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Posted May 10, 2011
By rawknreview,

Incorporating much of Building 429's contemporary pop/rock sound, lead singer Jason Roy also brings a writing style that reflects his role as a worship pastor as well.  Collaborating with Provident Label Group for their fifth album release, Listen to the Sound is a collection of songs that meant to “acknowledge life’s struggles, but point to the hope, grace, and love of God.”  With the shared set of production talent in Jason Ingram, Rusty Varenkamp, and Rob Hawkins, Jason Roy’s writing and co-writing in all but one track, and lyrics driven by Roy’s role as a worship leader, the latest release is a great collection of songs to be added to fans from their “Glory Defined” days as well as new fans who enjoy true, passionate music that comes from the heart. 

Opening up in a very upbeat and iconic manner is the lead track, “Made for You,” written as Roy’s “war anthem.”  As a personal favorite by the band’s drummer, Michael Anderson, “Made for You” not only exemplifies a worship-driven theme, but also includes Jason Roy’s worship team to sing along, reinforcing this even more.  Offering up female vocals from Fireflight front
-woman Dawn Michele, “Right Beside You” serves as a theme of accountability that the bandmates follow in their growing friendship.  “One Foot” is not only a personal favorite of Roy’s, but it’s a catchy, upbeat theme, encouraging us to take things “one foot at a time” as we follow God’s path for us in our lives.

Serving as the title track for the album and first single to radio, “Listen To The Sound” is not only a great single to pivot the album, but also expresses how we just need to stop and listen to the sound of God calling.  A huge line, as pointed out by Jason Roy, goes as such: “You’ll never know what faith is, till you don’t understand.  Sometimes it takes the silence to finally hear HIS plan.  So listen to the sound of Hope that’s rising.”  Following “Listen to the Sound” is the only track that does not include Jason in any of the writing credit.  “War Zone” is a reflective and acts as a reminder that although we may be worn, tired, and feel that our hands our town, we are in a war zone and should continue the fight for Christ.  Incorporating Jason’s worship team again, “Where I Belong” speaks of where we do belong and that it is not here, but instead in heaven with our heavenly father.  Once again influenced by a worship pastor role, “Where I Belong” is an anthem that could serve well in a contemporary worship service.

“You Save Me” serves as a bold statement and anthem of praise, representing the fact that Christ saves us and is something that we cannot hold back.  In response to an experience at a worship service Roy experienced, “Walls Are Coming Down” is truly a representation of how unashamed people are in worshipping our Lord and how we should be the same, letting our walls down and reaching for Him who saves.  It is not easy for us to be humbled and broken, especially in today’s society.  “Love Has Been Spoken” on the other hand, tells us that it is ok to feel that way and reminds us that it is a chance to grow closer to Him as “love has been spoken.”  Concluding the album is the track “Awaken Us,” written by Roy and Scott Krippayne.  Starting off as a song desiring the answers becomes a call of intervention, calling us out and bringing us back to a state of recognition in needing the Lord because all we are is ashes and dust, a very 
humbling conclusion to the album.

Closing Thoughts
One of the pleasures I’ve found in writing reviews and general synopses for new releases is the change in mentality and state of analysis that offers a better understanding and appreciation for the artwork involved in music.  “Listen to the Sound” is a great example of an album that proves this point.  Originally, after first listening to the album, I will admit that it began to sound like ‘just another album.’  After doing the research and listening to the songs in order to write this review, the album surely did grow on me and offered more than I expected.  I hope that by reading this review, you will learn some information that may not only help you understand and appreciate the recording as I did, but also motivate you to support the band and their ministry.

Review Written By: Mike Laxton [] on 5/10/2011

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