveals absolutely no new information. Songs such as "Where I Belong" mean well, but they come off as very dismissive of creation instead of cherishing it as a gift ("All I know is I'm not home yet, this is not where I belong/take this world and give me Jesus, this is not where I belong").


"Right Beside You" would blend in with the rest of the album if not for having the sole highlight of a guest appearance from Fireflight's Dawn Michele. As a truly talented singer, she uses her voice effectively with Jason Roy's for a stunning pairing. "One Foot" is probably the best-implemented individual track with its sense of urgency (especially in the bridge) and overall catchy composition as a rock song. At some points, it almost feels akin in tenacity to secular act Sick Puppies, but regardless of the much more desirable and positive message B429 has to offer, its sound pales in comparison to Sick Puppies' proficiency.


If Listen to the Sound is the measuring stick of Building 429's musicianship, the bar remains terribly low with their best probably behind them. By this point, it's hard to say if this band can aim any higher, though diehards will like this release just as well as their previous work. The fact remains that it takes more than an inspirational message to make a well-rounded and complete record, and even after years of experience and plenty of time to grow, Listen to the Sound is yet another unoriginal rendition of defining glory.

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One of the best yet | Posted May 15, 2011
I just picked up this new album a couple of days ago and I love it. I have been a fan of these guys for a long time, and the music that is on the new record is some of the best that they have put out so far.

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bull42 (50)

Another excellent CD | Posted May 15, 2011
I have to say,I am a big fan og Building 429.I have all of their Cd's as well as seeing them perform live on 2 different occasions.Jason Roy has one of the most distinctive voices in CCM today.I can spot his voice in only one or two notes.
Listen to the Sound is yet another fine CD from this band.Not much can be added to what has already been said by the other great reviews here.This CD will speak to your heart as well as your soul.The more you listen to ot,the more you will like it.This can be said of all the other b429 CD's as well.My favorite songs are "Right Beside You","Listen to the Sound","You Save Me" and "Walls are Coming Down".
Well done guys. You have once again made a CD well worth listening to.

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Building 429 has done it again. | Posted May 15, 2011
I absolutely love this album.

There have been other albums this year that just does not make up to the great music. Bulding has always been known for it's undeniable words that encourage us to keep moving forward to God. Their music does not dissapoint. I was very much looking forward to this album after I heard their single "Listen to the Sound". It's encouragement to always look to God even in the hardest times when we don't feel like there is any other way.
Their music always tells a story and hits every aspect of a christian walk. They focus on the good, bad, and the most awesome creator. Our Lord.

The album rolls into an anthem "You are God, there is no other I won't bow before another, i was made for, I was made for you"

Makes a statement from the very beginning that He is our one true God.

Any album that can do that from the beginning and carrying the same message through out the whole album deserves a great recognition. The second song does not dissapoint. When I was listening to it, I was so excited when a beautiful's girls voice came in (FireFlight's Dawn Michele) she blew the song out the water. Amazing.

Purely Done. I believe this is an album not many people will take out of their cars for a while.

Thank you Buidling 429 for always staying true to yourselves and God.

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loved it! | Posted May 14, 2011
I can't wait to go out and buy this album. These songs communicate an awesome message and Building429 sound awesome doing it. I'm already listening to the album again!!! My favorite songs are #"s 2, 4, 7 and 10.  

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